I believe...

I am 100% copying Miss Erin from Fleur de lis and Football because I truly cannot shake this severe case of writer's block I've been struggling with lately.

I believe...

... that a good hug and a kiss can turn a day around.

... that a good class of wine can also turn a day around.

... that when my day feels like it's absolutely gone to pieces and needs to just be over already, hearing my Mama's voice over the phone can make everything right again.

... in waking up on the occasional Sunday just to shower, do my hair, and put clean PJs back on for the remainder of the day.

... that date nights with my man are necessary. Whether we stay in with grilled cheese and soup or go out for a fancy dinner, it's just taking those few hours once a week to reconnect.

... that a true best friend is someone who you can go days without speaking to but when she picks up the phone, you pick right back up where you left off. And she will always be the person who gets your Friends/Gilmore Girls references.

... in girl time with friends. There are few things that a combination of best friends, drinks and junk food can't remedy.

... in girl time with myself. All ladies deserve and need to send the boy away for a few hours so you can take a hot shower, exfoliate and moisturize, put a mask in your hair and on your face, wear goofy moisturizing socks, catch up on a trashy Lifetime movie and casually flip through a stack of glossy mags... while Pinning.

... in enjoying my favorite things without guilt. Not daily, not even weekly. But when I'm home and my Mama makes sweet tea and chicken fried steak, you better believe I'm going to eat it and ENJOY it. Cheesecake on my birthday? Sign me up! Margaritas, enchiladas and chips with queso while in San Antonio? Move outta my way before I take you down.

... in fixing my hair, putting on my makeup, and looking put-together, even if I'm only going as far as the grocery store.

What do you believe in, my lovely ladies?

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  1. I love this, Katie! I especially like the enjoying favorite things without guilt and fixing yourself up to go to the grocery store (my mom never went without lipstick on!)