This post... it is boring.

The days, the time... they have escaped me.

Sunday night I got myself all motivated and hyped up about blogging EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for the month of August, to get myself back into the swing of it. Obviously, that was a fail, but I've still been quite successful with my little day-to-day tasks.

1. Running. The track and I had a 5am rendezvous THREE TIMES this week: Monday, Tuesday, and this morning, 3 miles each day. Wednesday I was down and out for the count with a very unfun bug, but yesterday after work I headed straight to the gym for 40 minutes on the ArcTrainer. My knee was bothering me after my Tuesday run and was still catching a bit yesterday, but today we seem to have recovered!

Also, I've been experimenting (needing to purchase new headphones) with running in silence lately. When I say silence, I mean that the only thing I hear is my shuffling feet and the sound of my un-steady, non-rhythmic, pant-y breathing. Note to self: order earbuds ASAP. Nobody should have to hear that mess.

2. Pinning. Pinterest = my current obsession. I was late jumping on the pinning train but have now completely and wholeheartedly given myself over to the Powers That Pin. It is the most ideal and perfect place for someone like me, who has a thousand and one ideas about any and everything entertaining/cooking/event/food related to compile all of The Crazy into some sort of organized area. I have close to ten boards and am nowhere near the finish line.

3. Four. As of tomorrow, August 6th, I will have spent four years in the (mostly) glorious company of The Boy. We've got little plans and such, so I'll write all about that tomorrow. Just something exciting for the weekend!

My apologies for the most mind-numbingly boring update ever. I needed a little something to get me back in the game, and I've been running a little low on the material lately.

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