Live from the couch.

I have officially spent the last two days horizontal on my couch.  All of the running and not sleeping and running and cooking/cleaning and not sleeping because of running has apparently caught up with me-- my first bad cold of the year has me completely sidelined. 

Everyone has that point when they know they've crossed over from "not feeling well" to "Oh Lord, put me in the bed" and for me, that point comes when I look down and am wearing blue fleece pajama pants, my hair is in a ratty bun, and all I want to eat is rice with butter and salt.  Truly, rice + Sudafed + Gatorade has been my diet the last couple of days-- perhaps this will be of assistance to the scale this week.

On the brightside, I've watched the Sex and the City movie today... twice.  You can only process so much when you're sneezing every few minutes.  However, it's made me somewhat obsessed with the idea of living in NYC.  Is it completely insane to want to live in a completely different city at the age of 26 (almost 27-- eek)?  

Yes, to an extent I believe it is because when I picture Manhattan, I imagine it the way that I imagined Boston before moving here-- completely perfect, like a page out of... Gilmore Girls.  Or in this case, Gossip Girl or SATC, except now I've wizened up and know that just living in a new zip code doesn't mean that Burberry trench is going to show up in my closet, that I'll be able to sprint down the sidewalks in Manolos like Ms. Bradshaw, or that I'll have an apartment anywhere as close to as cute as to what I imagine.

This is what happens when I take Sudafed?  From running to rice to relocating, follow my tangent!'

As for the marathon, I'm still just a-training away.  25 days and counting. For the most part, I feel ready and excited.  On the other hand, I'm completely terrified.  I still have to figure out lots of little details but am trying to just stay in the excitement of the trip and the experience and just enjoy it all.  Plus I'm so ready to see my family-- I can't wait to spend 10 days with them here in Boston.  This Saturday will mark my 20 mile long run and I feel like once I get through that, I can face anything.  This unexpected cold has been a positive for the exercise-- it may be wreaking havoc on my immune system, but it's given me a few days to rest my achey feet-- bonus!

So here's to hoping this cold passes quickly and that I don't OD on Vitamin C.

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