time to refuel.

Do you ever feel like you've just been in a big slump? When it feels/seems like absolutely nothing is flowing the way it should be? If you haven't, I commend you-- won't you please tell me your secret solutions to avoiding this?

I personally have been known to get in a funk and milk it for all it's worth.

I use it as an excuse to act unkindly to the people closest to me:
Why does frustration seem to release so easy onto those who know us best? If I'm having a bad day, the boyfriend or my Mama and Daddy are most likely going to get the brunt of my attitude (bless them).
"So what if I'm in a bad mood. It's just one of those days, so get off my back."
(And yes, I did just cringe typing that because I know for a fact that I've uttered those words.)

I use it as an excuse to be unhealthy:
I'm not in the mood for the gym today. People just annoy me and I feel fat in my gym clothes and my shoes are too tight and my shins kind of hurt. Since I'm not going to the gym, I have time to make something really good for dinner... Creamy pasta? Tacos? Anything that goes well with a mashed potato? In the meantime, I'll snag a cheese cup and bag of Fritos from the cart on my way to the bus... BAD DAY FIXED!
(And yes, even after all of my ventures and successes with living a healthy lifestyle, I still have moments where I revert back to food being my comfort. I don't like it, and I stop it asap, but it happens.)

I use it as an excuse to not put as much effort into my appearance:
Now y'all, don't interpret that to an extreme-- I am a TEXAN, after all. While I shower every single morning, wash/dry/straighten my hair, and put on makeup, there are days when I just don't care as much- the hair goes into a poofy bun and my outfits are not all that hot (not that I'd dress hot to go to my office job, but there are days I'm scrapin' the bottom of the barrel for outfit choices).

Rather than hem and haw and continue to hold a death grip on my mood, I'm opting to find solutions to pull me out of it. Genius, right?

I need to make more of an effort with my boy, family, and friends. When a certain male someone kicks his dirty clothes to rest directly next to the laundry hamper, take a deep breath and count to five before freaking out. Would I want to be nagged constantly about little things like that? Obviously not. Once that rage of internal aggravation passes and I no longer see red, the moment has passed and the shirt on the ground is no longer a big deal. I will keep repeating this little mantra.

When the mom and dad call, even if I don't feel like being chatty, I will pick up the phone and talk. I live too far away from them to miss a chance to catch up and chit chat. Most of the time, these little chats can pick my spirits up all on their own.

This is already improving. Yesterday, after being pumped for Spin class all day, I tried to convince myself I was too tired, too sore, I was way too early for the class... and so on. I ended up running two miles and then taking the 50 minute Spin class afterwards. It is AMAZING how fab a good workout can make you feel. Brian was waiting for me when I came out and, as exhausted as I was, the first thing I said was "I have MISSED that-- it felt so good to be back!"

And it did.

I love Spin but I tend to put all of my other priorities ahead of making the classes- no more, my friends! My mind is getting back to the place that it used to be, where if I'm going to continue to be successful, I have to have my entire being 100% involved in the whole process. That doesn't mean obsessing- it means being aware. I tend to get angry when I realize that, thinking "Why don't skinny people have to care so much? Why do they just get to eat what they want, skip the gym when they want, etc.?"

Right about then it clicks that losing weight and staying in shape is HARD. If it were a walk in the park to follow a great diet and be perfectly physically fit all of the time, a lot more people would be taking the stroll. But it's not a walk in the park. It's a 6 mile run in the rain; a half hour spent climbing to nowhere on the Stairmaster; staring at yourself in the mirror as you pedal your legs off and climb invisible mountains on a Spin bike. It's making the effort while out to be particular about how your food is prepared; taking the time to measure and weigh, as annoying as it might be; it's learning about the differences in foods that fuel you, versus foods that are just empty calories.

As frustrating as this can all be at times, the end results are SO worth it. On grumpy days, I can lose sight of that, but I've finally realized that I'm the one in control. Scary, yet true. So today, instead of snagging a bag of chips to buffer my mood, I'm going to buck up and remind myself that while I'm going out tonight to enjoy Mexican food with Caitlin, I'm going to be right back at the gym tomorrow. It is all about the balance, my lovelies.

And these, because they're totally one of my material goals:

lululemon groove pants

Confession: I hate spending money on clothes that I can't wear to both work and in my real life. I try to buy tops that are versatile, cardigans that can be taken from the office to a weekend date, skirts and sweater dresses that are cute anywhere, etc. Pants? Hate them. I am never going to wake up on a Saturday and think "Ooh, I can't wait to pull on my dressy black pants today!"

And so I'm resolving to spend a little money on new clothes. I'm shopping the Ann Taylor Loft sale like it's my J-O-B. Here are some of my favs (I had to Pin them and then embed them because the Loft site won't let you save pics):

Source: loft.com via Katie on Pinterest

i have tons of fall-ish tops that would go great with chocolate-colored pants

Source: loft.com via Katie on Pinterest

wide leg pants - love

Source: loft.com via Katie on Pinterest

love for under cardis at work

Source: loft.com via Katie on Pinterest

the color is perfect!

Source: loft.com via Katie on Pinterest

a good cardi can turn any outfit around.

Source: loft.com via Katie on Pinterest

cute for under sweaters and such.

Source: loft.com via Katie on Pinterest

love this color!

Alright, friends. I'm now pumped to shop til I drop this weekend, margs & Mexican food, and going home afterwards to curl up in my PJs with a good book. Love when days turn around!

'Til later, my lovelies!


  1. Great post! Trust me you are not alone - I feel the exact same ways!
    Thank you so much for this pick me up post - Definately time to get moving and not be a grump towards my loved ones because it's not their fault I am having a bad day!

    Woot! Woot! :D

  2. Hope you have a better day today! I get in funks, too, and it's SO hard to get out of them. You're right, if a healthy lifestyle was easy to maintain, America wouldn't have the obesity problem it does.

    Good for you for taking a step back and realizing what needs to get done!