Let me cut to the chase-- shall we PIN?


I have a bookcase that desperately needs an update, so I just about fell over when I came across this! The design possibilities are ENDLESS. love.

three words: salted. caramel. cupcake.
Your snug pants can thank me now :)

Can I go ahead and just fast forward time a few years to when I have babies with teeny tiny toes that can fit in these? I die.

Source: google.com via Katie on Pinterest

This is how I feel after most runs--
it's a miracle that I finished at all, but goodness does it feel good when I do!

I love that I'm Southern.

A cheese cake for a shower/party. Seriously? I'm in!

Hope y'all have a lovely rest of the day! Wednesday-- halfway through the week, woo!

Stairway to PAIN

Today was one of those days where I was 100% convinced that going to the gym just might do me in if I actually went and got on a machine. My schedule was jam. packed. today and I literally did not stop working until I left at 4:30 to run an office errand on my way out to catch my bus. As in I didn't have time eat until around 3, then finished my pita and hummus on my way home. Crazay day.

My one "trick" is to change into my gym clothes before I leave work so I can go straight to the gym once I drop Brian off. Since I commute so much on public transportation every day, I shower twice regardless-- always in the morning and then after work, whether I went to the gym or not. And I cannot tell my lovelies a lie: on bad days, I have been known to walk in, remove the gym clothes as if they were never there, shower and crawl into my bed for a nap.

So, considering I was in the workout gear today, I made myself go. I also do a little routine with Brian:

K: Ok, tell me I'll feel so good for going once I get there.
B: Go to the gym. You'll feel so much better about yourself.
K: Um... I didn't say that I feel bad about myself, I just asked to remind me that I'll feel good.
B: That's what I said- you'll feel better about how you look.

Hm. Aren't the men-folk just so clever with their words? Boyfriend must be semi-on the ball because it worked. Off to the gym I went, fueled up on a handful of reduced fat Cheez-its and these babies:

My mom mentioned these to me over the weekend and since Brian loves a good cracker in his lunch, I snagged a box. As Mama raved, I wisely said "Ohhh those sound like something you'd need to enforce serious portion control on!" Well, all I can say is that since we're more than halfway thru the box since Sunday, I should practice what I preach.

If you can measure them out into little baggies and not dive face-first into the box, they are just DEE-LISH!

Anywho. The ArcTrainer beckoned me for five minutes, then it was off to the treadmill for a 2 mile/20 minute run, then I almost met my fate on the next machine.

Stairmaster: /ˈsterˌmæstər/ a type of exercise equipment consisting of a frame with two pedals that you stand on and push down with your feet so that you move in a way similar to climbing; machine of torture.

After 15 minutes, I was DONE. Finito. Throwin' in my sweaty towel.

As worn out as I was from such an intense workout, as I drove home belting out "Hotel California" with the windows down, I couldn't help but feel that little spark inside of me.

The workout motivation? It is back. It is back and strong and powerful. As much as I didn't want to go, literally the minute I walked out of the door, I felt rejuvenated because I knew what was coming. I've definitely been in a rut lately, between exercising, eating really great and healthy, getting enough sleep, etc.

When you spend an entire year being 100% dedicated to the most ideal and healthy lifestyle, it's hard to come down off of the little high that that can bring you. What I eventually came to realize though was that as much weight as I was losing (and healthily, by the way), I was not entirely content with my lifestyle. There's a fine line between being cautious and aware of being healthy and being OBSESSIVE. I'd crossed the obsessive point.

Which brings me to now. After pretty much a year of exercising off and on, counting calories/journaling meals off and on, caring off and on, I feel like I've reached a point of being able to make conscious decisions to eat wisely and workout consistently without going overboard. I plain ole burnt myself out and needed a little break and time to rebuild from the inside out.

The StairMaster stands in as my self-torture mechanism. By the way, if there is ANYONE out there who hops on the darn thing and a) doesn't appear to be melting from all of the perspiration, b) can breathe and have a conversation while on level 10 of 20, c) doesn't have to pause once or twice because you're convinced the rotating stairs are just going to rotate you right off, then let me know because I have not once worked out on the machine and not been convinced I was surely going to black out and wake up flat on the ground.

