Mediocre Munday

Today was by far the busiest day that I've had since I started at my job... and it was NOT an enjoyable time.

From the time that I sat down and got to work at 9:15 this morning, I literally did not stop until 3:15, when I took five minutes to heat up my lunch and continued to work straight on through until 4:50 when I BOLTED out of the door to catch my shuttle. Part of my job is entering product orders for the research doctors (riveting, I know), so on top of catching up on ALL OF THE THURSDAY AND FRIDAY ORDERS, I also had to get through all of my other Monday work. Needless to say... I was glad to get out of there today.

While I thought that I might be able to come home, put on my pajamas and curl up on the bed under a blanket, I soon realized that Brian had other plans.

Oh yes. We did this. May I just preface tomorrow's potential post by saying that if I'm rambling on and on about basketball squats and ski abs, remember that I went mildly insane with these people today and threw my body to the wolves. Although it was a decent workout, I honestly wasn't overly impressed, when compared to the kind of workout that I feel that I've gotten after I run. I figure this could be a nice break from the running on my cardio/non-running days though. And regarding the skinny li'l things in this video-- I have a slight feeling that they had 12 pack stomachs and up-to-here toned hineys way before they came across the Insanity workout. But that's just my opinion.

God loves me and blessed me with a boy who likes leftovers, so he dove into his Buffalo Mac & Cheese while I threw together a pasta dish for myself: a cup of Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, tossed with leftover roasted veggies from last night (baby bellas, squash, zucchini, vidalia onions) and sauteed spinach with garlic and mushrooms. It was pretty divine. My evening concluded with me watching a few hours of bad TV (think True Life on MTV) while browsing my new Food Network magazine. Considering my 1:15am bedtime last night, I'm off to bed. My bright and shining youth is just radiant, right?

G'night y'all.

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