Week 24 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 24 weeks. That didn't feel like too terribly far along until I did the math and realized that 24 weeks = 6 months. How on earth am I six months pregnant?! 

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

Feeling BIG this week...

Sex: Sweet baby GIRL - our sweet little CFK :)

Weight Gain: Yea, so I don't know why I ever thought this was a good idea to publicly update each week, but I'm just going to skip this going forward.

Maternity Clothes: My Old Navy Maternity yoga pants are making my world right now. Seriously, I walk in the door after work and put them on, take my walks in them, prep dinner/relax... it's nice to be comfy and not straight into pajama pants when I get home. The sweater in my pic is maternity but soooo beyond comfortable and feels moreso roomy than maternity. I bought a shirt from Target last week that has a tie below the boobs/above the stomach, and THAT feels maternity. It's comfy but I can't help but think it feels a bit tent-like. I've started looking for a dress to wear to my Massachusetts baby shower and I'm striking out left and right. 

Baby's the size of...: A demi-baguette (not surprising, considering how many bread-related carbs I've consumed this pregnancy) and a cantaloupe! The toy of the week is a G.I. Joe doll, which Brian got a kick out of. Girlfriend weighs about 1.5 lbs this week and is over a foot tall. She has a hair color and is starting to develop taste buds (love).

Nursery: At a temporary standstill. We've designated next weekend to be the big crown molding project, and are hoping to make our voyage to IKEA next Sunday to pick up our  dresser and a few other odds and ends I've been keeping lists for.

Movement: ALL OF THE TIME and I'm totally obsessed. There truly is no better feeling than those little bumps and kicks, mainly on the right side of my stomach and really low on my abdomen. She's also decided that night time is party time, and I'm noticing if I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she's awake too and will put on a little show before settling back down. I'm not even complaining - it keeps the crazy side of me calm, knowing that she's moving and shaking in there.

Symptoms: Can hunger be a symptom? Because I feel hungry ALL OF THE TIME. Like first trimester hungry, where I go from totally fine, to super nauseous, to I need to eat something immediately. My restless leg issues had settled down for awhile but appear to be back, especially on days when I've been on my feet a ton. Lots of weird aches and pains in my lower stomach that initially scared me enough to send me to the doctor earlier this week, but they checked me and said everything is fine, definitely not contractions, and just the standard pains of all of your internal organs shifting and repositioning to accompany a uterus the size of a soccer ball (insane). Shortness of breath and I can definitely tell if I push myself too hard. There have definitely been a couple of days where I just FEEL pregnant.

Brian: Has been the cutest this week. He constantly uses baby girl's name now, and talks about what kind of little girl she'll be. It makes me feel so happy because I know he's just going to be the best dad. Brian's cousin and his wife (and one of my best girls) welcomed their first baby (a girl!) last Friday night and I think it really connected with him that that will be us in just a few short months. Before he left for a trip this week, I was still in bed with Molly and he gave me and Molly a kiss/pat goodbye, and then came back to give baby C a kiss too. Seriously, melt my heart.

Sleep: Meh. Good nights come and go. Molly's had allergies and has been up off and on all night, most nights, so I constantly wake up with her/because of her. She's feeling better though, so fingers crossed we all get back to normal. I'm also struggling more and more to get comfortable and stay comfortable once I'm in bed, and getting up for trips to the bathroom multiple times a night isn't really helping.

Workouts: Two long walks, squats, and I downloaded Hilaria Baldwin's prenatal yoga DVD to try as well (thanks for the suggestion MHM!).

Cravings: Tart lemonade. Wheat Thins. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. A pumpkin spice donut. Pasta (cream sauce, not red sauce). A kale/broccoli slaw salad that I buy at Trader Joe's. Wavy Lay's and French Onion dip (did it for football last Saturday and it was WORTH IT). Dove Milk Chocolate. Pizza.

Aversions/Dislikes: The smell of cigarette smoke still gets me. I was behind a car in traffic the other day and the driver was smoking like a chimney - it was TORTURE. Raw chicken. Anything too sweet.

Annoyances: Bad drivers are a recurring item on this list. Allergies.

What I Miss: A good glass of red wine, especially now that the weather is getting cooler. Being able to wear all of my cute fall clothes.

Best Moment This Week: All of the crazy kicking, and seeing Brian get more excited every day for our little family to grow. Molly has also been super sweet and attentive to me, and is attached to my hip/lap/BUMP.

