Texts with Jan, Vol. 1

Jan: What's the name of that fancy restaurant downtown?

Me: Well, there's kind of a few... Have we been there?

Jan: Jessica Simpson has. 

*hours later*

Jan: Cheeves! That's the restaurant.

Sidenote: Cheeves is a nice restaurant in my hometown... not a restaurant in Boston, as I immediately assumed.

Gotta love her...

Week 17 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 17 weeks, 3 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

The bump comes and goes throughout the day, but it's definitely coming along. And I swear, my next picture won't be in the prison-like bathroom at my office...

Sex: Can't wait to confirm next Thursday! 

Weight Gain: Up 9 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: I've purchased a couple more things, but am returning a lot of what I already have. The Old Navy jeans are going back - they literally fall off of me, like I could fit my toddler niece inside of my pants with me, they're so big. Most of my regular tops are still working fine, especially anything flowy, but any bottoms with buttons are being nixed one by one. Yesterday was my first "These pants fit last week and now the button and button hole are 4 inches apart!" moment, which sent me into a panic. Loving dresses and maxi skirts, but still can't wait to change immediately into pajamas at the end of the day. 

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: Pomegranate/video game controller

Nursery: September kicks off putting all of my plans into action for this sweet room!
Movement: I keep trying to convince myself that every little twinge I feel is baby, but I'm not totally convinced yet.

Symptoms: Super tired. I wore myself out over the weekend and am definitely feeling it - it's like I ran a marathon and my whole body is just... tired and achey. Swollen feet on Sunday night - THAT was attractive. We had tickets to Pearl Jam and after walking all over hell and back throughout the evening, I went to slide my feet back into my Jacks at one point, and they would barely go on - pregnancy is sexy stuff, I tell you! Stuffy nose at night. Dry skin (my coconut body butter from Trader Joe's is everything right now). Moody. On the brightside, the bump is feeling more prevalent! The left side of my stomach is more firm in the mornings then comes and goes throughout the day, and the bump is definitely there by the time I get home from work.

Brian: Being awesome. I wasn't feeling great while we were at the wedding over the weekend, and he did everything he could to make me feel better. Last night he knew how tired I was and didn't hesitate to go to the grocery store after work, help with the laundry, and help cook supper. They seem like silly little things, but he works full-time too and I know he's tired at the end of the day too, so it means a lot to have him step-up without hesitation. He's also dealing well with his hormonal pregnant wife, like yesterday morning when I whipped my pants across the bedroom in a rage and he calmly stepped over them, then greeted me with a kiss good morning when I went downstairs smiling approximately 2 minutes later (these mood swings are NO JOKE). I'm anxious by nature and he's sooo not, so just having him there to calm me down is saving my sanity. It's also been pretty fun to bounce around the baby's potential name, and guess which Olympic sport Baby King would be best at (poor thing will not be an Olympian if it's athletic genes come from Mama's side...).

Sleep: So so. When I sleep, I sleep hard. Still getting up during the night for a bathroom trip at least once, but I fall back to sleep pretty easily.

Workouts: Really just didn't happen this week. I've felt so off and tired, and we were busy. I can tell when I miss my workouts though - I feel a lot more worn down and less energetic, so I definitely need to work them back in ASAP.

Cravings: Root beer. Eggplant pizza. Fajita burritos with queso. Starbucks Turkey Bacon breakfast sandwiches. Still on a soup kick (give me anything creamy tomato!). Nachos and tacos. V8. Soft pretzels with mustard. Can't get enough ice water. Annie's fruit snacks. Baked macaroni and cheese (my parents are coming up this weekend and I'm hoping I can convince my dad to make it for his grandchild). Still on a Claussen pickle kick - the colder and crunchier, the better! Grilled cheese - still haven't had one. I seriously wish I could say I'm craving good, healthy stuff but I'm just not. I do try and get in smoothies when they sound good, and always make a vegetable with dinner, but they are just NOT appetizing.

Aversions: Thank God for prenatals because vegetables still don't really appeal to me, aside from lettuce and tomatoes but NOT in a salad (gag). Sweets - we had a lava cake dessert at the rehearsal dinner on Friday and I could barely stomach two bites of it. 

