It's not much, but it's something.

Do you ever get so far behind in blogging that you just have no idea how to get back into it? That would be where I am right now. My days and evenings haven't been supremely boring or anything, I just haven't really felt like sharing just to type some words and throw out to share with the blog world. I mean really, if I HAD done that, my blogs would read like this:

We made quinoa for the first time-- LOVES IT!

Brian is apparently growing a mustache for a bachelor party he's going to. When I stared at him in disbelief, he said he would be willing to compromise and just grow long sideburns. Lord, help me.

I changed bronzer-- LOVES IT!

Brian said on Saturday, immediately after I shared that I'd gone up a bit at my WW weigh-in, that he noticed the number of Ferrero Rocher candies (from Christmas, don't judge) were dwindling. And then I burst into tears. Because yes-- I have enjoyed a Ferrero or three on a handful of angst-ridden PMS days. Ah, well. We threw the tasty little suckers out.

See? Riveting, right?

So, to spare my lovelies from reading about mundane little details, and to not drive myself crazy in trying to think of good blog material, I took an unplanned blog break. Be patient-- I'm gearing back up, promise!

Hope all is well, my dears!