Wedding Wednesday!!

Oh, Wedding Wednesday, how I've neglected you so.  I have to say, I honestly don't even feel bad about it.  Things have been busy, life has been crazy, and I think I hit a little bit of a rut in the whole wedding planning deal.  Is that normal?  For anyone out there who's already been through this, is it normal to hit a point where planning the wedding is kind of "meh," and you really just want to do the whole "get married and be married" part?  I think that's where I am, and... I hope that's normal? 

We've booked all of our vendors so I just need to finalize the little details, and that's a whole lot more overwhelming than I thought it would be.  I would say "I have no idea why it's so hard to make a simple decision and just move on," but I do.  It's so hard because I am the most annoyingly detail-oriented person that I know, to the point of being obnoxiously frustrating.  I know that.  I know it, I own it, and I hate it a little bit.  So many things would just be done already if I could pull the trigger on about 32 decisions.  We aren't working with a planner, because I always thought "Well, I've mentally planned my wedding for years-- now's my time to execute!" but I'm struggling with making all of the little parts come together and work cohesively.  There isn't a "theme" to our wedding, but it's important to us that the big day is clearly about "Katie and Brian" when people come in and see all of the details.  Thinking back on weddings that we've attended in the past, it's the little personal touches that stick out to me, so it's super important to me to incorporate as much of that as possible.

This is the current issue driving me crazy-- I would like to have one specific detail as a part of our wedding paper that ties everything together, from invitations and menus to signage and cocktail napkins (a girl's gotta have some surprises, so no more info than that!).  That would mean that a lot of the paper products would have to be ordered together, and I'm planning to do a lot of the paper DIY (excluding invitations because PLEASE), so I have no idea how to go about that.  Do I order invitations separately?  Do I try to find a vendor whom I can order everything through, so it's all coordinated (but expensive)?  There have been end-of-my-rope days when I thought "You know what?  I'm creating signs in Paint and emailing invitations-- done and done."  Oy.  At the end of the day, I keep thinking back to what wise, married ladies keep telling me-- the details can and will drive you crazy, but at the end of the day, the wedding is ONE day and your marriage is forever.  I know that, but sometimes it's nice to have a reality check with yourself and refresh!  Again-- I know that this is my little brain just complicating easy decisions, but I needed to vent and so... vent I did!

Now, on to lighter fare for this Wedding Wednesday, yes?  What do I have for my darlings today?  Save the Dates and cake forks!

When it came time to choose our save the dates, we had a general idea of what we wanted: simple, something fun and potentially relating to our wedding colors, something that represented both of our home states, and no picture.  I had always thought that I wanted a picture Save the Date but Brian kept saying "Imagine our faces on all of these refrigerators for the next 9 months," and he managed to creep me out so we agreed-- no picture.  I headed straight to Etsy and after combing through page after page of potential options, we found a shop, Feathered Heart Prints Stationery & Design that looked like the owner, Emily, could create exactly what we were looking for.  God bless her, after I don't know how many emails back and forth to fine tune everything from colors to font to positioning of words, we finally gave the OK to send them off to the printer, and this was the final result!

They couldn't be more perfect to us.  Emily was wonderful and allowed us to customize every single detail, right down to the perfect shade of pink (and believe me, I tried them all).  Both of our states are represented, as well as (what we hoped) is a fun vibe, versus something more formal, since we know that our invites will be on the more formal side.  I love them and can't help but grin when I walk past ours hanging on the fridge.  And so many of our family and friends have told us that they absolutely loved them, which means so much when you've spent so much time figuring out the fine little details, like placing the hearts exactly on the areas of the state where we're both from (again-- my own brand of crazy).

While I can't manage to make decisions on the things that really matter, I can definitely hit "Process Order" when it comes to the little things... like cake forks!  I love the idea of using various things on our wedding day that we'll be able to pull out over the years and reuse, so when I came across the idea of stamped forks on a few wedding blogs, I decided I needed to have them, pronto.  Off to Etsy I went (bless my credit card...), and I came across the jessicaNdesigns shop and was immediately hooked.  Her work is unique and classic but fun, and I debated between a few of the sayings on the fork before deciding on these:

The picture isn't great, but they have "mr." and "mrs." stamped on the top of each, and then the wedding date stamped on the bottom!  I swooned hard over these and am so glad I made the purchase.  

Next up on Wedding Wednesday?  We'll be right at 6 MONTHS OUT from the wedding, so I think I'll share with you the crazy list that I've been working off of to keep my sanity.  I'm marking things off like crazy, which is good, but as I mentioned above there are definitely  a few "to be done pronto" items that I'd like to say good riddance to, and fast!

Happy halfway-to-Friday!!

five on friday

Dare I say that I'm enjoying this new routine of waking up early on Friday to ENJOY my cup of coffee while I get ready and write my blog for the day?  I may or may not (I did) set my alarm half an hour early so I could be ahead of the game.  There's just something to be said about a morning where you can enjoy your time instead of rushing around to get yourself together and out the door to work!  

Most excitingly, I have to share that one of my best and oldest friends, my sweet Keegan, and her husband welcomed their first baby on Monday!!  Landon Evan, 8lbs, 6oz-- his daddy is a football coach, so I'm pretty sure he's imagining a little quarterback in the making!  Such a sweet little chunk-- I absolutely cannot wait to meet him when I'm home for my Texas bridal shower in June!

