A few phone pics to make up for my absence.

If anyone out there is still reading my blog, bless you.

There is no hiding the fact that I've been struggling with blogging on a regular basis. I have to log in and out of two different email accounts, I can't upload pics and have to wait for Brian's computer to be free... I could list all kinds of excuses, but it's all kind of beside the point.

Things have been pretty low key and quiet around here lately, so there just haven't been many things to talk about. When people blog about nothing, it's pretty painful to read. This pained feeling is likely what you are experiencing as you fight through this third paragraph.

I'll just move forward to my phone pictures, mkay?

This was my weather check on my phone Tuesday morning. Y'all, please think of this little picture the next time you want to complain about being a little bit chilly when it's a brisk 34 or so outside. When I got to my train stop, the trains were shut down because they couldn't handle the cold, so I was stuck outside for 45 minutes. A train finally came and took me my one stop to wait for my shuttle... where I waited for another 20 minutes. That would be over an hour, my friends, outside in the ZERO DEGREE WEATHER. I was numb I was so cold.

Over 50 inches of snow have fallen this winter. FIFTY. I was not bargaining for that when I made the big ole move to Boston. I snapped this on the way to work one morning, to show my parents how tall the snowbanks are getting. We're so lucky to live in a condo complex where snow removal is taken care of (sidenote: We're apartment hunting at the moment-- yaaaay!!-- and having a spot that takes care of snow removal is apparently a big deal. Whod've thunk it?), because on mornings like this, after our 3rd blizzard which hit Wednesday night, people not only have to shovel the foot of snow off of their driveways to move their cars, but they have to shovel through all of the EXTRA snow that the plows push onto their driveways off of the main roads.

I tell y'all, it's crazy.

My beautiful BFF Keegan is getting married in June and I have the lucky honor being a bridesmaid! We made the trek to David's Bridal on Saturday so I could be fitted for my dress (this is the dress, only Keegan picked a black dress with an apple red sash. So cute, but they didn't have the black in my size... hence the olive green dress... which I kinda like). I was the first bridesmaid to be fitted and told Keegan I'd send her a picture. Here it is!

The bridal salon is about 20 minutes away from the only outlet mall in Massachusetts, so of course we had to stop. Pre-losing weight, I was never a fan of Banana Republic because the clothes just never fit me right. On a whim, we stopped into the outlet store and JACKPOT! I found this sweater ($14.99 from $39.99) and the brown pants to match ($19.99 from $79). I've put myself on a bit of a budget, since we're getting things together to move and will have to buy furniture and such, so I really only went with the intention of looking for work outfits, which I found! I love this little outfit, and it's perfect for my office. Other than this, we came home with kitchen towels and hot chocolate mix from Williams-Sonoma, and Brian a new golf shirt from Izod. Anywho, I told my mom I'd send her a picture if I found anything cute-- she was a fan!

I snapped this today when I was leaving the grocery store. I was telling my mom about how bad the parking lots have been with all of the snow-- before the last storm, the news people were saying that there is literally nowhere left to clear the snow. My grocery store parking lot has literally lost half of the spots to stupid snow banks. If you look how tell the snow is compared to that truck, you'll have an idea. That's how it is all through all of the lots. Craziness.

Well, I'm off to bed for the night. We went to dinner at Brian's parents house and I have to admit, it wiped me out. Nights there are always full o' excitement, I tell you. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and are gearing up for a fab work week! Total sarcasm intended on that "fab work week" part, but it seemed better than "dreading that tomorrow is Monday".

'Til later, my lovelies!

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