Looking Forward To: A relaxing weekend at home! I'm aiming to get a few closets cleaned out and prep our front yard/porch/window boxes for fall. Mums and pumpkins are calling my name.

Week 23 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 23 weeks!

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

I'm feeling more pregnant this week. Also, shoutout to the weird donut stomach issue that appears to be going on - that's not awkward AT ALL.

Sex: Girl

Weight Gain: To the surprise of everyone, I actually lost weight while I was in Texas this past weekend, so I'm back at 14 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: Living in anything elastic waist. Basic tees are my favorite, especially the Gap PureBody line (the black tee in this pic is one of them). They're super comfortable and stretch to fit my bump but keep their shape - win! We have an event this Saturday night that is "cocktail attire," so while I'm dreading it, I bit the bullet and ordered a maternity dress from Gap and another non-maternity but bump-friendly option from Old Navy. We'll see how that goes. 

Baby's the size of... : A grapefruit/Barbie doll! We've officially hit a foot long and weighing in at 1.10 pounds. Something about hitting a pound makes things feel so much more real.

Nursery: I made my master list yesterday of things we need to buy, and October 8 
(our next free weekend - craziness) will be an epic shopping/ crown molding install weekend.

Movement: ALL OF THE TIME. Based on how active this babe has been at all of our ultrasounds, the doctors have been telling me that once I feel her move, it will be constant. It is, and I love it. Brian felt her move for the first time on Saturday morning, and I'll never forget the look on his face. Now he acts like an old pro - "Felt that one. Yep, felt it again." She really put on a show for my parents this weekend while we were in Texas, and they were over the moon to get to feel her little kicks. 

Symptoms: I had my first bout of swelling on our flight from Boston to Dallas last weekend. Let me tell you, that is NOT sexy. At all. I was really good about drinking water, moving around, flexing/moving my feet/legs even when I was sitting. And then I stood up once we landed and were waiting to get off the plane, and noticed Brian staring at my feet. I looked down and I kid you not, I felt like I was in that scene in The Nutty Professor where Eddie Murphy's body starts randomly blowing up. It took a solid two days for the swelling to go down, and I haven't had issues with it since. But seriously-- that is insane. Also struggling with allergies/congestion this week - super stuffy nose, insane sinus pressure, really bad headaches. I've always been really good about getting more than enough water in, but I have an insatiable thirst this week. I could drink a liter of water and still be thirsty - is that a symptom?

Brian: He was so excited to feel Little Miss moving around, and it was great having him there to say hi to everyone at the end of my shower, and go through our gifts together. He knows I've been feeling a little worn out this week and is great at stepping up to help - cooking dinner, helping with laundry, taking over Molly duty. He's also still REAL excited about his nursery projects - I'll let him run with that one.

Sleep: Eh, here and there. I'm still adjusting to not sleeping on my back, and have actually woken up on my stomach a number of times. Molly has also been having insane struggles with allergies and wakes up throughout the night... and of course I wake up with her. The vet prescribed her Benadryl which has knocked her out into doggie dreamland, so I finally got a good night's sleep last night. Still waking up to pee at least once

Workouts: A good long walk in Texas but LORDY it was hot outside. We've been so all over the place this week, this just hasn't happened - I have good weeks and bad weeks, but at least I'm trying!

Cravings: Tart lemonade. Tomato soup. Turkey sandwiches. Those gross pink and white frosted circus animal cookies (I KNOW). Tzatziki sauce - Greek for supper tonight! Bananas. So many cravings were satisfied while I was home - queso + chips, sausage balls, Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, kolaches, Bluebell Banana Pudding ice cream (have mercy).

Aversions/Dislikes: Raw chicken, cigarette smoke, Greek yogurt, Swiss cheese 

Annoyances: That I can't take much of anything for these awful headaches and sinus issues. Bad flights (there was a lot of prayer involved, flying from Dallas back to Boston on Monday). 

What I Miss: I was missing having a glass of wine with my dad while I was home, but aside from that, I can't think of too many things this week!

Best Moment This Week: My amazing baby shower! Seeing all of my family and best girlfriends. Brian and my parents feeling the baby move. All in all, it was a good one.

Looking Forward To: A cold front this weekend! Bring on the fall decor and good comfort food. Oh, and my Old Navy maternity yoga pants should be delivered tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure I'll just be living in those, forever and ever.

