Friday perfection.

It's 10pm on Friday night and I've just had a cup of coffee. Considering my sleep issues, this was not the best idea. However, I am WIRED!!

We are typically really, really boring on Friday night. While Saturday is always date night, Friday has become the night that we come home, relax, and do absolutely nothing. Truth be told, it's one of my favorite parts of the week. No expectations, no fancy hair and makeup... let's face it, nothing above the level of pajama pants and sweatshirts. There's no cooking involved-- we must always order some kind of takeout. We either catch up on DVR shows or watch a movie. And, most importantly, we limit the guest list to a party of two.

Tonight I ran to the gym when we got home, showered and have been on the couch watching Parenthood ever since and it has been DE-LIGHTFUL.

Brian has also added to the mix trying to master our new camera. We both have patience on different levels about completely different things. When it comes to learning how to work something new, I want to read a manual and follow the instructions and figure it out NOW. If I don't get it, the easily-annoyed part of me gets a little ragey. This would be why I still can't figure out how to work with aperture and shutter speed and blah blah. For the past hour, Brian has been taking pictures of a wine bottle in our kitchen. Different angles, different perspectives... I know there's a method to the madness, I just haven't figured it out quite yet.

On the brightside, while he's been occupied, I've watched four episodes of Parenthood. FOUR! Five if you add one from my treadmill run! I'm not lying when I say I'm hooked on those Bravermans.

Welp lovelies, I'm off to flip through Real Simple with my feet up while the sound of a camera shutter clicks in the background. Love this.

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