But whatevs! I'm working towards buns o' steel on that darn thing and I shall conquer it eventually! I'm off to finish watching The Biggest Loser and then head to bed... because it's 10:30 and I am an old lady.

'Til later, lovelies!

A-crafting we will go...

Happy Monday, my lovelies! What? No excitement? Yep, join my club.

I'm aware that I promised to post pictures of my little man after our trip to Baltimore, and I promise that I will... just not right this moment.

Several people in my office have been sick and I felt a little something coming on Friday morning. By the time we boarded our plane that afternoon, I was pumped full of vitamin C and Airborne-- NOTHING was going to keep me away from this little baby:

(His mommy bought this as soon as she found out they were expecting, pre-knowledge of boy vs. girl. We decided it's a tad bit too girly for such a strapping young man, but that most certainly did NOT prevent all of us from putting him in the costume anyways and laughing! He may hate us when he's 16 or so, but he was quite the precious little lion while it lasted!)

I actually felt a lot better over the weekend and the entire time I was with Colin (while Purel-ing like a madwoman), but once we settled onto the plane yesterday morning, it was like a train plowed into me. It's pretty safe to say that I've 150% come down with a cold, and it's a fight to get through work today.

Since I don't feel much like posting any thing of real substance, I'm posting a list of the crafts that I'm planning on making asap for Halloween!!

This is beyond adoreeblay (say it, don't think it-- it sounds good, promise!) and I'll be attempting to make it this weekend while Brian's out golfing.

I actually made these last Halloween but thought they looked a bit plain put up side-by-side. Problem solved with a bit of orange ribbon and hot glued ghosts!

Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

If the loopy-ribbon wreath goes well, I might attempt this too. Maybe add more to bulk it up? Something about this looks a bit skimpy, but I loooove the idea!

This I adore. Planning to make one for me and a surprise recipient (they read le blog... if I named them, the surprise would be no more).

How cute is this? And EASY! It's made with a planet and a plant dish, y'all.

I'm obsessed with the look of a good burlap wreath.
... anyone know where I find burlap?


Jack-o-lantern cake pops.
I'm determined. Really, really determined!

How cute are these? I'll be making them then promptly bringing them to the office and sending them off with Brian. Bite-size anything = FAIL for the whole healthy eating plan.

Since I have no little ones to make these for, adults would totally appreciate the effort, right? A tater ghost would make. my. supper!

That's my craft-tastic post for today. All I can say is that if I make it through all of those crafts with only the assistance of my glue gun and a bottle or three of wine, I'll be a happy woman!

If I feel up to it when I get home tonight, through my self-induced haze of Nyquil, I'll try to post the pics from Baltimore. If not, another day's wait shall not hurt you :)

'Til later, my lovelies!

TGIF... le blast from the past!

Thank the Lord for the weekend. Can I just say that while I'm now an adult and Fridays are a highlight of the week because they equal no work and more sleep, there was a time not all that long ago (only about 17 years, ohmyword when did I get so old?) when Fridays were the absolute best of the week because they meant any/all of the following:


Please do not fib and tell me that I am the only one who loved this pizza. Accept the shame and join me, won't you? I know for a fact that I'm not alone because when I Googled "square lunchroom pizza," multiple message boards popped with people both declaring their love for the "food" and desperately asking how they can find it as an adult.

I don't know if they still serve this culinary delight, but if they don't, kiddos today are certainly missing out. When I have babies I will certainly guide them to make healthy, balanced diet choices... but I will never deny them cafeteria pizza. It's saying something if it's still on my mind 17 years after last consuming it.

Friday was also the day when were allowed to bring 50 cents to school to buy a treat when the final bell rang. That's right-- FIFTY. CENTS. That is all that was needed to buy a $.25 bag of popcorn and an enormous $.25 dill pickle. God forbid if you ever lost one of the quarters during the day and had to go without-- tragedies of the heart, I tell you.

Friday nights were also the one night of the week when my family would either go out for pizza or order it in. Yes-- this does indeed mean that I was constantly consuming twice a day at least once per week. Wanna make something of it? No? Alright, then. My parents would ask, per routine, what my brother and I wanted for dinner and I would always reply "P-I-Z-Z-A!!" I've always been a good speller, and I'm confident that this came from spelling all of the foods that I loved to eat... repeatedly. Should I have taken this early obsession with food spellings as a sign of what my overeating future would hold? Perhaps, but let's not darken the Friday spirit, right? Indeed.

