Where's the beef?

After much deliberation, inner self-talk (hmm...), and countless GChat debates with a fabulous co-worker/runner/healthy eater (most of the time), I have decided to give up meat for Lent, with meat being all forms of beef, pork, and chicken (I tremble as I type this...).

This is coming from a girl who grew up in Texas eating meat every night of the week, and who, although I love vegetables in all shapes and forms, loves for my protein to come well-done and consumed with the appropriate condiments. It is for this reason, that giving up meat is an absolute sacrifice for me. Several/tons of thoughts accompany this sacrifice:

-I'm interested in seeing how different my body might feel over the course of the next six weeks.
-What if I don't eat meat for 6 weeks and decide I like it better that way!?
-What if The Boy doesn't like all of the veggies that I make for our meals?
-How in the heck am I supposed to find enough good vegetarian recipes to keep me interested for six weeks?
-Will I break my record for how many bean and cheese burritos can be consumed in X amount of time?

Adios, you gorgeous roasted chicken, you.

Cheeseburger, my love... we shall reunite so soon. Sort of. Not really. Mwah.

Today, my appetite fully embraced my sacrifice, asking me to indulge in every possible meat-related item I could find. My fellow temp-veggie friend and I decided to embrace not only our last day of eating meat, but the purpose of Fat Tuesday as well. In short, we booked to Boloco and said See ya! to the burrito bowl. No sirree, it was all flour tortillas, white rice, and MEEEEAT.

Feast your eyes, my friends.
It was DE-LISH for sure, and so worth the calories. Since I made it 4 miles on the treadmill, I came home and ate a leftover hamburger patty, along with Lean Cuisine's Fajita Style Chicken Spring Rolls. I basically opened the freezer, saw the three tiny little spring rolls, and thought "Yep, I'm sure gonna want THOSE before 40 days are over!" and so they were nuked. I then made a pork tenderloin and red beans and rice for supper. It was fab and comforting and lovely and easy! Sadly, I also covered all of my meat bases over the course of 38 minutes.

On an opposite note, my first 5k of 2011 is rapidly approaching! As in, I'm running this Sunday. Holy schmolies. Caitlin and I are hiking over to pick up our race packets tomorrow after work (!!!) and we plan on being fully obnoxious and having photo shoots with our packets and race numbers before we part ways for the night. This should be a really fun time (I mean the race, but picking up race packets should be a barrel of fun as well!)-- it's an Irish/St. Patrick's Day-themed 5k and 6000 people run it. Again, holy schmolies. I'm feeling pretty good, conditioning-wise, and am hoping that my race time will shorten down a bit once I get on the course and my adrenaline kicks in. Regardless, we'll both be outfitted in sparkly shamrock tattoos (courtesy of Caitlin) and will be pumped for the pub crawl afterwards!!

Alright, my lovelies. I'm off to bed. There's a craving for bacon-wrapped filet pounding through my head/tummy, so I'm brushing the teeth and tucking in for the night. T-minus 47 days before I try out the meat again!

G'night, y'all.


  1. good luck on giving up the meat! i would have loved to do that, but DH would never be a part of it.

  2. I wish we had extended to Fat Wednesday... and Thursday.... but in the meantime, I am psyched for all these fab new recipes we've compiled! Artichoke hearts, a la Julie, might be on my list :)

  3. Hi Katie,
    I clicked on your name on, "Beth's Journey" blog and came to your blog. It seems like it was meant to be that I read your post. As of 1-11-2011 I gave up meat fish and dairy including eggs. I did this after reading the book "Skinny Bitch" which I thought was just a diet book. It is a diet book but it also spoke alot about what happens to the animals when they are taken to slaughter. It's really horrible and that's why I gave up meat. I don't want innocent animals to suffer and be slaughtered when I can, fairly easily, change my diet by not eating meat.

    I'm discovering (this is all still pretty new to me)there are some great vegetarian/vegan recipes out there. Try searching the site Post Punk Kitchen. The lady that runs that site has great recipes that are meatless. Her name is Isa Chandra Moskowitz. You can also see her cookbooks at Amazon.com. She's very popular and successful.

    Another thing you and your boyfriend may enjoy, would be to go to a vegan restaurant. There should be some in a major area like Boston. You'd be surprised how extensive their menus can be. Just Google "Boston Vegan" and see what you come up with.

    In any case I applaud your Lent sacrifice of giving up meat. I think you will feel good in and out from this experience.

    Maryann Zappulla