Week 22 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 22 weeks, which doesn't seem too far along, but then I think of the 18 remaining weeks and have myself a little panic. Even more scary? 120 days is the countdown. I have a feeling that once we hit the double digits, a freak out may occur (poor husband...).

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Truthfully, I felt really blah for a couple of days this week, this day included. Everything felt puffy and I kept getting winded and bending over seemed harder and the bump felt VERY MUCH THERE all day long. And that belt was whipped into the backseat of my car as soon as my work day was over. The bump definitely gets bigger in the afternoon vs. the morning, so between eating lunch and all of my water, I felt like I was being cut in half.

Sex: Girl!

Weight Gain: 16lbs. I had a minor freakout to my doctor at my appointment last Thursday. This sounds crazy, but I really haven't gone crazy with the cravings. I'll indulge here and there, but for the most part I've really tried to keep it all under control and balanced! So as I've seen the scale continuously creeping up, I panicked. But my doctor assured me that everything looks good, and as long as I keep moving and continue to keep a balanced diet with the occasional indulgence, I should have nothing to worry about. She also said that a lot of women who don't gain much in the first part of their pregnancy, tend to gain towards the middle and then even out at the end. Moms, is this true?!

Maternity Clothes: Full panel jeans as often as possible and my trusty Liz Lange black and white tanks are still my saviors. All of my tunic-type tops fit well, and my more fitted tops are good, though there's definitely no hiding the bump while wearing those. Now that the weather has cooled down, I'm waiting for the internal go-ahead to start rotating leggings, ponchos, and wraps throughout the fall!

Baby's the size of... : Corn on the cob (which made me gag a little) or a Nalgene bottle. The Bump says she's the size of a coconut - 10.9 inches and 15.1 oz. Holy moly - almost 1 pound!

Nursery: We're getting there! The walls are painted and Brian's installing crown molding next Sunday! I'm still debating rug options but once we get that done, we'll start putting the pieces together. The crib is boxed up and in our garage, but we have it! And the dresser we're buying from Ikea, so we just have to find spare time (haha what's that?) to get to the store and actually buy it. Our bedding came in this week and I'm IN LOVE, so I'm pretty anxious to set the crib up so I can see it all together.

Movement: Feels like it slowed down a little this week, which freaked me out but the doctor said is normal. I also found out I have an anterior placenta, so apparently that can serve as a buffer to not feel movement as much until a few weeks farther along than I am now.

Symptoms: Pretty good this week! Still have random nausea every now and then, but not too bad. The whole getting winded thing is real (and annoying) and I'm finding it the tiniest bit more difficult to just get up quickly if I'm sitting down. My tailbone and left side of my lower back have really been bothering me too, which is frustrating.

Brian: Wonderful, per usual. He gets excited about the smallest things, and is SO amped about all of the work he's doing in the nursery. I think it's the first way he's really felt like he can be included in the baby coming, which is the sweetest.

Sleep: Not so hot. I'm a back sleeper so trying to sleep on my sides has been hard, especially with my left side of my back being so sore. 

Workouts: Three really good, long walks, which felt SO nice. I'm taking my workout gear with me on our trip this weekend and hope to fit in at least 1 good walk in my parents neighborhood.

Cravings: Sour Patch Kids. Bacon cheeseburger (I had one it was DELICIOUS). Peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, which made for excellent lunches this week. Lemonade, like real, natural, tart lemonade.

Aversions/Dislikes: Chicken is weirding me out, completely out of nowhere. Cigarette smoke still makes me gag. 

Annoyances: Bad drivers and inconsiderate people top my list this week. Donald Trump's patronizing voice really irked me the other day, like to to the point that I had to turn off Good Morning America. Allergies - they're driving both me and Molly crazy. Having to fly tonight without Xanax. Seriously, call me a bad mom, but I haven't flown without anxiety meds for years now, and I'm already anxious about how I'm going to do. Just trying to stay calm and relax but... annoyed.

What I Miss: Being able to go, go, go like I usually do. My body is definitely telling me to take it easy. 

Best Moment This Week: Hearing a good, strong heartbeat at my appointment last Thursday!

Looking Forward To: Flying home for the weekend for my first baby shower! I can't wait to see my people and just spend time with everyone. It's a quick trip but will be so fun!

Week 21 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 21 weeks - my countdown is now into the teens! How on earth did THAT happen?

