Stairway to PAIN

Today was one of those days where I was 100% convinced that going to the gym just might do me in if I actually went and got on a machine. My schedule was jam. packed. today and I literally did not stop working until I left at 4:30 to run an office errand on my way out to catch my bus. As in I didn't have time eat until around 3, then finished my pita and hummus on my way home. Crazay day.

My one "trick" is to change into my gym clothes before I leave work so I can go straight to the gym once I drop Brian off. Since I commute so much on public transportation every day, I shower twice regardless-- always in the morning and then after work, whether I went to the gym or not. And I cannot tell my lovelies a lie: on bad days, I have been known to walk in, remove the gym clothes as if they were never there, shower and crawl into my bed for a nap.

So, considering I was in the workout gear today, I made myself go. I also do a little routine with Brian:

K: Ok, tell me I'll feel so good for going once I get there.
B: Go to the gym. You'll feel so much better about yourself.
K: Um... I didn't say that I feel bad about myself, I just asked to remind me that I'll feel good.
B: That's what I said- you'll feel better about how you look.

Hm. Aren't the men-folk just so clever with their words? Boyfriend must be semi-on the ball because it worked. Off to the gym I went, fueled up on a handful of reduced fat Cheez-its and these babies:

My mom mentioned these to me over the weekend and since Brian loves a good cracker in his lunch, I snagged a box. As Mama raved, I wisely said "Ohhh those sound like something you'd need to enforce serious portion control on!" Well, all I can say is that since we're more than halfway thru the box since Sunday, I should practice what I preach.

If you can measure them out into little baggies and not dive face-first into the box, they are just DEE-LISH!

Anywho. The ArcTrainer beckoned me for five minutes, then it was off to the treadmill for a 2 mile/20 minute run, then I almost met my fate on the next machine.

Stairmaster: /ˈsterˌmΓ¦stΙ™r/ a type of exercise equipment consisting of a frame with two pedals that you stand on and push down with your feet so that you move in a way similar to climbing; machine of torture.

After 15 minutes, I was DONE. Finito. Throwin' in my sweaty towel.

As worn out as I was from such an intense workout, as I drove home belting out "Hotel California" with the windows down, I couldn't help but feel that little spark inside of me.

The workout motivation? It is back. It is back and strong and powerful. As much as I didn't want to go, literally the minute I walked out of the door, I felt rejuvenated because I knew what was coming. I've definitely been in a rut lately, between exercising, eating really great and healthy, getting enough sleep, etc.

When you spend an entire year being 100% dedicated to the most ideal and healthy lifestyle, it's hard to come down off of the little high that that can bring you. What I eventually came to realize though was that as much weight as I was losing (and healthily, by the way), I was not entirely content with my lifestyle. There's a fine line between being cautious and aware of being healthy and being OBSESSIVE. I'd crossed the obsessive point.

Which brings me to now. After pretty much a year of exercising off and on, counting calories/journaling meals off and on, caring off and on, I feel like I've reached a point of being able to make conscious decisions to eat wisely and workout consistently without going overboard. I plain ole burnt myself out and needed a little break and time to rebuild from the inside out.

The StairMaster stands in as my self-torture mechanism. By the way, if there is ANYONE out there who hops on the darn thing and a) doesn't appear to be melting from all of the perspiration, b) can breathe and have a conversation while on level 10 of 20, c) doesn't have to pause once or twice because you're convinced the rotating stairs are just going to rotate you right off, then let me know because I have not once worked out on the machine and not been convinced I was surely going to black out and wake up flat on the ground.

But whatevs! I'm working towards buns o' steel on that darn thing and I shall conquer it eventually! I'm off to finish watching The Biggest Loser and then head to bed... because it's 10:30 and I am an old lady.

'Til later, lovelies!

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  1. I didn't know they had BBQ wheat thins!! Maybe that was a good thing... And the stairmaster intimidated the begeebes out of me when I belonged to a gym! Good for you for getting on it!