New Symptoms: The feet swelling was new and interesting, as well as my lower stomach firming up. Getting tired more easily/quickly.

Annoyances: Depends on the time of day, ha - my clothes fitting weird, crumbs on the floor, an unmade bed, the heat/humidity... you name it, it probably irks me.

What I Miss: Social drinking. Call me nuts, but after dealing with a rehearsal dinner, wedding and concert this weekend totally sober amidst lots of NON-sober people, all I wanted was a cold glass of white wine or a beer. 

Best Moment This Week: Hearing baby's strong heartbeat on Tuesday morning at my monthly appointment was about the best thing I could hope for. And being with lots of family and friends at the wedding this past weekend - everyone is so excited to meet this little one!

Looking Forward To: My parents coming to town! They fly in on Friday and are here for 12 days, and I can't wait. It's the first time I'll have seen them since I found out I was pregnant, so to say they're excited is an understatement. Also can't wait for The Big Appointment next Thursday!!

Week 16 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 16 weeks, 3 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Starting to bump a tiny bit!

Sex: We know! But our lips are sealed until the reveal with our parents on the 18th! 

Weight Gain: Up 7 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: I've ordered a few pairs of shorts from Gap that were on sale, and... they're heaven. They have the side panel, so allow for just a little bit extra wiggle room. But I just want to wear them all the time they're so comfortable. I texted my SIL about them last night and she agreed-- total game changer. I also ordered two pairs of jeans from Old Navy but am a little nervous they might be TOO roomy. I went a size up in maternity and they're... definitely loose. But I think I'd rather have them to grow into end of summer/into fall versus growing out of them now and panicking that I have nothing to wear. I just can't see spending a ton of money on maternity jeans - are they really worth it? Maybe I'll change my mind once I'm wearing them all of the time.

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: Dill pickle/action figure (my nephew loved this one)

Nursery: We'll keep the nursery fairly gender neutral since the room will be the nursery for this baby and any future littles, so lots of grey and white, and accent with details for either a baby boy or baby girl!
Movement: None yet. I keep trying to convince myself I'm feeling it but am pretty sure I'll know it when it happens!

Symptoms: Super tired this week, and there's no sign of slowing down. Trying to make sure to take the time to rest if I know I'm going to be busy. Waking up more during the night to go to the bathroom and having a much harder time falling back to sleep. The girls are KILLING me this week, to the point where I can't lay on my stomach. I also kind of feel like my appetite is kicking up. If I don't eat a balanced enough meal, I'm starving an hour later. Super emotional - everything makes me cry. 

Brian: Still glad he's my baby daddy! Opening the envelope with just him to find out the baby's sex was a moment I'll never forget. His reaction was priceless and absolutely goes down as one of my top 5 favorite husband moments ever. He knows I've been tired this week and is picking up the slack for me - cooking dinner, helping with laundry, etc. It sounds small but it's huge to me! We've started really researching for registry items too, and the monitor threw him for a loop. "Why are there so many options?! I don't understand! What's the difference? What makes an $80 monitor different from the $200 monitor?!" Welcome to baby land, my friend. He's also been dealing fairly well with my flash-rage moments. I get really angry about nothing (seriously, like a straw wrapper on the floor of my car), freak out, then immediately start crying. It's insane and I know it and I think he's catching on that my freak out isn't directed at him, he's just the lucky one to receive it, unfortunately.

Sleep: Not so great. I've had a hard time falling asleep, especially with as hot as it's been. Even with the AC blasting in our room, I just can't get comfortable. And if I wake up during the night, I feel wide awake. I need like a solid 2 days to just relax and sleep!

Workouts: Two 3 mile walks, and a nightly walk with Molly.

Cravings/Aversions: Soup! Forget the fact that it's been 90+ degrees for what feels like forever. I'm craving ramen, tomato soup, broccoli and cheddar soup, chicken tortilla soup, vegetable soup... I'm also pounding water to battle all of the sodium from the aforementioned soups (whoops). Grilled cheese. Tacos. Sliced tomato with salt and pepper. Garlicky pickles. Olives. Cheese. Cherries. Spinach Feta Wrap from Starbucks. Still wanting all of the Mexican food but being picky about when I indulge. Can't get enough of my LaCroix mocktails. I had a super random craving this week for a root beer float. We bought the stuff to make them, I had half of mine, and couldn't stomach anymore. Again with the fleeting cravings!

