Catchy-Knee Syndrome

The 5k plan is still in motion.

On a slightly sad note, immediately after hitting "submit" yesterday to pay my registration fees, I took the stairs to run an errand and something catchy happened with my knee. And I don't mean catchy as in fancy... I mean catchy as in uh-oh.

Needing the activity points yesterday, I still went to the gym but did 40 minutes on the non-impact arc trainer, rather than trying to run at all, and it was still sore last night. I RICEd it, but it's sore this morning, so I'm a little antsy. Brian suggested I take today off and just let it rest tonight, which I'm going to do, and then try an easy jog tomorrow morning. It feels like it's just from strain, since I never felt anything actually pop or noticeably catch when I last ran really hard. Regardless, I will BE at that 5k Saturday morning.

(sidenote: I really feel like I'm finally getting to a point of great physical fitness, as awfully corny as that sounds. Air-skiing away at Level 5 last night, I realized that I was definitely getting a great workout, but I felt like I could just keep going and going. I run more easily and for longer periods of time; I no longer get winded taking stairs or take forever to walk distances outside. My entire adult life has been spent not feeling 100% in my body and with my physical ability, but I finally FINALLY feel like if I were to be presented with a challenge, I would be able to give my entire all and accomplish as much as possible. And that, my friends, is a darn good feeling.)

Full of all kinds of running inspiration, I will also be running the Tufts Health Plan 10k for Women on Monday, October 11. Woohoo for determination, right?

Aside from all of the catchy knee drama, last night was pretty uneventful. The Boy and I ate leftover steak from our dinner out on Monday, and I threw together a garlic parmesan orzo dish that I found online, as a side. I have to admit, after I made all of the healthy modifications, it just wasn't that great. My southern girl told me that there are indeed some dishes that just need all of that butter and cheese and cream to garner the melt-in-your-mouth reaction that you might be expecting. We then watched America's Got Talent, which I've never been a big fan of, and I was out like a light at 10:30pm. An exciting life I lead, indeed.

I've now spent the afternoon at work doing not much of anything, other than freezing my toes off, eating my afternoon snacks for a lunch appetizer, and catching up on online sales and blog reading. My job is just not exciting today, and that makes the day go by oh-so-slowly.

Speaking of work, do you ever have those days where you just want to say, "As a matter of fact, I really DON'T have a minute to do that for you, and I DO mind if you borrow my pen, and I DON'T have ten minutes to listen to your drama!"

That's me today.

I've kept a smile on my face to mask the snarl underneath, and have just nodded and acknowledged and politely spoken to everyone that's walked by. I really would like to be under my covers at home with an enormous burrito and queso and a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, with Lifetime movies playing as I nap the afternoon away. And yes, if any ladies out there were to guess the root of my moodiness, I'm almost positive you'd guess correctly. Brian has been given the heads up and will attempt to brave the storm of my emotions tonight.

Dinner is scheduled to be Southwest Skillet Macaroni and Cheese with a salad, so if all goes well, I'm planning on taking pictures as I cook and posting the recipe. It's a healthy favorite, one in which Brian almost can't even tell it's made with ground turkey and not beef, and it's been awhile since we've had it, so after a day like today, I'm looking forward to the comfort food.

Completely off topic, but as my final note, I ordered my coffee this morning with blueberry, skim milk and two Splenda, but they forgot the blueberry. When I took my first sip, I immediately thought of my MawMaw and the way her coffee used to taste. She'd always make me a tiny cup when I stayed over and pretty much drown the caffeine away with milk and sugar. I don't know what about today's mix sparked that memory of that taste, but it was certainly a nice way to start my morning.

Have a fabulous, kind, snarl-free rest of the day, y'all!


  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! Boston is great! I bet you were surprised to see the title of my post. We live in such a small world. Good luck on the 5K!


  2. OK, so I may have commented twice. I think I said about the same thing in both comments. Either I made and error on my first comment or I failed to read below..."your comment will be visible after approval". Sorry!