Lastly, I give you the highlight of my childhood Friday nights...

After eating my pizza for lunch, my popcorn/pickle combo for a snack, and hitting up the local Mazzio's with the fam, it was time to get down to business with ABC's genius marketing ploy: How do we get kids in front of the TV to watch our shows? Air the shows during a two hour block on Friday nights so the kids not invited to sleepovers with the popular girls or Skate Haven to skate to "Achey Break-y Heart" have something to occupy their time!!

Step by Step

JT, Karen, Mark in all his nerdiness... I just loved this show. Remember the opening of the show, with the family at an amusement park, playing games and then going down the big hill on the roller coaster at the end? Weeeeee!! So good... yet so corny. Did Cody, the surfer-esque dude bug the childhood crap out of anyone else? Sidenote: he abruptly left the show due to spousal abuse in 1995. The things you don't hear about when you're busy organizing your Lisa Frank sticker collection...

Family Matters

Carl, Harriet, Laura, Waldo... the beloved Steven Urkel. I was obsessed with the Winslows and their cheeriness, how mad Carl would get at ole Steve, how Laura would be so mean to Steve while the audience track "Awwww"d in the background and then they would inevitably make up. Looking back, there was not much drama on the show. No swearing, no violence, no inappropriate jokes and such. What do kids these days watch that give them the same kind of carefree entertainment we had? Do they not stay home with the parentals and relax with pizza and cable TV? Perhaps I'm just THAT out of touch with reality and kids these days.


"Not the baby!"
That's all I have to say about that. That and the fact that I might have had Dinosaurs toys and I might have reenacted scenes in my own pretend Dinosaurs living room. Totally normal... totally believe the talking dinosaurs were out in the world and wearing plaid shirts.

Boy Meets World

This... was my favorite. The Matthews ranked higher in my TV-obsessed heart than the Winslows (but not as high as the Cosbys. NOBODY outranks the Cosbys). At times I was convinced that I wanted to marry Eric... then Corey grew up and got less annoying and I wanted to marry him too. Never Shawn though-- no, Shawn/Rider Strong is one of the very, very few celebrities who shared my birthday and I was always a bit hostile about that, so he ranked tres low on my list.

I also just noticed that Topanga is not included in this picture-- I say GOOD RIDDANCE to Topanga anyways! She was always on my bad list as well, then once she started dating a member of NSYNC, she was dead to me.

It was Lance Bass, who later came out as being gay, but whatever-- he was A MEMBER OF NYSNC, my most beloved and favorite music group. Plus she had great hair. Man bitterness + hair bitterness = a big ole negative for a girl trying to win over a TV audience.

Nothing like a blast from the past to make you feel old... or remember the lovely days of being a carefree kiddo. We do still have a mandatory stay-in every Friday in which I go to the gym, pick up pizza on my way home, then proceed to have a date while watching Dateline. Traditions can stick around while evolving, yes?

Just a handful of additional updates...

This was me last night:

Oh yes, I had me some Christian chicken for supper. I've mentioned on here once or fifty times before, but the closest Chick-Fil-A is about 40 minutes away (such a tragedy for a girl who had three in my tiny hometown alone), so if we're ever even in the vicinity of this particular mall food court, I wrangle a detour into the trip so I can have my delicious, beloved chicken sandwich. Excuse the hair-- someone insisted on driving with the windows down, so the 75 degree, 90% humidity weather did a number on it and left me with no other option that to stick it in a ponytail and band it back.

Also, we saw this in IMAX:

It was actually really good, minus the whole disease spreading like wild fire across the world. My comments?
1. Wash your hands.
2. Purel the hell out of your hands AFTER you wash your hands.
3. Purel the hell out of your hands before/during/after you touch the poles on a train, elevator buttons, an escalator rail.
4. If you're on public transportation and someone coughs and foams at the mouth, EVACUATE THE PREMISES!
5. Don't touch me. Seriously.

Considering that I am a germaphobe who already has to deal with riding buses and trains everyday while people cough and sneeze all around me, this movie about did me in. But for real-- when you think your hands are clean enough... wash again.

