Thoughtful Thursday.

This is the weather in Boston right now:

Am I the only person who feels obligated to climb right back into bed upon seeing buckets of rain falling as a chilly wind blows? For the past two days I just could not shake the sleepiness, which is problematic considering 99% of my job consists of sitting at a desk and looking bright-eyed and cheery. Today, I am failing at the cheer.

Exhibit A:

This would be my "I choose not to fight the humidity and will resort to an all-pulled-back look while snuggling down into my pink fleece, which I refuse to remove today" look. Luckily, it's pretty quiet around here today so slacking off in the fashion department isn't quite so big of a deal.

As for my thoughts...

1. Home. I flew to Texas this past Saturday morning and had the pleasure of being an only child for the weekend with my Mama and Daddy (my brother was stuck working for the holiday but he was missed!.... most of the time). It was WONDERFUL. Every time I fly home there are always a million people to see and things to do. Instead of enjoying my time with everyone, I'm stressed and rushing to fit it all in, which just leaves me sad, to be honest. I miss everyone while I'm in Boston and WANT to see everyone, but I'm trying to work on realizing that sometimes it's just not possible to do it all. Anywho, for this trip we decided to do NOTHING. I paid a much-needed visit to the salon on Saturday for a haircut, then we grilled steaks and drank wine. Sunday we all went to see The Help (thank the Lord I thought to take a BOX of tissues with me) then came right back home, made supper... and drank wine. My flight wasn't until late Monday night, and while there were tears as we said goodbye, I also felt content - it's taken, you know, FOUR YEARS for me to get to a place where I could leave home and fly back to Boston and not feel like my world is ending. While Texas and wherever my family may be will always be home, I've adjusted nicely to living in Boston as well.

2. Fall TV. I am not the type of person who typically gets excited about new TV shows. If something looks good, I watch it; if it's awful, I'm not devastated about never seeing it again. This fall, however... well, the cable gods have lined up the stars and have blessed me with the best. new. show. lineup. EVER. Just to name a few that I'm JUST A LITTLE BIT EXCITED ABOUT...

The 60s... the style... I die.

I literally laugh out loud each time this promo airs... and I don't even have babies yet. Will Arnett is hilarious and I heart Christina Applegate. This looks hilarious!

"I don't understand why women use the "silent treatment" on their man at all. The silent treatment is not a punishment; it's a reward. Want to make them miserable? Keep talking. Talk about your emotions, that you think you look fat, about your period..."


And lastly, my most favorite...

Ever since Zooey Deschanel sang with Will Ferrell in Elf, I have been a big fan. She's just so funny... I'd like her to be my BFF, as well as Sandy Bullock. And Michelle Obama. And Jen Aniston so I can snag some workout tips.

3. FOOTBALL. The glorious fifth season of the year has arrived-- football season, obviously, and I could not be more ready. My "football fabulousness" bookmark folder is overflowing with recipes and party ideas to serve during football togetherness this year! There is a looong list of dips awaiting my preparation, the crockpot is ready for Sunday suppers, and Texas team pride (The Boys and the Horns) is ready to be paraded around...

'Til later, my lovelies!

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  1. I'm totally with you on curling back in bed once you see there are buckets of rain falling from the sky! And it's been doing a LOT of that lately. Those mini hot dogs are SO cute!

    I do understand about missing home though, I know Texas and Boston are a TON farther apart than Maryland and Northeastern PA, but it was SO hard to leave when I was going to college, and even once I got married and Mr. Skinny and I would go back to Maryland. I'm really happy to be back in PA.