It's never as easy as just throwin' on a costume...

Y'all, it is COLD this morning.

I get that I live in Boston, I should be prepared for cold, etc. But I have to say I don't think there are many people who expect to have to scrape ICE off of their windshields at 6am when leaving for work. I've also had a chill since I got out of bed and have yet to shake it. The fact that my morning shuttle had no heat likely contributed to this annoyance.

Also, my eyes? They cannot stay open. Being a Texan, I stayed up until 1am to watch the Rangers game... it was ugly and stressful and intense, and it made me wish I were in my bed asleep, yet I could not. stop. watching. So I went to bed at 1:30 and woke up at 4:50 to get ready for work to come in early. Yes, your math is correct-- I'm currently running on a whopping 3 hours and 20 minutes of sleep. My body? It is le tired. Honestly, I haven't had much sleep in over a week. Since the move, we've just been constantly going going going, either running errands or unpacking boxes or racing all over hell and back for pieces of our Halloween costumes...

...which is what we spent last night doing.

In the 38 degree pouring rain/sleet.

I love how you try to allot how much time you'll need to do something, and then it ends up taking about three hours longer than anticipated. That was our evening yesterday. Lists were made and such, but when it came down to it... it just took so. much. longer. than I was able to handle. Like at one point I felt as if I might just sit down on the floor of Target, crack open a bag of Cheetos and cry.

I did not break down in Target, we soldiered on, and by 8:30 we finally made it home, where I promptly turned on the heat and took a scalding hot shower. We ate leftovers, turned on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" (because of course I DVRd it, a week before my parents started calling me daily to remind me that it would be airing "at 8pm YOUR TIME Katie, on ABC. 8pm your time, NOT Texas time, okay?")...

... and set about carving BRIAN'S FIRST PUMPKIN EVER.

I'm not kidding. He insists that he has never in his life carved a pumpkin. Considering this is our first holiday in our first apartment, I insisted/demanded we start a new tradition, and so away we carved.

The good pics are on my camera, so for now you'll have to take my word that there is plenty documentation of his initial gag to the smell of the pumpkin's insides, his gags as he pulled out the seeds, and his victorious face when he realized that carving a pumpkin really is all I'd amped it up to be:

Any guesses which is mine?

This weekend is jam. packed. of things to do, which already makes me more tired (and it's only 8:23am-- gonna be a looong day). We're going to Brian's cousin's Halloween party tonight and I've offered to bring two appetizers. Considering I'm feeding lots of boys and girls who will be partaking in le beverages and such, I figured comfort food is the way to go:

Hot Dog Mummies
(let's be serious, these are mainly for me)


Seven Layer Dip, the Halloween Edition
(my plan is to pipe the sour cream around the top and drag a toothpick through it to make a web-- add a plastic spider and I'm set!)

In my quest to find the perfect Halloween snacks, I also came across some of the most disgusting ideas I've ever seen:

Boogers on a Stick

Kitty Litter Cake

And other tempting tastes such as Hairball Salad with Saliva Dressing (avocado, alfalfa sprouts, Italian dressing) and Day-Old Bathwater (frozen lemonade, 7-Up, rainbow sherbert). Y'all. I would 100% be gagging far too much to successfully even attempt to make any of this mess.

Now, give me a Sausage Ball Monster Eye, and I'm in

Alright, my lovelies. I'm off to Starbucks to find fuel because I am running SO LOW on energy as of now.

Have a happy (and safe) Halloween weekend!!

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