chipotle and the grammies

I had my first cooking casualty this evening. I was cutting chicken for our chicken stir-fry and the knife that I was using wasn't as sharp as it could be and when I pulled across and went back across one more time... it got me. I think I was in shock. It wasn't anything that Neosporin and a couple of Bandaids couldn't take care of, but still... I ran in the bedroom and yelled frantically at The Boy "YOU HAVE TO FINISH CUTTING THE CHICKEN! I JUST STABBED MYSELF," kicked my flats off and across the room, and hurried into the bathroom. He saved the day and fixed me right up (and finished chopping the chicken, no less).

I've since cozied up on my bed and am watching the red carpet arrivals for the Grammies. I have to say that I just switched it on in time to see Lady Gaga emerge from her limo in quite the atrocious outfit (as if we'd expect any less from her crazy self...). Am I the only one out there who just doesn't get the hype of Gaga? I mean, her songs are catchy and her fashion is just... well, in my eyes, a bunch of fashion DON'TS, but everyone everywhere is saying that she'll win everything tonight. Guess we'll just have to watch and see!

P.S. Giuliana Rancic is co-hosting the E! Red Carpet and I just heart her to pieces. After Sandy Bullock, I'd love to be BFFs with Giuliana. If you haven't watched her show (Sunday nights at 9pm on Style!) you absolutely HAVE to. She and her hubby are just way too cute together.

I also had Chipotle with The Boy for the second time in my life today. I was trying to be WW friendly and tried out the Chicken Burrito Bowl only with no rice... that was tough stuff for me. I LOVE their Cilantro Lime Rice so without it I had (because you're all so interested) black beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, chicken, and salsa... tasty! Speaking of tasty, I'm off to put together the deadly chicken stir-fry (minus knives).

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