Musings on the Weekly Photo: I feel like the picture doesn't show the lengths that this bump is actually going to. I also fear that point, 19 weeks from now, when I look back and think "Wow, how naive you were when you felt large at 21 weeks, you silly girl," so I'll take the small changes as they come!

Sex: GIRL!

Weight Gain: This little number is jumping each week - up 14 pounds (yikes).

Maternity Clothes: Loving my maternity jeans and any tunic tops. I have a PureBody maternity shirt from Gap that I wore for the first time on Saturday, and you could finally tell that the bump is officially in business! Still sticking with lots of non-maternity dresses, skirts and tops/blouses for work, which is good. I ordered this cute top last night and it's on its way to me - we'll see how that goes!

Baby's the size of... : A baby bok choy and a baseball hat! I read that comparison and looked at Brian's baseball cap and felt like that was huge!

Nursery: We're making moves! We picked up our crib on Monday morning, and Brian spent Sunday afternoon/Monday prepping and painting the sweet nursery. I'm in love with the color (Benjamin Moore "Gray Owl") and it has completely changed the look and feel of the space. It needs one more coat of paint to completely cover the sky blue color that was on the walls before, but then we'll be good to go! I also ordered parts of the bedding and we picked up a few other pieces while at PBK on Monday morning. I have a nursery inspiration board in the works that I'm hoping to share in the next few days -  I need rug decision help!

Movement: Lots of subtle movements, but definitely more frequently. There have been a couple of times where I felt the movement from the outside, but Brian hasn't been able to yet. We definitely have an energetic little girl!

Symptoms: Random nausea this week if I wait too long to eat (hey there, first trimester flashback - you were not missed...). Getting out of breath and winded more quickly - multiple trips up and down our stairs definitely provoke an expletive or two. Still keepin' on with the restless legs at night, but they might be getting more aggressive (didn't think that was possible).

Brian: Is so over the top cute with his "Daddy Duty" jobs. He spent days researching tools and watching YouTube videos to paint the nursery as perfect as possible (and it looks fantastic). He put up with me for close to an hour as I debated between crib bedding options in PBK, and was as excited as I was to pick up our crib. He's always monitoring me (in a non-annoying way) and fills up my water before I realize I need it, makes me sit and relax while he makes dinner... I really couldn't have asked for a better guy (as I get teary typing all of this).

Sleep: I usually wake up a couple of times a night for a bathroom break (or just because, which is fun) and go back to sleep relatively easily. On Monday night/Tuesday morning, I wasn't feeling so great and was up at 1:30am... and didn't fall back asleep until 3:30am. But the next night I was in bed at 9pm and slept straight through until my alarm went off at 5:30am so... it's a crapshoot. I'm starting to look into pregnancy pillows though - are they worth it?

Workouts: Two 3-mile walks around our neighborhood, lots of stretches, and strength training. I figure if I have little control over my midsection, I can at least aim to keep my arms and legs somewhat together. I feel great 

Cravings: English muffins with strawberry jam (baby girl is loving Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves - she does a little dance after breakfast every morning). Quiche - give me all of the quiche. Brussels sprouts. Still loving cold oranges and frozen mango. Pizza has been on my mind the last few days, and Halloween Oreos made their way into my cart on Saturday (whoops). Starting to really want fruity smoothies (I had a "pina colada" smoothie from Whole Foods yesterday that basically made my day), so I'm thinking I may look up a few recipes that I can start making for quick breakfasts. On another note, I'm wanting warm/fall-like foods: soups/stew, casseroles... all of the yummy, hearty stuff ha, like Hatch Mac and Cheese from Kate (alleluia, amen).

Aversions/Dislikes: Strong smells are too much (standing near the seafood counter yesterday at Whole Foods about did me in). I looove pasta but the thought of marinara sauce grosses me out. Cigarette smoke. 

New Symptoms: Feeling out of breath a bit more quickly, and my feet swell a little if I'm on them for too long, but nothing too terribly bad!


What I Miss: Pumpkin beer with a cinnamon sugar rim. And a nice glass of red.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing Brian get so excited over getting ready for our daughter (still crazy to type that!) and feeling this little one move so much more every day!

Looking Forward To: Our first baby shower in Texas next weekend! Cannot WAIT to see my girls, family that I haven't seen in forever... and to eat all of the food. Oh yes, the menu is "Katie's Cravings" and it's all of the things I've wanted but can only get in Texas *praise hands*

Week 20 Bumpdate - Halfway!