Chick-fil-a. Lord, I need a #1 with a diet lemonade in my life so badly. There are only two CFAs in Massachusetts, and one is near the Pottery Barn Kids store. Brian has already been informed that we'll be going there ASAP.

New Symptoms: Crazy dreams! I woke myself up hysterically laughing a couple of nights ago, and I have no idea what the dream was about. Talk about terrifying... I'm just glad I didn't wake up Brian and Molly. 

Annoyances: The heat, although that's getting better. I've also been struggling to be pretend nice to people. You so know what I mean - when you're in a situation (like work) where you have to be nice and friendly and manage to do it 99% of the time. Well, the last few days have been unbearable. 

What I Miss: Still missing a big glass of ice cold wine. Turkey sandwiches. Really working out without getting tired so quickly. My favorite clothes fitting (I had a fleeting selfish moment of wonder this week - "Will my favorite riding boots still fit this fall? And will I be able to get them on and off?!").

Best Moment This Week: Finding out the sex of our baby, and that all of our genetic testing came back clear. I don't think we could have asked for a better moment than that!

Looking Forward To: The crazy week ahead! My SIL and BIL and their three kiddos got into town last night, so I'll see them after work today and took tomorrow (Thursday) off for a beach day with everyone. Friday afternoon we leave town for a wedding, Saturday is the wedding (yay!) and Sunday night we go to Pearl Jam at Fenway with the SIL/BIL. My next monthly appointment is next Tuesday, and then my parents fly in on Friday the 12th! Couldn't ask for a more exciting next couple of weeks!

Is she pregnant... or are her cheeseburgers showing?

Well y'all, it's happened. I've hit the inevitable stage in my pregnancy where onlookers may catch a glimpse of my stomach area and think "Wow, girlfriend needs to lay off the cheeseburgers!" instead of "Aww she's having a baby!"

Yep. I have the tiniest bump, which really isn't all that visible in most of the clothes I'm wearing these days (that would be lots of flowy, comfy, COOL dresses and such). So in the defense of others, I do look like I just have a really unattractive pooch. For the most part, if I do wear something more form-fitting, I've just been ordering/buying up a size, which has totally worked.

Until now.

I pulled the trigger on two dresses from Nordstrom for the wedding that we have this weekend. They both came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to try them on. Yea, big fat fail. TO BOTH OF THEM. Color me surprised when my up-sizing trick didn't work. The boob-down area of one looked awesome... but my lovely new lady friends have reached a point where even in a non-padded bra, the dress wouldn't zip. And for the second, it looked good stomach down and shoulders up... but the aforementioned boobs looked like they were trapped and trying to escape, and the band below the boobs was snug enough where it would look flattering any other time, but it just accentuated the questionable stomach area. Not enough to look like a bump, moreso that I had a few too many bagels for breakfast.

Color me panicked because I now have 3 days to find a new dress option, which basically eliminates ordering a dress from anywhere unless I want to pay the crazy 2-day shipping option. I know how I'll be spending my lunch break the next two days - TOTALLY RELAXING, I tell you...

I'd always heard about this weird in between time where most of your normal clothes no longer fit but you're definitely not bumping enough to wear maternity clothes, but I think I kind of assumed I'd just... gloss over that. Yea... not so much. I'm here to tell you that the in-between bump issue is real, and that it's totally normal to wake up in the morning and hate the majority of the clothes in your closet. God bless the gals who somehow managed to wear their normal, regular clothes through most of their pregnancies - peace be with you, and let me know how that feels, as I size-up and pray that the maternity sizing stage gets here ASAP!

Week 15 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 15 weeks, 5 days 

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Still hesitant to share a bump pic, but I think I might be starting to see the very early stages of one!

Sex: So... the little envelope with the big boy/girl check mark is currently sitting in an envelope on our kitchen table! It came in the mail on Monday, and we nearly ripped into it but Brian was on his way out to softball, so we waited. When he got home, he told me he felt like we needed to do it big when we opened it, and that at 10pm after a softball game wasn't it. So we decided to wait until Saturday night - we're going to go somewhere nice for dinner and open it then! I'm BESIDE MYSELF and don't know how I've managed to not open it by now. Once we find out, we'll wait until our anatomy scan on 8/18 to share with our families, and then... everyone! 

