five on friday

For whatever unknown reason, I woke up at 5:25 this morning and could not fall back asleep.  What does one do in this situation?  Take a luxuriously-long-for-a-weekday shower, enjoy a ginormous cup of coffee with my favorite creamer, and catch up on last week's Scandal.  I have to say, this is a lovely way to start my Friday.  Now for Five on Friday!

Once warmer weather hits, I get a major hankering for country music.  Blame it on my Texas roots, but I have no shame in my country-loving game.  And Texas Country?  That's about as good as it gets.  Recently, Brian and I were browsing through upcoming concerts at smaller venues in Boston and came across none other than Mr. Pat Green!  As of 7pm tonight, I plan to be enjoying beers in my boots at the House of Blues while singing along and thinking of home, sweet home!

In honor of the country concert and also just because, I made these babies mine this week... and I am a woman obsessed!  Loving.  Them.

I gave up wine for Lent and, Lordy mercy, was that brave to do in the midst of all of this wedding planning.  There have been one or forty nights where I wanted a glass of wine REAL bad but I stuck to my guns and sacrificed.  Let me just say that Brian has been instructed to give me an Easter basket heavy on wine, light on chocolate.

Now that we're a little less than seven months out from the wedding, I'm kicking it majorly into high gear to get my buns in shape not only for my dress, but for spending a week on a beach on our honeymoon!  Gwyneth bugs me a bit at times, but girlfriend has some delish recipes AND a body like no other.  She also doesn't lie and act like she got the body by running around after her kiddos-- hard work, as much as it stinks, does a body good!  Wedding body here I come.

This is just such a lovely way to close, and to head into this Easter weekend.  Have a blessed time with your families, friends, pets... whomever you choose to spend the time with, and celebrating however you may wish to celebrate.  I'll be at Mass with Brian at the church where we'll be married, then Easter lunch with his parents, and will be at my Mama and Daddy's table in my heart.  


  1. I kinda love when I wake up extra early and have a gloriously long relaxed morning. Also, I dislike Gwyneth lately but I do like that she's honest about working out and eating. and those boots are gorg! I think I used to have a pair just like them, but sold them cause I never wore them :) have a fab weekend!

  2. You gave up wine for lent?

    You brave soul!

  3. You nailed it - hard work does a body good. I didn't diet before my wedding, but I was consistently smart about working out and nourshing myself.

    (And then a month before, I increased 1 Soul class per week to 2 classes per week. And 10 days before I stopped eating cheese and bread. I WAS SO FREAKING HUNGRY but those pictures will last a lifetime!)

  4. I love everything about this post! (except how the heck did you wake up that early AND function?) hahaha :)

  5. Those cowboy boots are awesome!! I have a pair I got years ago--they're still holding up!