How Far Along? 20 weeks - halfway there!

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 
I finally got it together and have a pic NOT taken in the bathroom at work - win!

Sex: Lots of pink and bows going on over here - can't wait to meet our sweet baby GIRL.

Weight Gain: Up 11 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: Still loving my maternity jeans and my maxi skirts (not maternity) - anything with an elastic waist is a friend of mine. No maternity tops yet, except for my beloved Liz Lange tanks from Target. Weekend outfits are much more flexible, but I'm getting a little tired of rotating the same handful of clothes for work every day. Fall (and leggings and tunics and ponchos) can't get here soon enough!

Baby's the size of... : A banana and a paper airplane (Brian liked that one). I feel like a banana is a big jump from a mango, but good to know the little one is movin' on up in there.

Nursery: September kicks off our plans for the nursery. We've met with a few contractors on the closet updates and are going to PBK either Sunday or Monday to order our crib and check out the rockers. I have a rug picked out, we just need to measure the room and pick a size, and Brian is ALL ABOUT painting the room. I woke up around 12:30 on Saturday night/Sunday morning and he was watching YouTube videos on how to paint correctly. We've painted a handful of rooms in our house but apparently this one needs to be perfect, which is adorable. I'm picking up paint samples during lunch today and am loving the look (online) of "Grey Owl" by Benjamin Moore.
Movement: Definitely feeling little "swooshes" this week and it's been the best feeling. I was thinking I felt movement a few weeks ago but whatever that was is definitely different from this feeling. No jabs or kicks yet, but when I get really still at my desk during the day or when I lay down in the evenings, I can feel her. Not gonna lie - I feel more of a "Oh hey, little one! Glad to know we're still good in there!" over the super sappy "That's my baby moving!" but whatever gives me peace of mind, right?

Symptoms: This has honestly been a pretty good week. An occasional cramp/ache here and there. My lower back has been a little sore, but I think it's just tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable at night, and sitting at my desk for too long during the day, so I'm making it a point to get up and move every hour or so. We were busy busy on Saturday morning and when I finally sat down I noticed that my feet were a little swollen but I elevated for a bit and we were good. Lots of tears, all of the time.

Brian: Is getting really excited to do all of the "dad duties" in the next few weeks. The painting research is pretty darn cute, and he's been all about cooking dinner the last few nights so I can relax.

Sleep: I'm waking up for bathroom breaks during the night a couple of times and it's getting harder to fall back to sleep afterwards. And even after a good night's sleep, I still feel tired when I wake up, so the struggle is real here.

Workouts: Major slacker - two long walks with Molly, and that's it. I'm looking into pregnancy fitness classes in my area because I feel so much better when I'm doing SOMETHING, and it seems like it would be nice to do it with a group of women who are also feeling your aches and pains. I love my walks and the weather is supposed to cool down starting tomorrow, so I'd love to get back on that routine as well. And let's be honest, if I keep indulging my cravings like I have been, this body's gotta move to some extent.

Cravings: Cinnamon toast. Lemonade. BLTs. Sweet potato fries with sriracha mayo. Cream cheese and pepper jelly on crackers. Chick-fil-a anything. Orange juice. Cravings that I had and satisfied? Macaroni and cheese, biscuits and gravy - amen.

Aversions: The smell of marinara sauce, eggs.

New Symptoms: The achey/heavy feeling in my lower abdomen is new and weird, and since I'm starting to show more my stomach feels... heavier? I noticed that for the first time this morning. And getting out of breath easier - not helping with the "gained two pounds" and "no exercise" trend. And when I cough/sneeze, I feel quick little stabby pains in my lower stomach area, so that's fun. This one is new - I'm always emotional in general and have been hyper-emotional this pregnancy. But in the last week or so, I find myself randomly missing Brian and Molly during the day (even though I saw them that morning and will see them after work). It's that weird homesick feeling in your stomach, and it almost brings me to tears (things like thinking of Molly being home alone by herself all day). Crazy, right? Yes.

Annoyances: Traffic. People who can't drive. The guy who cut me off in the grocery store line on Sunday with a basket more full than mine was. Being hot. Anything that fits too snug. A messy house.

What I Miss: Always missing a glass of wine, but I think the craving might be getting a bit better to handle? Let's just wait for this to be replaced with all of the fall beers though, and we'll be back on the right track. Also miss not getting out of breath as easy - that's quite the tricky mental game you play, pregnancy!

