spring is a-comin'!!

I am in SUCH a good mood this morning!

I woke up at 6:30 and felt like I was ready to get up for the day... so I did. Y'all. I don't know what's going on in my head, cause come Monday morning I'll be kicking myself for not savoring those few extra hours I could have slept, but oh well. I figured that I could go to the early WW meeting at 8 (instead of my regular 9:30), so I got ready, headed out... and ended up being down 2.8 pounds!! So pumped. There was a man weighing in who lost and got a 5 pound sticker... and he was so excited. He turned to the woman next to him and says "Hey! I got a sticker! I lost 5 pounds and got a sticker!" It was pretty cute.

***continued on Sunday because we got busy and left right after I started typing this post yesterday, so I'll just run through yesterday while I finish up the Academy Awards.

This weekend has been SO nice and pretty and semi-warm! It finally really feels like spring is on its way. The sun has been shining, the snow is melting... I love it. I don't think that I realized just how much I was ready for warmer weather and sunny days until I actually got a taste of it these last couple of days. Today we actually reached 60 degrees! I was getting dressed this morning and briefly contemplated flip flops, then realized that might be taking it a bit too far.

I think that tomorrow I'll write a post about what I love most/ what reminds me of spring, just to keep the mood consistent.

I also think I'm going to do my first fashion review for the Oscars. I love watching to see what everyone is wearing and how lovely and put together they look. I'm really anxious to see who wins Best Actress (go Sandy, go!) and Best Picture (The Hurt Locker has our vote, for sure).

Time for bed, thanks to a hefty dose of cough syrup. My cough has been battling me the last few nights and I'm determined to win tonight!

my boy.

I have to dote on my boy for a moment.

I'm on my own for the evening, as he's at a work shin-dig for a coworker who's moving on in the company... to Nebraska. Anywho, tonight was the first night in a LONG TIME that I was on my own-- I cooked for one, made lunches for tomorrow, did a load of laundry, called and chatted with my mama, watched a movie on Lifetime Movie Network... and realized how quiet it is.

The whole idea of personal space kind of dwindled a bit for me after we made the big move in together. Morning, noon and night, we were together. The battles over insignificant issues began: do you NOT see the pile of white clothes that you just piled your black socks on? do you NOT see that convenient hook on the back of the bathroom door for you to hang that wet, soggy towel on? are we lost because that trail of crumbs you just left seem to hint that you're leaving a path from the kitchen... Oh, my friends, it has not been completely easy. We for sure have moments where we both have to hang in different rooms for a breather.

But at the end of the night I know that he's going to be there. After sitting here this evening without him propped up next to me doing his boy stuff... I kinda miss him. Not in that desperate, can't-spend-an-evening-apart kind of way. No, more like... those annoying noises that he makes when he's being a bit off the wall? They're not so bad. The whole monopoly that ESPN and The Discovery Channels have taken over our DVR? I really do look forward to watching the shows with him, despite my protests (I promise the protests are just for show 84% of the time. However, that whole 72-hour NFL Draft Combine fiasco this entire past weekend was an exception).

When it comes down to it, I'm pretty gosh darn lucky. While he may not be the most romantic boy in the world, he's always up and washing dishes as soon as we've finished eating the meals that I've cooked for us. I have a hard time staying awake past 10pm at my ripe old age of 24 and he stays up way later than I do, but I always get a kiss goodnight and an "I love you" (to him-- I hear it/feel it, even when you think I'm asleep. Sometimes I pretend that I'm just a tiny bit more asleep than I am because I heart that little moment so much).

So while the whole sweet-talker kind of guy is the one that I always thought I would end up, it turns out that the honest-to-goodness best thing that you can hear sometimes is "I can stop and pick up Robitussin for you on my way home tonight" after you were up half the night coughing with a cold.

That little offer might have just melted my heart a little bit.

A lucky girl I am, indeed.

the requisite "i've been gone too long" bullet post.

I feel like it's been so long since I've updated that I should just do a bullet-post... so I think I might.

*My slightly significant current devastation is that NOT A SINGLE ONE of my USB ports will recognize ANYTHING that I plug into them. No iPod, no iPhone, no camera... which means no pictures, no new running music, and so on and on. It's been rough, but I think I've reached the point of turning it over to the Geek Squad and letting them have at it.

*I have a job. Is it in publishing/journalism/PR/event planning? Nah. More like administration at Children's Hospital Boston... but I'm a fan so far. Everyone is really nice and the department is super interesting, plus it seems like moving up in the hospital is something they really encourage, which is always good to know. I wouldn't be opposed to working in PR for a hospital, especially one as reputable as Children's. But once the economy's better, publishing would still for sure be my ideal job.

*I graduate Friday, May 7. My parents fly in Thursday, May 6. They, plus my younger brother, plus my aunt, are staying here at our condo. Let the headaches begin. Don't get me wrong... I'm super excited for my whole family to finally get to come to Boston. It may just get a little intense at some times. I have a post or two tumbling around about what we're planning on doing, so I'll have to put that out there soon.

*I am going to start re-training to run several 5 & 10ks, and then another a half-marathin in October... the one that I had to miss last year. I pushed the training way too hard last summer, so slow and steady is the way I'll go this time. I have to get really focused about getting back in the gym consistently. We've been pretty good at getting there at least three times a week, but (before we moved in together) I went 6 or 7 days a week, mainly when I was training. That hardcore these days... I am not. Back into training I go though!

*We saw Shutter Island this weekend and it was really, really good. I also just started reading the book today (yes, even though I know what's going to happen), but Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone) is one of my favorite authors and is truly talented at writing for this little thriller genre... so I'm excited to see how the book compares to the film.

*We also went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, the first time I've been since December 2008 (not that I've been dreaming of it or anything). It was delish times a thousand.

I'm off for now. I'm making Beer-Braised Turkey Kielbasa with egg noodles for supper (mhm Weight Watchers friendly!!) and need to get The Boy in the kitchen. Considering I came home sick from work, I believe I'm just going to direct him through the kitchen.

Later y'all!!