Weight Gain: Up 6 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: Loving my flowy swing dresses from Old Navy, Gap maxi skirt and a couple of basic maxi dresses (all non-maternity). I did snag a few pairs of maternity shorts and jeans with the side panel on sale at Gap, just so I'm prepared. I'm generally not a shorts fan in general, but it's been so hot I need some options when a long dress/skirt isn't going to cut it. I also pulled the trigger on a few dress options for the wedding next weekend and am hoping they're comfortable!

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: An avocado (must explain that constant avocado/guacamole craving!)/a multi-tool (boring)/eclair! Avocado is my fav pick this week.

Nursery: We're picking out paint samples this weekend and are working on clearing out the one piece of furniture in there out. Also have someone coming to look at the closet to start redesigning.
Movement: I thought that I felt the tiniest flutter just this morning (Wednesday, 7/27) but I'm not positive. All of my apps say movement can start anywhere from 16 weeks up to 25, depending on the mom, the way the baby's situated, etc. Is it a distinct feeling? Will I KNOW when I feel it?

Symptoms: Just trying to deal with this crazy heat wave - if I'm out in the heat too long, I definitely get cranky and tired, but... that's all of the time when I'm out in the heat haha. Everything else has been pretty standard. Waking up a couple of times a night to pee, but falling back to sleep quickly and easily. Can't get enough sleep. Restless legs have gotten a little better, and the heartburn is MUCH better. 

Brian: Still awesome. His excitement about finding out the baby's sex together and keeping it between us for a few weeks has me over the moon - it's the cutest thing ever. We also had a big party on Saturday evening after a golf tournament that he and all of his friends played in, and he kept saying how he can't wait for the baby to be a part of it all next year. He's ALWAYS the more balanced/calm of the two of us, and has been so supportive when I get overwhelmed and takes the level-headed approach to figuring all of the details out. And he took on researching the pros/cons of our top stroller and car seat picks, which is huge - that stuff stresses me out!

Love him so much.

Sleep: No complaints here. Falling back to sleep quickly after getting up to go to the bathroom, but also can't get enough sleep which is so not me - I'm usually up and going to get ready for work, and am out the door to the gym by 7am on weekends... not anymore. I'll take all of the sleep I can get, aside from naps - I've never been a napper and still struggle there.

Workouts: Big strikeout on this one. A long walk with Molly, a marathon yard work session, and my stretches (lame, but they make me feel good!). The heat definitely sidelined me on this one, and I have no regrets - I think my body needed a break because I feel so much more energized after taking a few days off and keeping cool. We're supposed to get cooler temps/lower humidity this weekend, so I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things then!

Cravings/Aversions: Guacamole. Breakfast burritos. Queso with fresh chips. Bread and dipping oil from Not Your Average Joe's (checked that one off last night). Still loving cold oranges and my La Croix/cranberry/lime mocktails. Pizza. Macaroni and cheese. Cold, garlicky pickles. It's weird though - sometimes as quickly as the cravings come, they're gone and the food immediately sounds disgusting. 

New Symptoms: Nothing new that I've noticed, aside from a possible little bump!

Annoyances: THE HEAT.

What I Miss: Still going with wine. And cold turkey sandwiches.

Best Moment This Week: I'm just having all of the happy, lovey feels about this baby. I'm feeling much better and things are getting so very real, and it's crazy to think that this time next year we'll have an almost 7 month old! Getting our envelope in the mail was also so exciting. We obviously haven't opened it yet, but we were told if we received the letter and no phone calls, then all was well on the genetic testing side, so still just thankful for this healthy little baby!

Looking Forward To: Having our big date day/night on Saturday to find out if we're having a baby boy or baby girl!!

How We Found Out About Baby King

I thought it might be fun to share the little post that I wrote the day that I found out I was pregnant. I remember coming into my office, beyond excited/terrified/happy and just starting typing, which I kind of love - it's not edited at all, so it captured exactly how I felt, so I'm so glad to have it. I added my notes at the end about the bumpy first few days when we found out I was expecting, so the post is a bit wordy.


