my boy.

I have to dote on my boy for a moment.

I'm on my own for the evening, as he's at a work shin-dig for a coworker who's moving on in the company... to Nebraska. Anywho, tonight was the first night in a LONG TIME that I was on my own-- I cooked for one, made lunches for tomorrow, did a load of laundry, called and chatted with my mama, watched a movie on Lifetime Movie Network... and realized how quiet it is.

The whole idea of personal space kind of dwindled a bit for me after we made the big move in together. Morning, noon and night, we were together. The battles over insignificant issues began: do you NOT see the pile of white clothes that you just piled your black socks on? do you NOT see that convenient hook on the back of the bathroom door for you to hang that wet, soggy towel on? are we lost because that trail of crumbs you just left seem to hint that you're leaving a path from the kitchen... Oh, my friends, it has not been completely easy. We for sure have moments where we both have to hang in different rooms for a breather.

But at the end of the night I know that he's going to be there. After sitting here this evening without him propped up next to me doing his boy stuff... I kinda miss him. Not in that desperate, can't-spend-an-evening-apart kind of way. No, more like... those annoying noises that he makes when he's being a bit off the wall? They're not so bad. The whole monopoly that ESPN and The Discovery Channels have taken over our DVR? I really do look forward to watching the shows with him, despite my protests (I promise the protests are just for show 84% of the time. However, that whole 72-hour NFL Draft Combine fiasco this entire past weekend was an exception).

When it comes down to it, I'm pretty gosh darn lucky. While he may not be the most romantic boy in the world, he's always up and washing dishes as soon as we've finished eating the meals that I've cooked for us. I have a hard time staying awake past 10pm at my ripe old age of 24 and he stays up way later than I do, but I always get a kiss goodnight and an "I love you" (to him-- I hear it/feel it, even when you think I'm asleep. Sometimes I pretend that I'm just a tiny bit more asleep than I am because I heart that little moment so much).

So while the whole sweet-talker kind of guy is the one that I always thought I would end up, it turns out that the honest-to-goodness best thing that you can hear sometimes is "I can stop and pick up Robitussin for you on my way home tonight" after you were up half the night coughing with a cold.

That little offer might have just melted my heart a little bit.

A lucky girl I am, indeed.

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