Alright, I'm outtie! We're off to Baltimore for the weekend to visit Mr. Lion--

--updates and pictures once we're back!

Whatta Monday

There's only one thing that can truly sum up how nutty today was:

Yes, my friends. It was a Manic Monday to the most ultimate extreme. I'm talking I was thinking people had taken one too many crazy pills as they kept swooping by my desk. Because I've held this in all day long, let me release my vent-sanity:

1. Do not come to my desk and tell me the copier is broken when the following message is flashing on the machine's screen: TONER LOW. REPLACE MAGENTA TO COMPLETE PRINT JOB. When I tell you hang on a sec so I can finish my thought/email/phone call, don't give me a look that implies your day is a million times more important than mine. I've helped to print a few too many coupons and Fantasy Football packets to know all you little geniuses are 100% about the work the entire time you're at the office. Mhm.

2. When you take the last napkin, throw the bag away. When you eat a banana, throw the PEEL away. When you spill in the microwave, WIPE IT UP.

3. Please take the hint when you stop by and want to have a marathon chat session. 99% of the time I am bright and cheery and positive and want to talk the day away. 1% of the time, I feel moody and would rather hide under my desk with a cheese cup from our food cart and cry while watching Gilmore Girls in yoga pants than have to hear about your home renovations/family BBQs/advice on why I'm not yet engaged. I am a VERY kind person. I will happily tolerate even the most annoying employees most days. Everyone has an off day though, so when I stare at my computer screen and give you brief answers, take this as my silent signal to scoot along for the moment.

4. When I tell you that something isn't necessarily my job but give you every possible detail as to how to assist you in getting something done, do not blame me when you don't plan accordingly and things fall through.

Oh, I could just go on and on, but I'll wrap that up for now because, ya know, we all have the bumpy days.

This weekend I had one of my best runs EV-ER. Lately my runs have either been at the track or on the treadmill. Considering that I hate the treadmill and have gotten to the point at the track where I can't ever mentally get past the fact that 4 miles = SIXTEEN LAPS, I knew it was time to add in a little variation. From our place to a local track is a mile, so I'd thought "Hey, I can run to the track, run two miles, then run back-- a VARIED four miles!"

Enter my extreme paranoia. Brian and I order takeout and watch Dateline every Friday night (we're maniacs, I know) and of course the majority of the episodes focus on a young girl being kidnapped... and worse. We live in a really suburban area, but if I were to run anywhere I'm running on the main roads. This is overwhelmingly terrifying. Main roads = lots of people = OMG someone could GRAB me!

Luckily, Mom and Dad stocked my Christmas stocking this year with my running love in mind:

If you can get past my pale, unmade-up face and the fierce scowl... you'll note my JOGGERS MACE!! I kid you not, once I strapped this baby to my palm, I felt like I was set for what/whomever may come my way!

As I headed out around 6:45 Saturday morning I had every intention of just keeping to my plan and running to the track. Funny how the momentum of running can change your path, though! I decided to keep going and embark on the path I've had mapped out for literally close to a year. And I kicked ASS!

Luckily there are sidewalks along all of the busy roads so I wasn't on an actual road at any point, but I felt like I was legit trail running at some points! The sidewalk got really bumpy and concrete chunks were missing, branches were in my way so I was leaping and diving... I was also running to "Eye of the Tiger" so while I felt so pumped in my head, I might have looked a little ridic to people driving past.

HOLD THE PHONE-- I jut did MapMyRun for the route and... the run that I had convinced myself was only 3.1 miles was FOUR POINT SIX SIX MILES!! Ohh my lands, I run almost 5 miles and had no idea! Perhaps this is my sign to get off of the track and onto the road, if I'm legit underestimating my run so much! That makes so much more sense why my run came in at about 45 minutes. I thought I was just running a realllly painfully slow mile. Woo!

Lastly, I made the best supper tonight. Brian played in a golf tournament with his dad all day so I knew dinner was kind of up to me, so Inside-Out Lasagna it was! It was basically lots of veggies (I added chopped fresh tomatoes and extra mushrooms in addition to the recipe ingredients) with a good pasta and a dab of ricotta mixed in. It was a) delish, and b) perfect for leftovers to take for my lunch the next couple of days! And seriously, it took maybe 15 minutes, from boiling the pasta to plating my food. I did add extra salt and pepper but be careful with the crushed red pepper-- it can easily overpower!

