I'm a runner? Seriously?

Y'all, I have lost my mind and registered for my first 5k.

Like 2 minutes ago.

I'm kind of freaking out... because that kind of makes me a runner. Right?

I've never been a runner and I'm pretty sure I've talked about that fact on this blog before. Running was necessary if being chased or under similar extreme circumstances. However, since I began the whole get healthy/get fit campaign, I've come to realize that running is my mind's (and my thighs') best friend. It clears my mind, makes me feel strong and healthy, and it's motivating-- if I get out there and run, there's no way I'm going to want to unwisely make food choices that night. Plus, it completely knocks me out for the night (a positive for grandma over here).

While there are definitely days when the last thing I want to do is force my body to move lap after lap around a track, there are also days when I don't even think twice about my new activity. As a matter of fact, one of the weekends that Brian was away, I realized I was hitting that kind of lonely point where I'd run all of my errands but it wasn't time for my evening plans yet, so where I would have previously lounged and made myself watch a pathetic-yet-captivating Lifetime movie... I laced up my sneakers and hit the road. Seriously. At like 5pm on a Saturday. While I had sorely underestimated the insane heat and humidity that day, I couldn't help but smile at myself as I gasped around the track-- I willing, voluntarily, JUST FOR FUN had gone on a run. That's new, my friends.

This time four days from now, I will be running the scenic beach route through Brian's hometown, hopefully feeling as empowered and as strong as I have the last few times I've gone on my runs. My current greatest fear is that I'll get passed and left in the dust, being the last person to finish. Brian tried to encourage me this morning. It didn't really work.

Him: You definitely won't be last-- it's a race/walk.
Me: Um yea, the walk begins at 9, the race begins at 10. It's all runners... RACING against each other.
Him: Oh. *silence*

He has good intentions.

So wish me luck, come 10am Eastern Standard Time on Saturday morning. Considering this is my first race ever, my goal is to simply run the whole darn thing, so there will be no efforts to set a record time or any fun stuff like that. My future running career is kind of dependent on how this little 5k goes. If I love the adrenaline rush and excitement that comes from running a race (which I'm so hoping I do), this could be the beginning of an even more beautiful friendship with running. If I hate it and curse myself from the get-go, well... Well I don't really know what I'll do because I'm not planning on that.

Brian's been assigned the job of being my personal race photographer, so there will be photographic evidence that I made it to and completed the race.

Wish me luck, friends!


  1. Good luck with your first 5K! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! We love Boston! I bet it was funny to see the title of my post! It's such a small world! I look forward to keeping up with you!


  2. Good luck! I hope that I can get to that point. I have my days where I can exercise for fun, but I get shin splints, and I'm blaming my slow start to running on them.