get me outta here.

I am going insane.

Chocolate chip cookies eaten: 4
Glasses of old champagne consumed: 3
Bottles of (heavy, strong) Sam Adams "Harvest Selection" conquered: 3
Rom-Com movies watched: 3
Hairstyles attempted out of boredom: 2.5
Number of times I've looked out of the bedroom window: 37
Amount of damage I've seen due to Irene: one

(taken from the living room window-- ay!!)

Percentage of funny in Brian telling me his parents were coming for dinner... and then telling me he was kidding: -204%
Times my outfit has varied in the past two days: twice, from one pair of leggings and a hoodie to another pair of leggings and a hoodie
Amount of time I've spent on Pinterest in the past two days: enough to have a mailbox full of notices that people have repinned MY pins.

Now I'm sipping the last of my champagne and watching Julie & Julia for the umpteenth time while a big pot of taco soup simmers on the stove. As frustrating as it's been to be cooped up inside, I desperately needed a weekend of downtime to relax and take a breather. For the first time in close to three weeks, my left eye has stopped twitching. Seriously-- three weeks now, the eye has been twitching. So I've relaxed and cooked and drank and watched bad TV... and I've loved it.

I know that we missed the worst of the storm, and am SO grateful for that but I certainly hope that my boredom does not come across as... bratty? Several of my co-workers, family members, and Twitterers have lost power (with small children in tow-- I send them mental good vibes), had damage done to their homes/cars/streets... all in all, different areas have had different variations of damage. I know that we were lucky to miss the brunt of the storm, but everyone that did NOT is certainly on my mind.

'Til later, my lovelies!

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  1. Did you see my reference to you at the bottom of my phone pics post? I will for sure check out the crock pot recipes!