Alive and running! And Pinning!

It has been a sweet forever since I've blogged but I kind of have a really good reason this time.  For serious.


NOVEMBER 4, 2012, I will line up with 40,000 other nutjobs and will voluntarily run 26.2 miles through FIVE boroughs and cross the finish line in Central Park.

I've been training since July but hit a snafu with the blogging aspect of my life.  Knowing that I wanted to document my training experience, I started a separate blog for that purpose (mainly because I sometimes share things on THIS blog that I'd rather not be broadcast to everyone and their mother back home).  When I created the second blog I did so under the same email address that I use for this one, so they were linked, as in if I didn't but some sort of privacy block up on one of them, EVERYONE was gonna see/read EVERYTHING.  

So I blocked this blog... my baby.  And I have MISSED IT.  I've still been following along with everyone and faithfully reading YOUR blogs but since the other blog is solely dedicated to running and fundraising, I couldn't really chat about things there like how adorable Kate and Wills looked at the Olympics:

(Sidenote: I wear my hair like that A LOT and I still somehow cannot rock a pony like the Duchess.)

And who am I supposed to share my current Pinterest projects with, if not with y'all?  On the list currently... 

To send to Mama and Daddy in Texas.  If that works out, I'm contemplating a "house divided" wreath for our apartment, featuring the Cowboys and Patriots.

And this.  This may be the end of me:

Just as soon as it's chilly outside and I can dedicate an entire Saturday, with football on in the background, to make this, I'm getting started.  And wine.  I'd imagine I'm going to need a lot of white wine to fuel me through this because can you imagine getting all the way through to the very last ruffle and spilling a glass of Merlot across it?  I would tell them to wrap me in the skirt and put me in my coffin because I'D BE DONE.

Word of Wisdom, Learned from Many Pinterest Projects: When having a craft attack, I'm trying to space out buying the supplies so I don't go for broke once I'm ready to actually start... because that's usually what happens.  I decide on Friday night that Saturday is going to be Craft Day and end up leaving Michael's $50 poorer.  So knowing that these will be used in the fall/winter, I'm starting to buy now.  As for the gallery wall that I've decided needs to be put together this weekend and will be buying frames for on Saturday... well, we can't win them all.

So, that's my update.  If y'all would like to stop in to my running blog, knock yourselves out!  Any encouragement or support that you have to offer is soaked up, believe me.  It's been quite the experience up to now.  Going into the training, I knew that it would be intense and take up time, but now that I'm deep in the middle of it all, it has definitely had its overwhelming moments.  If I'm going to stretch well, run 4-5 miles or put in 60 minutes of cross training, plus my strength training routine, I'm at the gym for at least an hour and a half EVERY. DAY.  It is insane.  I know it will be worth it on race day, but right now it's a big adjustment.  I'm exhausted and the Olympics did me in.  Staying up until midnight every night does not an early morning runner make.

In an effort to truly put 100% into this training, I'm back to focusing on getting good, clean food into my diet and not refueling after 9 mile runs with Taco Bell (adios, you deliciously processed bean burrito, you).  And Points... I'm back to tracking PointsPlus, even though I'm not paying for WW right now.  I've never been a big stretcher and have also realized that if I'm going to make my body endure miles and miles of constant motion, I've gotta reward it with a good cooldown afterwards, so I'm trying to get better at that.  There may even be a little "Yoga for Runners" going down in our living room on the nights that Brian has softball.  It's good-- I'm fancy and SO LIMBER.  But not really.  Not at all.  It's been a loooong time since the days of jump splits on the football field.  Like 10 years long time.

It feels good to be back, my friends!

The Running Blog 
(Because I totally have more than enough time to keep up with two blogs plus train, work, eat, shower, sleep, and not forget my family/boyfriend friends.  Jump on the crazy train!)


  1. I am sure you will do wonderful in the marathon.

  2. Hey!! I just started reading your blog and I love it. How is your marathon training going? did you try two runs in one week? Also, I'm glad you love the tree skirt. That is my kitchen table in that picture above :) let me know if you have any questions, but it's super easy and pretty quick.