to gym or not to gym...

current internal dialogue

lazy katie: maybe i shouldn't go to the gym today.  i mean it was a looong day.  i'm pretty tired.  those shows on my dvr aren't going to watch themselves!  
bridey katie: those shows aren't going anywhere, hence the dvr-- go to the gym.
lk: but my makeup looks really good today.
bk: you're going home to your couch-- go to the gym.
lk: but my hair!  look how my hair is laying really perfectly and it's keep it's poof all day.
bk: you'll put it in a ponytail by the time you walk in your door-- go to the gym.
lk: but my face doesn't look that round today.  and i think my pants might just be--
bk: you may keep your nicely done makeup and working-with-you hair while also keeping your body that needs to look fabulous in a wedding dress and is currently in a state of disarray.  kindly get your round face (and ass) to the gym.
lk: gah, you suck.  i'm going, i'm going.

off to the arc trainer i go.  bridey katie sure is a feisty bitch...

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