Best Moment This Week: I feel like it's just been a really good week. We made a couple of trips to Buy Buy Baby to try and narrow down our stroller/car seat choices. Feeling baby girl move has been fantastic, and seeing how excited Brian is for when he'll be able to feel her moving around is the sweetest. I started calling around to childcare options and making appointments for tours, so that feels like a check off of my (seemingly endless) list, thank goodness. And we completed our baby registries! It was a nice way to wrap up the first half of this pregnancy, though I feel like the second half is going to fly by!

Looking Forward To: We have friends and their little one coming to stay with us Friday and Saturday while they're in town for a wedding, so that'll be fun. Our PBK visit this weekend to order the furniture (and there's a Chick-fil-a in the same mall, so that's a win!) and Brian starting to work on painting the nursery. Things are starting to come together - very exciting.

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! 

{one} Pregnancy Brain 
My newest "pregnancy is so fun and surprising" discovery this week? That "pregnancy brain" is REAL. So far this week, I've driven to the train to pick up Brian... on the day that he drove his own car to work; left the house for work in my rubber flip flops instead of work-appropriate shoes (and didn't notice until I got to my desk - thank goodness for my backup drawer!); was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair in the shower... as I realized that I never shampooed it first. 

{two} Baby Registry 
We're basically done with our baby registry, save for one last trip to Buy Buy Baby tomorrow morning to do a walk-around the store and see if we're missing anything big, and to make the final decision on our carseat and stroller. Right now, we're between the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 + UPPAbaby Cruz or Baby Jogger City Select, or the Britax B-35 Elite + Baby Jogger City Select. We've "test driven" them multiple times and have read tons of reviews, but we're the first in our group of friends to have a baby, so we don't really have anyone with firsthand experience. Any insight on these options, ladies? 

The registry as a whole STRESSED ME OUT because how in the heck do I know what my baby needs/wants/will like? And once you start researching, reading reviews, and getting opinions, it jumbles everything up that much more. It's been so fun but also so overwhelming!

{three} FALL
I don't know if it's this pregnancy making my already low tolerance of the heat THAT much worse, or just my love of fall in general, but I am SO OVER SUMMER and ready for the cool, crisp weather that fall brings! Not to forget, all of the pumpkin candles, sweaters + leggings, and two of my three favorite holidays! 

{four} Stranger Things
Brian and I have officially jumped on the "Stranger Things" bandwagon... and haven't looked back. We watched four episodes in two days, and are planning to finish Season 1 tonight! I'm so not a sci-fi fan, but it's not TOO sci-fi. It's a good storyline and cast, and while there are a few science-y elements, there hasn't been anything that's made me roll my eyes too hard... yet. It reminds me of The Goonies in a way, although that's a movie that I'll watch any time I come across it on TV, so that may not be saying much. Long story short, if you're looking for a new entertaining show to watch, give this a shot!

{five} Busy Busy!
Tonight and tomorrow are going to be a continuation of all things busy in our world. Brian's grandmother is celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend, so lots of family is coming in from out of town for her party. We're all having a casual dinner tonight, then (as I mentioned) Brian and I are heading home to bingewatch Stranger Things. Tomorrow morning, we have our last few registry errands to run, and I'm making time for a much-needed mani/pedi, too. The birthday girl's party is later in the afternoon, so that will go into the evening (always fun to see everyone). And Sunday brings the highly anticipated day of painting color samples in the nursery! 
I'm planning on that being our semi-relaxing day, and am totally making Stephanie's biscuits for breakfast, and something in the crockpot for supper. Temps will be in the 70s, so I'll light my new Sea Salt Pumpkin candle (heavenly!) and pretend that it's already September.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to our DeeDee,
and Happy National Dog Day to my Molly girl!

Week 19 Bumpdate

Call me slacker mom-to-be but I missed the 18 week update - whoops! Life has been busy with my parents in town, and after being off of work for a week, I just didn't find the time to blog. So, we're back with 19 weeks - time is flying, y'all!

How Far Along? 19 weeks, 3 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

It took me a minute to realize that my shirt was not playing games, and that is, in fact, a bump.

Sex: If you follow me on Instagram then you might already know, but for those of you that don't... 