Since I can't be near Keegan to bring suppers and offer to watch the baby while she sleeps/showers/has a minute to herself, I've been searching for the perfect little gifts to send to her in a care package.  If I lived closer and these actually made sense to use, you can bet that these little letterpress beauties from IOU Letterpress would be on their way to me right now!  Kind of hard to read, but just an example of what some of them read: leave me with a bottle and take the night off- I'll BABYSIT.  you will under no circumstances eat ramen noodles- I'll COOK.  don't even think about washing that adorable pile of dirty onesies- I'll do the  LAUNDRY.  Seriously-- swoonworthy!

Still trucking away at the whole "sweating for the wedding" plan.  Some days it's awesome, some days it just feels like a novel idea that one should entertain at some point far away while one sits on the couch with a glass of wine watching Million Dollar Listing.  I have to admit, THAT person is a lot less present these days.  Call me crazy, but I think not drinking wine for 40 days kicked the "habit" of drinking that I had fallen in to.  And I so had-- I love enjoying a glass of wine while I cook, while I get ready for nights out... but I had also started having a glass too often during the week just because, and the calories were definitely adding up.  Brian/the Easter Bunny did indeed come through and put a bottle of red in my Easter basket this week, and I haven't finished 3/4 of the bottle yet-- that's big, y'all.  HUGE.  Adding to that, I've also committed to running 500 miles before the wedding, and completing 50 Spin classes.  That averages out to around 12 miles per week (totally doable) and 2-3 Spin classes per week, which is nice because my gym spaces classes out-- Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, so I have options to switch things up.  I went back to Spin for the first time in a while last night and I swear, it never fails to remind me how much more of a workout it is than just standard cardio.  

I don't think that I've mentioned anything here yet, but we're house hunting.  Why not add THAT stressor to the process of planning a wedding, right?  It's been tricky, because I feel like we're pre-approved for a great amount for two people our age.  Unfortunately, that great amount is peanuts in the area that we live in (South Shore area, MA, so basically the towns where lots of the Boston business folk commute to work from).  We've only seriously been looking for the past month, but there is just NOTHING on the market right now, and it's so frustrating!  When great houses do come on, they're gone within a day or two and go for way over asking price.  We have a little time to be flexible, but our lease is up at the end of May, so we'll have to renew for month-to-month if we haven't found something by then, and I really do not want to have to fall back on that option.  I know the perfect starter home is out there somewhere-- we just haven't found it yet!  Let me just say that real-life house hunting is nothing like House Hunters.  I keep waiting to walk into an older home and be blown away by the detail and architecture, but I'm really just blown away by the bad decorating taste of current owners and the smell of someone else's house.  Here's hoping things look up soon?

I'll leave y'all today with this little gem, mainly because I just cannot stop watching it.  How great is this little boy's reaction!  A gem, a GEM, I tell you!

Happy weekend!!

five on friday

For whatever unknown reason, I woke up at 5:25 this morning and could not fall back asleep.  What does one do in this situation?  Take a luxuriously-long-for-a-weekday shower, enjoy a ginormous cup of coffee with my favorite creamer, and catch up on last week's Scandal.  I have to say, this is a lovely way to start my Friday.  Now for Five on Friday!

Once warmer weather hits, I get a major hankering for country music.  Blame it on my Texas roots, but I have no shame in my country-loving game.  And Texas Country?  That's about as good as it gets.  Recently, Brian and I were browsing through upcoming concerts at smaller venues in Boston and came across none other than Mr. Pat Green!  As of 7pm tonight, I plan to be enjoying beers in my boots at the House of Blues while singing along and thinking of home, sweet home!

In honor of the country concert and also just because, I made these babies mine this week... and I am a woman obsessed!  Loving.  Them.

I gave up wine for Lent and, Lordy mercy, was that brave to do in the midst of all of this wedding planning.  There have been one or forty nights where I wanted a glass of wine REAL bad but I stuck to my guns and sacrificed.  Let me just say that Brian has been instructed to give me an Easter basket heavy on wine, light on chocolate.

Now that we're a little less than seven months out from the wedding, I'm kicking it majorly into high gear to get my buns in shape not only for my dress, but for spending a week on a beach on our honeymoon!  Gwyneth bugs me a bit at times, but girlfriend has some delish recipes AND a body like no other.  She also doesn't lie and act like she got the body by running around after her kiddos-- hard work, as much as it stinks, does a body good!  Wedding body here I come.

This is just such a lovely way to close, and to head into this Easter weekend.  Have a blessed time with your families, friends, pets... whomever you choose to spend the time with, and celebrating however you may wish to celebrate.  I'll be at Mass with Brian at the church where we'll be married, then Easter lunch with his parents, and will be at my Mama and Daddy's table in my heart.  

to gym or not to gym...

current internal dialogue

lazy katie: maybe i shouldn't go to the gym today.  i mean it was a looong day.  i'm pretty tired.  those shows on my dvr aren't going to watch themselves!  
bridey katie: those shows aren't going anywhere, hence the dvr-- go to the gym.
lk: but my makeup looks really good today.
bk: you're going home to your couch-- go to the gym.
lk: but my hair!  look how my hair is laying really perfectly and it's keep it's poof all day.
bk: you'll put it in a ponytail by the time you walk in your door-- go to the gym.
lk: but my face doesn't look that round today.  and i think my pants might just be--
bk: you may keep your nicely done makeup and working-with-you hair while also keeping your body that needs to look fabulous in a wedding dress and is currently in a state of disarray.  kindly get your round face (and ass) to the gym.
lk: gah, you suck.  i'm going, i'm going.

off to the arc trainer i go.  bridey katie sure is a feisty bitch...