The things that make my heart so happy!!

Happy Friday, y'all! And can I please have a moment of silence in sweet observation of this lovely three day weekend upon us? It couldn't have come at a more much-needed time. Burgers, beverages, and books by the pool await me!

Now, I am quite the fan of Kelly and sweet baby Harper, so I'm all kinds of excited about starting to participate in her Show Us Your Life Friday posts! This week it's all about the things in your life that you love and that make you happy. I love a lot of people and a lot of things, so here we go!

my family-- they love me and support me through whatever i do!
my boy-- he's just wonderful. he knows me better than almost anyone and is my perfect opposite, in the best way possible. i overreact, he's calm. i plan too much, he goes with the flow. he's taught me to take breaths and appreciate all of the little things, and i so love him for that.

my lucy girl

my amazing, beautiful friends
the way i feel after a really great run
a perfectly crisp fall day

TEXAS, y'all!

love those cowboys!

snowy days and scarves
the perfect pair of jeans
date nights with my boy
cooking and baking new recipes

ut football (hook 'em!)

chick-fil-a (sweet tea and waffle fries? yes please!)
taking pictures
being crafty
reading and napping a rainy day away

the beach

cute summer dresses
girly movies

mexican food

the south

sweet tea
the hustle and bustle of airports

the food network

road trips
white wine
fresh towels straight out of the dryer


holidays-- valentine's day, halloween, 4th of july...
if you can cook, decorate, and celebrate, i'm there!!
an amazing pizza
staying in hotels

Have a lovely weekend, y'all!!

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  1. What a terrific list. I'm also a fan of Mexican food!

    Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!