Wedding Wednesday: The Website!

I know, I know-- I promised you a Save the Date post today, but I fell a leeeetle behind/nearly lost it trying to get them all addressed over the weekend, so 98% of them just went out yesterday and I can't share quite yet.  And I know, I KNOW-- "Does she really think that we care that much about the save the date?  Better yet, if it's actually a surprise?" 

Listen.  I never thought that I would be the girl who spends hours upon hours fine-tuning the damn cards to the most perfect design and colors, and then plays very hush-hush for weeks so that nobody, not even my mother, can see the end result because I am so dead-set on the first time people seeing it being when they pull it out of their mailbox.  But I am.  And I have done all of those things for the last month.  

Pre-engagement, I also never thought that I would obnoxiously take pictures like this: 

BUT I DID.  Oh, yes I did.  I stood in the post office for half an hour yesterday and stuck the pretty little "Love Forever" stamps on each of my precious envelopes, and then I plopped my ring-donned hand on top of the stack because WEDDING MAIL!  LOOK WHAT I HAVE COMPLETED! and I took a picture, which I immediately posted to Instagram.  And when I walked over to hand over that stack of precious paper, after checking names and addresses approximately 53 times, I couldn't quite let go.  I mean... I set them on the counter, with my hands lovingly gripped around the stack, and smiled at the post office worker.  

"These are my save the dates.  For my wedding."
"... okay?"
"Yep, I just need to mail them.  To send them off!"
"... okay?  Can you... give them to me?"
"Oh sure.  Just... ju--" 

The woman took them from my hands and plopped them into the "send away to their recipients" box before I could finish (thank God).  And I felt slightly dizzy.  As I walked back to the car, I resolved myself to the fact that I have borderline become one of THOSE Brides.  And I'm totally okay with that.  I also give any of my friends to give me a swift kick in the ass back to reality, should this whole bride-y wedding thing go to my head.

This whole addressing of the save the dates brought to mind an entirely additional level of panic-- the invitations.  There was a moment on Friday night around 11:30pm (which is a) past my bedtime, and b) not a time of day when anyone should still be doing anything wedding-related but HELLO late 20s exciting Friday night) when I nearly lost my shit.  And by nearly, I mean I did.  I was surrounded by piles of semi-completed envelopes and my hand was starting to cramp.  I'm sure a glass of vino would have soothed all of the issues, but NO WINE FOR LENT, so I trooped on, determined to finish them all before bed so that I could mail them on Saturday.  

As I'm writing away, I hear The Fiance with Bad Handwriting, who had been completely silent for the last half hour, pipe up with "That's crooked."  I cannot recall but believe that I gave him a look that could be interpreted as "What the ever-loving fuck did you just say?"  He then continued to point out how the lines were starting to slope up (sonofabitch they were, indeed) but the more he pointed out my errors, the more angry/frustrated/exhausted I became.  I believe the final straw was "Well, I didn't ask you to write them like that" and I might have whipped an envelope in his general direction.  Not at his face or anything... but like the couch cushion next to him.  He luckily realized that he had crossed my final remaining line, and apologized, and I apologized, and we agreed for me to call it a night on the addresses.  However, you know it's time to check yo self when the first thing that your fiance says to you the next morning is "Do you remember how beyond bitchy you were acting last night?"  He never has and never would call me a bitch, but calling me out on being bitchy?  Totally allowed.  And called for.  The rest of the weekend he joked about potential envelopes flying at his head-- let us pray that The Man with the Handwriting of a Third Grader does not call me out on my handwriting when it comes time for The Big Enchiladas.

That brings me to our website.  I've worked for a loooong time on our website, and am pretty proud of the final result.  I think the hardest part was finishing a million other tiny pieces before we could make the website "public," and we knew that the website had to be ready before Save the Dates could go out, since our website address is on the Save the Date.  Like finishing The Registries That Nearly Killed Us, and procuring decent photos of each of his groomsmen.  I'm loving the end result though, and would love to share it with y'all!  Perhaps I'm too open, but it's not like anyone out there can't just search the internet and find it anyways, so why not share it with you lovely ladies?

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