Tuesday, May 17
I am completely and utterly surprised and shocked right now. I'M PREGNANT. Holy. Moly. I have no idea how I'm going to hide this at work because I CANNOT STOP SMILING. There is also a huge amount of "Holy shit - I'm pregnant?!?" because THAT'S a game-changer.

This is honestly the last thing that I expected to happen this cycle. We decided in January that we would start trying, so I took my last BC pill and let February be the first off-BC month. All was normal and fine for February, March and April, but no positive test. There were big family events in late April/early May that I was really hoping I might have good news for but I took two tests the week of April 25 and they were both negative, so I gave myself the OK to have fun with Brian's sister and her family in Baltimore the weekend of the 30th. I had a really light cycle while we were there and figured that was my confirmation that it didn't happen that month, and all was good. 

Funny story: I talked to my sister-in-law about the whole process while we were in Baltimore and how I was spending way too much on the fancy pregnancy tests, and she told me that with all three of her kiddos, she tested with Dollar Store tests. So where did we head to next? You got it! I checked out with 11 pregnancy tests and 3 ovulation predictor tests, and the woman that scanned my stuff couldn't stop laughing - "You want to make EXTRA sure, don't you honey?" Little did I know...

So that brings me to yesterday. Brian and I decided a few months ago that we would try an ovulation predictor kit if I went a few months without getting pregnant, just to make sure my dates were on the right track. I picked a nicer one up on Saturday morning (the Clearblue Digital version), and when I tested that afternoon, I immediately got a positive/smiley face. Totally confusing yet exciting, because according to my Ovia app, I was still at least 5-6 days away from "prime time" of the month. I took another test on Sunday afternoon - again, smiley positive. I also used one of the Dollar Store predictor kits, and it was positive. Again, I was excited but cautious because my dates were so weird. I took another ovulation test yesterday morning, and I made the mistake of Googling "multiple day OPK positive test" - BIG MISTAKE. There are a million things that Google tells you can be wrong with you if you're getting multiple positives. The last that I read, and the one that I least considered, was that you could be pregnant. Totally wrote that possibility off and assumed the worst (of course), and told myself if I got another positive this morning, I would call my doctor for her input.

This morning I wake up and use one of my Clearblue strip ovulation tests and also, just for kicks, use one of my Dollar Store pregnancy tests. Smiley positive again on the ovulation predictor, and TWO PINK LINES on the Dollar Store test. Um, what the what? I'm fairly positive I said "You have to be kidding." I had a package of First Response pregnancy tests stored away (my double-check in case one of the Dollar Store tests came back positive), drank a huge glass of water, and prayed that things would start working while I took  a shower and got ready. Thankfully, I desperately had to pee again before we left for work, so I took the First Response test and... two dark pink lines immediately popped up.

Cue the biggest, happiest feeling... but also still cautious. I couldn't shake the weirdness of the dates and that maybe this could be a false positive if my body was out of whack, so I planned to call my doctor's office at 8am, explain the past few days, and see what they suggested. Also, at this point, Brian knows nothing. I wanted to check with my doctor before telling him anything, just to give me peace of mind. My doctor's office is amazing (and can I just say that I've been dreaming of the day when I got to call them to say "I think that I might be pregnant!" because that was just... the best best best feeling) and told me to come right in and they'd do a blood test at 8:30am - perfection!

Because I'm a crazy person, I stopped at Walgreens on my way  and picked up the infamous Clearblue Digital tests, then drove to my doctor. I stopped into the restroom (seriously couldn't help myself) and took the test. Not only did "Pregnant" pop up within 30 seconds of me starting the 3 minute countdown, but "2-3" did as well. Holy. Moly.

Taken in the bathroom at my doctor's office, before my blood test to confirm yes or no. This was the third test - still couldn't believe it but if you can't tell from the smile, I was feeling pretty excited at this point!

