Spring Fever

There are always a handful of times throughout the year when I'm homesick for my Texas, my home, my state.  Yes, I do claim ownership and I guarantee that nearly every Texan you meet will claim the great Lone Star State as their own.  We love it individually as one independent, united "country" of dedicated people.  Dedicated to our home, of course.

Missing "home" is separate from missing my family-- a piece of my heart is always missing my people, and always will.  When I miss my Texas I miss certain, particular things about the state: the generosity of people, "y'all" scattered throughout conversations, going to the HEB or the Walmart, the thrill of high school Friday night football, and my foods: Chick-fil-a, Whataburger, and OH! the taquerias... But very rarely do I miss the weather.  A big plus about living in the northeast is actually having four seasons  to enjoy throughout the year-- the changing leaves in the fall, warm summers that cool down in the evenings, all of the snow that I would sit up and wait and pray for as a kiddo on Glenwood Drive.  Texas is pretty much two seasons: scorching heat and "winters" in the 60s, so when I moved to Boston I was pumped for all of the seasons.

However, when the snow is still wanting to play and it's mid-March in Boston, I'm missing the weather at home.  The sunsets of absolute perfections.  Warm spring mornings when you can hear the owls outside, and the warm spring evenings when the crickets arrive and settle in for the summer.  The way the clouds move across the fields when a Blue Norther blows into town.  The hot, sweltering summers when a dip in the pool and a jar of sweet tea makes it tolerable.

The fever is for spring, and I have it big time.  My pale, pale legs are needing to see the sun so very badly.  I want to throw open the windows and air the apartment out without freezing Brian to death (I still turn off the heat and open the windows when I clean, 30 degree temps outside or not).  As much as I love scarves and tights and riding boots, I am d-o-n-e DONE for this winter, thankyouverymuch.

Saturday was busybusy and the weather was getting there but still super chilly and windy.  I babysat that evening for my 3 fav boys and they were pumped for their flagfootball kickoff the next morning because there's still snow on the ground.  Since I got there around bedtime, we stayed in the basement and played a rousing game of "Doodle Dice."  

About 30 seconds after I announced it was bedtime, the boys went batshit crazy and were running around tackling each other, screaming, hysterically laughing.  Tough babysitter had to come out for a moment there, and after I'd settled them down and tucked them in, I parked myself on the couch where I noticed this glorious, humorous scene:

I hope that my future mama days reflect this exactly-- a nearly full wine rack, accessorized by a Lego truck, because mama needs the wine when she's built Lego vehicles all day long.

Sunday was gorgeous here and the first little glimpse we've had at spring.  After a workout and breakfast, courtesy of Brian, I took the afternoon for a bit of "me time" and headed out to shop for a bit and get a fresh mani and pedi.  

Driving down the highway (with the sunroof open and Mumford and Sons as my soundtrack), I couldn't help but smile and feel this overwhelming feeling of contentment.  It was one of those absolutely perfect post-winter days where the sky is so blue and cloudless and clean, the sun is shining bright and warming your skin, and everything just felt right and whole in my heart.

After browsing around Loft for an hour or so, I made my way to the checkout line with an armful of new work clothes (how unfun is THAT?) but couldn't help but see all of the perfectly springy colors around me.  It took all that I had to not add a pair of these babies to my pile:

I mean really-- the cute brightness is almost too much to handle.

I convinced myself to wait until warmer weather to buy anything that I can't immediately wear, but watch out shorts-- I'll be back for you.  

My next stop was the nail spot and I couldn't have left any happier-- my nails are Essie "Come Here" and the toes are Essie "Wife Goes On," which are basically spring perfection.  Our evening ended with a homemade chicken pot pie, requested by Brian (he starts his new job today, whoop!), wine, and a little light reading, courtesy of Ina.

After flipping through this cookbook, I want to pull a Julie and cook my way through every recipe, though I fear that would counteract my weight loss efforts pretty significantly.  Nonetheless, I bookmarked at least every other page for a recipe and CANNOT WAIT to start trying them out.


  1. I'm living in a different state too and sure do feel home sick every now and then! AND some warmer weather would help too...just sayin! I think you need to do an outfit post with your new clothes! xoxo

  2. I am not from Texas, but wish I was there right now. It has got to be warmer!

    Hope you have a great day!