20 Questions About Me

In order to ease myself back in to blogging, I'm taking the easiest cop-out ever and playing along with the 20 Question Game that I've seen floating around the blogosphere.  I mean, anyone who blogs loves to talk about themselves, and anyone who reads blogs loves to read about other people talking about themselves, so what better way to cover both bases than to share this little gem?

What is your road trip essential snack?
I am most definitely a salty snacker-- Cheez-its, Pringles, Chex Mix (cheddar, please!)... the list could go on and on.

You've been handed two free round-trip tickets...who are you taking and where are you going?
Hm... I would typically say somewhere beachy, like Bali or Bora Bora, but since I'm over this heat, I'm going to go with France.  I want to see it all, from Paris to Provence and everything in between.  And I'd of course be taking the husband on that romantic little jaunt across the world.

What was your high school jam?
NSYNC for sure, and my girls and I spent A LOT of time driving around, belting out "Pieces of Me" and "She Will Be Loved" while snacking on Blizzards from Dairy Queen.  Oh, the days of not having to worry about calories!

Would you rather have a perfect bum, or a flawless face?
 I'm going to go with perfect bum.  I'm lucky in that I've always had really good skin, and I kind of feel like any fine lines and such that may will pop up are just a fact of life.  But I'd kill to have a great yoga booty!

What shows are you ashamed to admit are on your DVR?
My brother came to visit a couple of weeks ago and informed me that I have a questionable taste in TV shows so that should speak volumes about this list.  Right now, I'm loving Don't Be Tardy, DCC: Making the Team, Fixer Upper, Who Do You Think You Are?, Ballers, Flipping Out... love it all.  And I seriously cannot wait for the fall premiere of How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal!!

What's your ringtone? 
Just a standard iPhone tone.

What's on your nightstand?
Chapstick, hand lotion, the AC remote, the television remote, and a couple of books.

Do you have any siblings, and if so, where are you in the birth order?
Yep-- a brother, who's 3 years younger than me.  I'm the oldest in every sense of the word!

What physical quirk were you born with?
I'm not sure if I was born with it, but I have a freckle on the bottom inner rim of my left eye.  I'm also SUPER double jointed in my fingers and toes-- if I give you a thumbs up, the tip of my finger bends back to a 90 degree angle.

Morning person or night owl?
I am most definitely a morning person.  I'm up and going by 5:30am every day, and while I usually crash by 9pm, I feel like I fit so much more into my day.  I get REAL mean if I stay up past my bedtime and am over-tired.

 What would you request for your last supper?
The biggest platter of Mexican food ever.  The works!  Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, rice and beans, unlimited salsa, queso and chips...

Have you ever been hospitalized, and if so, what for?
Never, thank goodness!

How tall are you? Do you wish you were taller, shorter...or are you just right?
5'7".  I've always been fine with my height, so I'd say I'm just right!

Do you prefer to DIY or hire it out?
I love to DIY smaller projects, like painting and such.  But when it comes to electric work or anything having to do with demo, we hire it out for sure.

What do you eat for breakfast?
 I get really tired of the same foods really quickly, so I'm constantly rotating.  Right now it's an egg sandwich, sometimes a breakfast taco.  When I want something light, I love avocado toast, or almond butter toast with a banana.  I never used to eat breakfast and now I look forward to it every day and am FAMISHED if I skip!

What would you do for a living if you didn't need money?
It sounds silly, but my dream is to be a stay-at-home mom and be able to do something I love on the side, both for that extra income and for an outlet from the kid-crazy.  I've always loved the idea of being a party planner, or running my own lifestyle/fashion/food website catering to ALL women.

Finish this sentence: Every room needs....
A comfy place to relax!  A good chair, the bed, the best corner of the couch-- a pretty place to put your feet up makes everyone feel at home.

How frequently do you wash your hair? Do you have any hair secrets or tricks?
Every day!  I know it's not great for it, but my hair can get greasy really quickly, especially in the summer when it's so humid/hot every day.  I wash it every morning, and if I work out in the evenings, I wash it again.  I do switch things up with shampoo/conditioners and try to keep it balanced.  Once a week I use a deep cleansing shampoo and follow that up with a deep conditioner and make sure to let it air dry for a little refresher.  Something else that has definitely made my hair more healthy has been letting it air dry about 70% before I blow dry it in the mornings.  I have some wild cowlicks, so I do have to blow dry at the end to make sure everything falls nicely, but blasting it for 3-4 minutes versus 10 or so has made a world of difference.  And I swear by using a heat protectant spray!

Will you leave the house without makeup?
If I'm having a good skin day, sure, but only to the gym and if I'm running errands super early on a weekend.  Otherwise, I always wear a full face of makeup-- call it the southern girl in me, but I can't help it!  Primer, foundation (although I use a tinted moisturizer most days in the summer), powder, bronzer, blush, full eyes, and a dab of color for lips.  If I wear makeup when I workout, I breakout, so that's my only exception.

You just unloaded your Halloween haul...what candy do you go for first?
Probably the Reese's Cups, and then Kit Kats, 100 Grand, and Skittles.  Dangerous stuff, I tell you!

See ya, summer

Did the end of August sneak up on anyone else?  Perhaps it's due in part to the fact that this was quite the cray-cray summer for me, but I  have no sympathies towards the fact that this season is on its way out the door.  

If you know me, you won't be shocked to hear that I am so NOT a summer person.  The heat, the humidity, the clothes, all of the outside obligations... it just doesn't float my boat.  Never has, very probably never will.  Fall IS MY JAM.  The cooler temps, the leaves changing, football (alleluia, amen!), being able to open the windows in the house and air it all out, riding boots and sweaters, cozy candles, sitting outside with a pumpkin beer and not having to battle mosquitoes, hot coffee in the mornings, and of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

After the winter that Boston had this past year, I was certainly looking forward to the warmer weather, but I think that we tend to block out the reality of summer from September - April.  By the time May rolls around, we've designed the perfect four months ahead of us-- casual days at the beach with nothing more than a book and your chair, happy hour at home around the fire pit, your sassy summer haircut blowing in the breeze as you stroll down the street in the maxi dress that you knew would be just perfect for a hot day.  Reality?  

The beach is inevitably packed, HOT, way more sandy than you remember and the bag that you now carry is packed full of necessities-- sunglasses, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, an enormous towel, and the tote bag itself emblazoned with your monogram #priorities.

The heat and humidity are so suffocating, you can hardly stand to be outside to let the dog out, so you can just forget voluntarily sitting around a BLAZING HOT firepit.  I'll take a beer in front of the AC, please.

That sassy summer cut fell real flat as soon as you stepped outside, and you've hiked the maxi halfway up to your knees because DEAR GOD it's like a sauna in there.

So yes.  I'm over summer.  Bring on fall in all of its glory, y'all!  And to remind you that that sweet season is OH so close, a few of my favorite pretties.