I was in and out for the blood draw and they said it would be a couple of hours before they got the results back, but that they would call me. And then I got to come and sit at my desk all day WAITING and feeling excited and scared and overwhelmed and overjoyed and so wanting to share that all with Brian. I also had to reign in the giddiness so my coworkers weren't suspicious! Around 9:45am my phone rang and I bolted into the hallway to take it. It was the sweetest nurse from my doctor's office, calling to congratulate me! Apparently my numbers were pretty significantly high, but they're letting me come in again on Thursday for another blood draw to make sure my numbers are doubling as they should be but I mean... this is for real. This is happening. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!! 

I'm literally counting down the minutes until 5pm so I can pick Brian up from the train, and surprise him with the news. I've had a sweet little plan up my sleeve for the last several months, just waiting to have good news to share, and that day is here! 

I'm also a little bit freaked out, and a part of me can't completely believe that I'm pregnant. As much as I wanted to be pregnant, I'm shocked that it happened so quickly. I think I'd mentally prepared myself for it to take a little while. Even saying the words freaks me out a little bit... but in a good "THINGS ARE CHANGING!" kind of way.


So, that's our story! However, the few days after we found out were... stressful. 

Everything looked great on the 17th when I had my blood drawn, and they had me come back on Thursday, two days later, for another blood draw to make sure my numbers were doubling. I got a call that afternoon that the numbers had definitely increased but didn't double, s0 they wanted to get me in for an ultrasound that day. Honest to God, it was the longest day of my life waiting for that 3pm appointment. At this point, I wasn't letting my thoughts go anywhere close to actually carrying a healthy baby in case things didn't end up going well at the ultrasound. 

When I got to the doctor's office, they took me right back and after asking questions that completely terrified me, started the internal exam. I had no idea what to expect, but when I saw the sac appear on the screen, even the sonographer looked like she relaxed. She found the heartbeat and measured it - it was around 90bpm, which she said was just fine for how far along I was (right at 5 1/2 weeks) and that the heart is just developing at that point. A doctor came in to talk to me as well, and basically said the same thing - the ultrasound looked good, the heartbeat is good, but they wanted to see me in a week for a repeat ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy was progressing. 

Cue the longest 7 days of my life. Only Brian and I knew about the pregnancy (I was terrified to tell anyone, just in case) so that was stressful for both of us. I was feeling sick and beyond exhausted but had to truck along and act like all was well around our family and friends, and we were both tipetoeing around being cautiously excited but also prepared.

I went back to the doctor on Thursday, May 26 for a blood draw to see if my numbers had increased to where they should be 7 days later. Again, they had increased but not to the full number, and my ultrasound wasn't scheduled until the next day. I got the call about my numbers while I was in line at Chipotle, and drove back to my office and had a mini-breakdown with one of my amazing coworkers. I told her everything that was going on, and she cried with me out of excitement that I'm pregnant and prayed with me that the next day would go well. I told my manager as well - she's a mom and at this point  I was looking at going to my fourth doctor's appointment in a week the following day, and wanted her to be in the loop. She was also amazing (I'm so lucky to have these supportive, understanding people in my life every day) and told me to do whatever I need to do.

The next day, Friday, May 27, I went in for my ultrasound at 2pm. Again, longest day of my life. I don't think I accomplished anything at work that morning - my mind was a million miles away. My appointment was with the same sonographer and she was super tense again, which stressed me out. But she started the exam and immediately noted that the sac had definitely grown in the last week, took the measurements, then measured the heartbeat, which had also increased in strength. She visibly relaxed, printed a couple of photos for me to take home, and said that the doctor would be in to chat as well. He came in, took a look at the screen, listened to the heartbeat, and congratulated me on a healthy baby, and to keep doing what I'm doing.

It was the best thing anyone could have said to me. We told my parents that night, and Brian's parents the following weekend (they'd been out of town and we wanted to tell them in person). Slowly but surely, I started to realize that every ache and pain wasn't a bad sign, and to STOP WORRYING. Even now, that's hard for me to tell myself (over anxious worrier by nature over here), but I'm just so thankful for every day that I wake up and have this little one growing away. 

If you read this far, you deserve an award! I know the pregnancy/baby stuff isn't for everyone, but keeping a record of it on the blog has been helpful for me, and has honestly sparked my interest in trying to get back into blogging in general. We'll see how that goes!

Happy Thursday, friends!!

Week 14 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 14 weeks, 2 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: I promise I'll start sharing when there's a bump.

