Whatta Monday

There's only one thing that can truly sum up how nutty today was:

Yes, my friends. It was a Manic Monday to the most ultimate extreme. I'm talking I was thinking people had taken one too many crazy pills as they kept swooping by my desk. Because I've held this in all day long, let me release my vent-sanity:

1. Do not come to my desk and tell me the copier is broken when the following message is flashing on the machine's screen: TONER LOW. REPLACE MAGENTA TO COMPLETE PRINT JOB. When I tell you hang on a sec so I can finish my thought/email/phone call, don't give me a look that implies your day is a million times more important than mine. I've helped to print a few too many coupons and Fantasy Football packets to know all you little geniuses are 100% about the work the entire time you're at the office. Mhm.

2. When you take the last napkin, throw the bag away. When you eat a banana, throw the PEEL away. When you spill in the microwave, WIPE IT UP.

3. Please take the hint when you stop by and want to have a marathon chat session. 99% of the time I am bright and cheery and positive and want to talk the day away. 1% of the time, I feel moody and would rather hide under my desk with a cheese cup from our food cart and cry while watching Gilmore Girls in yoga pants than have to hear about your home renovations/family BBQs/advice on why I'm not yet engaged. I am a VERY kind person. I will happily tolerate even the most annoying employees most days. Everyone has an off day though, so when I stare at my computer screen and give you brief answers, take this as my silent signal to scoot along for the moment.

4. When I tell you that something isn't necessarily my job but give you every possible detail as to how to assist you in getting something done, do not blame me when you don't plan accordingly and things fall through.

Oh, I could just go on and on, but I'll wrap that up for now because, ya know, we all have the bumpy days.

This weekend I had one of my best runs EV-ER. Lately my runs have either been at the track or on the treadmill. Considering that I hate the treadmill and have gotten to the point at the track where I can't ever mentally get past the fact that 4 miles = SIXTEEN LAPS, I knew it was time to add in a little variation. From our place to a local track is a mile, so I'd thought "Hey, I can run to the track, run two miles, then run back-- a VARIED four miles!"

Enter my extreme paranoia. Brian and I order takeout and watch Dateline every Friday night (we're maniacs, I know) and of course the majority of the episodes focus on a young girl being kidnapped... and worse. We live in a really suburban area, but if I were to run anywhere I'm running on the main roads. This is overwhelmingly terrifying. Main roads = lots of people = OMG someone could GRAB me!

Luckily, Mom and Dad stocked my Christmas stocking this year with my running love in mind:

If you can get past my pale, unmade-up face and the fierce scowl... you'll note my JOGGERS MACE!! I kid you not, once I strapped this baby to my palm, I felt like I was set for what/whomever may come my way!

As I headed out around 6:45 Saturday morning I had every intention of just keeping to my plan and running to the track. Funny how the momentum of running can change your path, though! I decided to keep going and embark on the path I've had mapped out for literally close to a year. And I kicked ASS!

Luckily there are sidewalks along all of the busy roads so I wasn't on an actual road at any point, but I felt like I was legit trail running at some points! The sidewalk got really bumpy and concrete chunks were missing, branches were in my way so I was leaping and diving... I was also running to "Eye of the Tiger" so while I felt so pumped in my head, I might have looked a little ridic to people driving past.

HOLD THE PHONE-- I jut did MapMyRun for the route and... the run that I had convinced myself was only 3.1 miles was FOUR POINT SIX SIX MILES!! Ohh my lands, I run almost 5 miles and had no idea! Perhaps this is my sign to get off of the track and onto the road, if I'm legit underestimating my run so much! That makes so much more sense why my run came in at about 45 minutes. I thought I was just running a realllly painfully slow mile. Woo!

Lastly, I made the best supper tonight. Brian played in a golf tournament with his dad all day so I knew dinner was kind of up to me, so Inside-Out Lasagna it was! It was basically lots of veggies (I added chopped fresh tomatoes and extra mushrooms in addition to the recipe ingredients) with a good pasta and a dab of ricotta mixed in. It was a) delish, and b) perfect for leftovers to take for my lunch the next couple of days! And seriously, it took maybe 15 minutes, from boiling the pasta to plating my food. I did add extra salt and pepper but be careful with the crushed red pepper-- it can easily overpower!

I'm signing off for the night-- Giuliana & Bill, and Tia & Tamera await me on the DVR!

'Til later, my lovelies!!


  1. That's awesome that you were running more than you were.. and sometimes people just don't get you're not in a good mood to chat! :(

  2. I've never heard of runner's mace before...

    I also live in a really suburban area, but it's like more rural than suburban. I have a greater chance of being attacked by a coyote or a skunk than an actual human being!