I'm signing off for the night-- Giuliana & Bill, and Tia & Tamera await me on the DVR!

'Til later, my lovelies!!


I've been in a fantastic blog funk lately, so today I am resorting to Pinning my heart out!


Source: hgtv.com via Katie on Pinterest

I love the look of this bookcase for a living room display!

pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream... ay yi yi!

I just ordered orange flats-- I can see this outfit taking shape verrry soon :)

Always looking for ways to display pictures-- I'm trying to downsize on frames to downsize on clutter on shelves, so hanging them could be a perfect solution!


Y'all can relate, right?

My runnin' friends, you get it!!

I need this sweet puppy in my life immediately.

Source: tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest


love, the English major

I need to make this happen, asap.

Perhaps I'll save these up for a Superbowl bash!

Pottery Barn DIY-- yes please!

Have a lovely rest of the week!!

Thoughtful Thursday.

This is the weather in Boston right now:

Am I the only person who feels obligated to climb right back into bed upon seeing buckets of rain falling as a chilly wind blows? For the past two days I just could not shake the sleepiness, which is problematic considering 99% of my job consists of sitting at a desk and looking bright-eyed and cheery. Today, I am failing at the cheer.

Exhibit A:

This would be my "I choose not to fight the humidity and will resort to an all-pulled-back look while snuggling down into my pink fleece, which I refuse to remove today" look. Luckily, it's pretty quiet around here today so slacking off in the fashion department isn't quite so big of a deal.

As for my thoughts...

1. Home. I flew to Texas this past Saturday morning and had the pleasure of being an only child for the weekend with my Mama and Daddy (my brother was stuck working for the holiday but he was missed!.... most of the time). It was WONDERFUL. Every time I fly home there are always a million people to see and things to do. Instead of enjoying my time with everyone, I'm stressed and rushing to fit it all in, which just leaves me sad, to be honest. I miss everyone while I'm in Boston and WANT to see everyone, but I'm trying to work on realizing that sometimes it's just not possible to do it all. Anywho, for this trip we decided to do NOTHING. I paid a much-needed visit to the salon on Saturday for a haircut, then we grilled steaks and drank wine. Sunday we all went to see The Help (thank the Lord I thought to take a BOX of tissues with me) then came right back home, made supper... and drank wine. My flight wasn't until late Monday night, and while there were tears as we said goodbye, I also felt content - it's taken, you know, FOUR YEARS for me to get to a place where I could leave home and fly back to Boston and not feel like my world is ending. While Texas and wherever my family may be will always be home, I've adjusted nicely to living in Boston as well.

2. Fall TV. I am not the type of person who typically gets excited about new TV shows. If something looks good, I watch it; if it's awful, I'm not devastated about never seeing it again. This fall, however... well, the cable gods have lined up the stars and have blessed me with the best. new. show. lineup. EVER. Just to name a few that I'm JUST A LITTLE BIT EXCITED ABOUT...

The 60s... the style... I die.

I literally laugh out loud each time this promo airs... and I don't even have babies yet. Will Arnett is hilarious and I heart Christina Applegate. This looks hilarious!

"I don't understand why women use the "silent treatment" on their man at all. The silent treatment is not a punishment; it's a reward. Want to make them miserable? Keep talking. Talk about your emotions, that you think you look fat, about your period..."


And lastly, my most favorite...

Ever since Zooey Deschanel sang with Will Ferrell in Elf, I have been a big fan. She's just so funny... I'd like her to be my BFF, as well as Sandy Bullock. And Michelle Obama. And Jen Aniston so I can snag some workout tips.

3. FOOTBALL. The glorious fifth season of the year has arrived-- football season, obviously, and I could not be more ready. My "football fabulousness" bookmark folder is overflowing with recipes and party ideas to serve during football togetherness this year! There is a looong list of dips awaiting my preparation, the crockpot is ready for Sunday suppers, and Texas team pride (The Boys and the Horns) is ready to be paraded around...

'Til later, my lovelies!