Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding! Bachelorette Weekend!

You know you've had a good first part of your weekend when Sunday consists of waking up, showering, perhaps eating a McDonald's Sausage Biscuit with a Diet Coke and curling up on the couch to watch Bravo TV all day long.  Not that I did that today or anything...

Brian's cousin is getting married in July, and his fiancee and I are good friends and he's basically brothers with his cousin, so we're both in the wedding (yay!).  Both in the wedding = co-bachelor/bachelorette parties this weekend!  They landed at the airport at 9am Friday morning, and while the boys picked the cousin up and headed straight to Atlantic City, the girls picked up the bride-to-be and headed off to do our own thing!

We went to her final dress fitting (obviously I won't be posting pictures but the dress is gorgeous!) and then took the bride to lunch.  After a few errands, we headed back to my apartment where we set up shop at the pool.  It was the most perfect pool day, and since it was just the bridesmaids (the day before the big party), it was the kind of low-key day that was definitely needed.

The bridesmaids at the pool!  And the bride-to-be (center in aviators).

me and bridey!

The next morning we had plans to head to the beach but were greeted with a 60 degree, cloudy, VERY windy day.  We decided not to risk it and headed into Boston early to decorate the suite and just have everyone come and hang out in the room pre-shenanigans.

standard "pin the co*k on the jock"

what's a bachelorette party without snacks and plenty of drinks!?

bridey opening some lingerie

congratulations candice!

the bride and her future sister-in-law

the bridesmaids!

on the way to dinner!

so excited to be a bridesmaid and a part of her big day!

Not documented for the blog are all of the shenanigans that took place post-dinner.  Lots of drinks and dancing, followed by a little pizza delivery to the hotel room at 2am.  Also, when did dancing at a bar become like an exhibition of ladies for the men? There were about 12 of us together so we had our own little dance circle going on, but the guys were lined up around the entire perimeter of the floor, just staring at their... prey?  When the guys got too close to one of the girls, one of us would grab the other and pull her into the group-- definitely the best way to dance (unless boyfriends are there, obviously).

Also, I didn't know a single song that they played that we danced to.  It was still fun to dance, but I for sure felt like the awkward old lady on the dance floor when the big hit songs of the moment came on and everyone went nuts and knew every word... and I just kind of smiled and bobbed along.


The boys are currently driving home from Atlantic City... eight hours.  Considering I heard from Brian at 4:45 this morning saying he was heading to bed... I am NOT envying their car ride home today.  I also have to get it together enough to show up for a BBQ for Brian's family's Father's Day... thing.

On that note, Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful, amazing, supportive Daddy that I could ever even imagine having.  Through all of my ups and downs, my good decisions and bad, from living at home to moving across the country to Boston, he has been right there by my side, encouraging me through it all, knowing that as much as he wants to always protect me and keep me right by his side, that the best thing that he could do was to let me make my own decisions, grow up and become my own adult.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be the person that I am today without the support of my Dad.  He's the hardest working person that I know and he's been through so much these last few years with his leg injury.  I admire him so much for working so tirelessly for our family, for always doing whatever he had to do for our family.  He is my hero and I hope that he knows that every single day.