Let me cut to the chase-- shall we PIN?


I have a bookcase that desperately needs an update, so I just about fell over when I came across this! The design possibilities are ENDLESS. love.

three words: salted. caramel. cupcake.
Your snug pants can thank me now :)

Can I go ahead and just fast forward time a few years to when I have babies with teeny tiny toes that can fit in these? I die.

Source: google.com via Katie on Pinterest

This is how I feel after most runs--
it's a miracle that I finished at all, but goodness does it feel good when I do!

I love that I'm Southern.

A cheese cake for a shower/party. Seriously? I'm in!

Hope y'all have a lovely rest of the day! Wednesday-- halfway through the week, woo!


  1. my pants are already snug! the button will probably pop off my pants with those yummy cupcakes!!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  2. !I'm in love with that book case! Seriously!