is it really only wednesday?

It's been a semi-nutty week.

Between the two of us, I feel like Brian and I have been going non-stop all month. Three weekends ago, Brian had a golf tournament; the following weekend he had a tee-time with friends, the next weekend he went to NYC to visit his roommates from Colgate, and this past weekend I treated myself to a weekend home to Texas to see the family for my Aunt Linda's 60th birthday party. And when I say weekend, I mean I worked all day Friday, flew out at 5pm, landed at 11:30 in Austin, flew out Sunday at 4:45, landed in Boston at 1:40am, and woke up for work at 5:30am Monday morning.

Y'all. I am STILL recovering. Two mornings this week, I've turned my alarm off, which resulted in me sitting straight up in bed to the sight of the clock glaring "6:30" in bright red (I'm usually dressed with my hair and makeup done, in the kitchen making lunches by 6:30, so this was traumatic).

Between running every which way on the weekends and working all day/working out/playing housegirlfriend during the week, we're lucky if we can stay awake past 11. So, needless to say, blogging was the first "extra" to fall behind.

Since it really stresses me out to think about blogging about all of the things that have already happened to me, I'm just gonna make a big list about things that are coming up/on my mind. And then we'll be all caught up, right? Right.

*This Friday, August 6th, is our three year anniversary. Holy moly, between the long distance and my moods and emotions, I don't know how we made it this far, but we're here, happy and healthy and still just as in love as the day we met... which is obviously a good thing.

*A group of coworkers and I are doing a Walking Challenge at work. This means we have to each wear a pedometer every day and log our steps walked every morning. While it's been something else trying to remember this darn thing, it's been an even bigger issue to figure out where to discretely clip the pedometer. Not to share TMI, but the last two days my pedometer has been clipped to the hip of my undergarments, as I've worn either dresses or skirts and that's just the only non-awkward place it can reside. What happens if I clip it anywhere else? I get "It looks like you have a growth on your hip" from The Boyfriend. Got it. Point well-taken.

*I've convinced The Boy that we are well-deserving of a weekend getaway. Even though this weekend is our anniversary, we have other commitments that we have to work in, so we don't get to fully celebrate our day, and I have to say that if there's one day for a couple to celebrate, it's your anniversary. Anyways, we're busy this weekend, have a wedding to attend next weekend, and head to Texas for a weekend September 9-14, so I was bound and determined to fit in a getaway on one of the last two weekends in August. I spent all. day. trying to find somewhere for us to stay on Cape Cod, and it's either completely booked or so. expensive. I have no idea what we'll end up doing, but I'm bound and determined to get us outta here for a weekend. Updates to follow.

*I'm getting back into the swing of running, as I got really quite comfortable NOT running there for about a week. But I headed to the track today, in all the glory of the heat and humidity, and knocked out 3 miles, which felt really good. My plan is to run the rest of the week and then start a training program on Monday-- woohoo, sort of, for that.

*I have a whole big post in the works about my trip home, including pictures, but since my computer can't upload pictures... I can't post them on the blog. I'll sneak Brian's computer one night and get it all finished up and posted, promise.

*I'm not gonna lie-- I used 4 of my activity points that I earned today to have two small glasses of white wine... and boy, did I need it.

That's all for now, my dears. Brian had softball tonight and just got home, so I'm off to have a late dinner with him. Loves!

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