Sex: We can't wait to find out! We have the option to find out from our genetic testing results in another couple of weeks, or at our anatomy scan in August. Even if Brian and I opt to find out early and keep the surprise between the two of us, we'll wait to confirm at the anatomy scan just to make sure before sharing with everyone.

Weight Gain: Up 5 pounds from my "official" weight with the doctor.

Maternity Clothes: Just my lifesaving Liz Lange tank tops from Target. I also ordered a few things from Gap which came in the mail yesterday, and I love it all. A couple of pairs of shorts with the side panel, two of their Pure Body tees, and the best, most comfy/warm sweater to save for the fall/winter. 

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: Beet/Troll Doll/Mille-feuille (definitely had to Google what that is - also known as a Napoleon, and it looks delish!)

Nursery: Still an empty room. We have our furniture picked out, just need to start making purchases. And we're mid-search for a contractor to come in and reconfigure the closet to make a more efficient use of the space, which is exciting! I can't wait to have a place to put all of the sweet gifts we've received from excited family and friends!
Movement: None yet, but the thought of this happening soon-ish makes me pretty excited!.

Symptoms: Heartburn is out of control, and just overnight has it really kicked up. If I eat anything spicy, I'm in for it. Anything cold has been a trigger too - ice water, cold fruit, popsicles/ice cream. Restless legs are bothering me when I try to fall asleep, so I'm trying to stretch before bed to relax, but it's a catch 22 - if I'm active in the evenings, it's bad, and if I try to relax and just stretch before bed, it's bad. Still tired but it's definitely more manageable. Sooo emotional. Everything makes me cry, and not just like a silent tear... no, more like hysterical sobs that can't be controlled.

Brian: Has been awesome. I think the ultrasound on Thursday really made all of this that much more real, which was exciting. He was also game for a trip to Buy Buy Baby on Saturday and was all about testing the strollers and car seats, asking questions about safety, etc. It was pretty cute!

Sleep: Once I can fall asleep, I'm out for the night. But the restless legs make it tough to fall asleep, and I'm waking up once a night to pee. 

Workouts: Three good walks - with this heat wave, that's about all I can manage without getting angry and moody.

Cravings/Aversions: Still loving all things spicy, which is obviously not agreeing with my heartburn - Spicy Chicken sandwiches from Wendy's, jalapeno pretzels, jalapeno stuffed olives from Trader Joe's, sausage and cherry pepper pizza from Riva. Nachos, which we had after my appointment on Thursday - not delicious, unfortunately, so I think buffalo chicken nachos from The Fours are up next. Still wanting that Qdoba burrito. Fresh fruit - can't get enough cherries, clementines, strawberries and green apples. Fruit Loops. Really wanting good Chinese food. 

I'm not loving chicken unless it's seasoned really well and almost mixed up in something, like a casserole or pasta. I can't deal with any raw meat - just thinking about it makes me gag. Still on the struggle bus with vegetables. I'm working on upping them as sides and snacks, but the thought of a salad still makes my stomach turn.

New Symptoms: The heartburn is a kick in the pants.

Annoyances: Tight pants can suck it. The heat and humidity this week has made me realllly cranky, but it's cooler today (thank the Lord).

What I Miss: Still wanting that glass of wine. Also really craving a big turkey sub with avocado and bacon.

Best Moment This Week: Our appointment on Thursday, without a doubt. It was just the best to see the little one moving around on the screen. The sonographer needed baby to move just a bit one way so she could get a measurement, so she had me gulp ice water, tilted the table backwards and down, gently jump up and down and rock back and forth while standing up. When I got back on the table, baby was bouncing all over the place, waving arms around - it was the best. We're waiting for our test results but are just keeping fingers crossed that all is well and we have a healthy baby growing.

Looking Forward To: The big anatomy scan on August 18! And the next few weekends are going to be lots of fun. We're hosting a post-golf tournament party at our house on Saturday, baby prep the following weekend, then we get busy! We have a wedding the 6th, my parents fly in the 12th, another wedding the 20th, Brian's grandmother's 90th birthday the 27th, we're hosting friends at our home Labor Day weekend... and then I think we settle a bit. Whew!