See ya, summer

Did the end of August sneak up on anyone else?  Perhaps it's due in part to the fact that this was quite the cray-cray summer for me, but I  have no sympathies towards the fact that this season is on its way out the door.  

If you know me, you won't be shocked to hear that I am so NOT a summer person.  The heat, the humidity, the clothes, all of the outside obligations... it just doesn't float my boat.  Never has, very probably never will.  Fall IS MY JAM.  The cooler temps, the leaves changing, football (alleluia, amen!), being able to open the windows in the house and air it all out, riding boots and sweaters, cozy candles, sitting outside with a pumpkin beer and not having to battle mosquitoes, hot coffee in the mornings, and of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

After the winter that Boston had this past year, I was certainly looking forward to the warmer weather, but I think that we tend to block out the reality of summer from September - April.  By the time May rolls around, we've designed the perfect four months ahead of us-- casual days at the beach with nothing more than a book and your chair, happy hour at home around the fire pit, your sassy summer haircut blowing in the breeze as you stroll down the street in the maxi dress that you knew would be just perfect for a hot day.  Reality?  

The beach is inevitably packed, HOT, way more sandy than you remember and the bag that you now carry is packed full of necessities-- sunglasses, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, an enormous towel, and the tote bag itself emblazoned with your monogram #priorities.

The heat and humidity are so suffocating, you can hardly stand to be outside to let the dog out, so you can just forget voluntarily sitting around a BLAZING HOT firepit.  I'll take a beer in front of the AC, please.

That sassy summer cut fell real flat as soon as you stepped outside, and you've hiked the maxi halfway up to your knees because DEAR GOD it's like a sauna in there.

So yes.  I'm over summer.  Bring on fall in all of its glory, y'all!  And to remind you that that sweet season is OH so close, a few of my favorite pretties. 


  1. New York in the fall beats all. Bring it on!

  2. Yay for FALL! That black and white striped dress with the cognac boots? Rocked that outfit all last winter! :)