We are so over the moon excited to have a sweet baby girl on the way. Full disclosure, I was totally convinced that this little one was a boy. Convinced to the point that when we opened the envelope results from our genetic testing and the "It's a Girl!" option was circled, I wasn't sure how to react. But by the time we sat down to dinner that night, I had my girl name lists out and was dreaming of pink and bows... and I haven't slowed down since. We do have a name picked out but I'm leaning towards keeping that quiet for now. It's amazing to be able to refer to the baby as "she" instead of "it" and Brian and I have been calling her by her name all week at home, which just makes my heart so full and happy. I can't wait to meet this little girl and to see what amazing things her life has in store for her! She is already so very, very loved and adored.

Weight Gain: Up 9 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: I made the jump to maternity jeans... and I'm not looking back. My mom snagged a skinny dark denim pair at Target and I picked up a pair at Old Navy, marked way way down. They're both full panel (all of the praise hands for the comfort that these two pairs of jeans are...) so I'm hoping that between these and leggings, I won't need to invest in too many more pairs of pants (aside from work pants). Still wearing normal tops, although flowy feels better than snug right now (I think because I haven't officially "popped" yet), and my Target tanks are still making the rounds. Loving my GapBody long sleeve tees with maxi skirts, especially now that the weather is cooling down a bit. It's fun dressing this growing bump, and I'm totally embracing it! Still can't wait to get home at the end of the day and jump into something even more comfy, though.

Baby's the size of... : This week SHE is the size of a mango! Or a hedgehog, or Gameboy - take your pick. Loving the mango, though - from frozen mango to mango salsa, I can't get enough this pregnancy!

Nursery: We have appointments lined up for a few contractors to give estimates on redoing the closet, which is VERY exciting. We're stopping by a PBK to take one final look at the crib and rocker, then are making moves with those too, and Sunday (our first free weekend day in weeks) we're finally testing paint samples. September will bring lots of changes here, and I can't wait to start to see my ideas coming into shape, especially now that we have touches of sweet pink to add.
Movement: I think that I feel her every now and then... but I'm not totally sure. Sometimes I feel what is like my stomach growling, but different, and other time little rumbles that start and stop. What the heck am I feeling for ladies?! During our 19 week ultrasound, she was moving CONSTANTLY, and the tech told me that once I can really determine her movement, that she'll be the baby who never stops. I can't WAIT for that! We definitely have a little soccer playing dancer in there though - so active!

Symptoms: Restless legs are really flaring up at night, and I've started to swell a tiny bit if I'm on my feet for too long. Tiredness is getting better, although I'm always ready for bed. 

Brian: Still amazing. I've been super emotional this week while my family was here (and when they left), he's been so comforting and supportive. We've also been working on the registry which is fun! And I can't stop smiling at the thought of him with a little girl. We were watching the women's golf events during the Olympics and he said multiple times how that will be our girl someday. Too cute.

Sleep: Still great. I'm a back sleeper and am trying to teach myself to sleep on my side as much as possible, but it doesn't seem to be interfering with my sleep! Up once a night for a bathroom break and I'm constantly hot, but aside from that, I can't complain.

Workouts: No specific workouts, but tons of walking while out and about with my parents sightseeing and playing tourist for a few days. Does a solid hour of dancing at a wedding count, too? I vote yes.

Cravings: Nothing too crazy this week. Cheddar cheese with fruit. Breakfast casserole and homemade biscuits (on the menu for Saturday morning). Wanting a Chick-fil-a sandwich like nobody's business. Frozen grapes and cold oranges. Homemade mac and cheese. 

Aversions: The smell of cigarette smoke. Chicken breast that's not cooked so much it's nearly burnt. 

New Symptoms: My stomach is crazy itchy, and the restless legs are out of control.

Annoyances: The heat was driving me nuts, but it's finally cooled down. Any clothes that are too snug. A messy house - I'm constantly going behind Brian and Molly to pick up messes and sweeping/vacuuming like crazy.

What I Miss: All together now - WINE! 

Best Moment This Week: Without a doubt, seeing our baby girl on the ultrasound and getting to follow along through the anatomy scan to hear that she's healthy as can be. It was amazing to have my parents here with us for the last week and a half too. They can drive me crazy but there's nothing like having mom and dad around, and seeing their excitement about having a granddaughter was just the best. And our gender reveal! And choosing things for the registry! It's just been a really sweet, blessed time around here, and I'm so very thankful for every minute of it.

Looking Forward To: Celebrating Brian's grandmother's 90th birthday on Saturday, and relaxing around the house on Sunday!