Six Years.

Six years ago today I went on the best first date of my life, and I never looked back.  Six years I've had the pleasure of spending with my very best friend, my confidant, the love of my life, and I haven't stopped laughing and loving since.

I'll honestly never forget trying to fall asleep the night of August 5, 2007.  I had just moved to Boston to my un-air conditioned apartment (window unit or not, it wasn't central AC and this Texan couldn't deal) and was having panic attacks at the thought of having to wake up and get ready for The Big Date in a humid, hot apartment, arriving perfectly glowy in the August heat.  

So I did what any normal girl who's really, really excited for a first date and knows the importance of good hair does... I booked a hotel room so I could get ready the next morning in frosty, air-conditioned comfort.  Obviously.

After justifying the cost of the Hilton Back Bay as an expense that would only contribute to happy times in Boston, I checked in, laid out my outfit, and got ready for the next day (OR contemplated all potential positives and negatives of the next day because OF COURSE).  

The morning of August 6th finally came, and I'm pretty positive I was awake with the sun, was fully ready a good two hours before I needed to be.  

When I stepped off of the train at Government Center and saw Brian walking towards me with the best smile on his face, I was done. finito. a goner.  That spark was there and it was phenomenal.  We spent the day touring Boston (remember, I was a newbie to town), walking to the Museum of Science and ending up at Long Wharf, where the next three hours flew by as we talked and talked... and talked (we both considered it a good sign that we couldn't seem to stop the conversation).  We said goodnight, made plans to see each other the next day, and he put me on the train as he headed to catch the commuter boat home.

I distinctly remember feeling at that point that this was going to be my last first date... and that made my heart smile.

Three weeks later, Brian left to study abroad in Australia for a semester while I hit the books at Northeastern.  It was tough.  Not only was I adjusting to living across the country from my people, but I was now in a new relationship with someone across the world.  

He came home at Christmas, we spent time together over the break, and then he was off to his own college in upstate New York... five hours away.  We spent the next 2 1/2 years dating long distance, shuttling back and forth between Boston and The Tundra in his Jeep and on the Greyhound (and if I never ride a Greyhound again, I'll die a happy, clean, germophobic girl).  It was tough, and there were definitely times where it sucked and we wanted to throw in the towel, but at the end of the day we talked through our issues and calmed down from fights, and knew that it would be worth it in the end to stick it out with each other.  

In retrospect, I think those years apart only made us stronger as a couple.  We had to trust, understand, compromise, and unconditionally love each other or we weren't going to make it.  It helped us to truly respect each other as individuals, as well as realize how important it was to the both of us to be together and to work at our relationship when the going got tough, instead of just giving up.

And in the long run, it was so worth it. 

He has seen me at my highest highs and my lowest lows.  

No one has ever made me laugh harder in all of my life, like tears rolling down my cheeks laughter. 

We drive each other crazy sometimes, but how boring would a relationship be if everything was perfection?  Six years together have given us the chance to know that sometimes you just have to agree to disagree, that you're two different people with two different personalities, feelings, emotions, opinions, and that you love each other for who you are.  He makes me think outside of the box, and I value that so, so much.  

He loves my family like they're his own.  When my Daddy chose our first trip home to Texas to show him his gun collection, he never let my dad see him sweat.  He loves Orange Crush like my Mama and knows how much good manners, not swearing, and protecting her baby mean to her.

He can talk football and video games all day long with my brother, and it makes my heart happy to see them watching the game over beers when they're together.

He supports me endlessly, even when I'm ragey and emotional and come home angry because somebody looked at me wrong on the train or my favorite pen ran out ink.

He knows that I have my own brand of crazy, just like all girls do, and that sometimes he just needs to turn a blind eye to it and look the other way while I take a breather by myself and all will be well again.

He taught me the value of a hard-earned dollar and that while a new bag may look fabulous for awhile, that credit card bill never will.  I consider him my own little financial analyst/personal accountant, and he's guided me to be smart with my money and to get spending under control.  Annoying at the time; likely a God-send later down the road.

He is the best uncle that our Littles could ever have, and it warms my heart to see him with them.  Is there anything better than seeing the guy that you love play with babies?  I don't think so.

Years ago when I wrote in my little diary about the kind of man I would want to spend the rest of my life with, there was a list (quite the list; I am the Queen of Lists) of what he would  have to be like:

handsome, funny, smart, ambitious, loves sports, can talk sports with my Daddy, supportive, successful, loves my family, loves his family, will be a great dad someday, wants to travel, remembers the important days, will always love me and tell me I look pretty (even when I don't), will take care of me when I'm sick, loves holidays, lets me decorate however I want to... the list went on and on and on.  

I feel like I'm a pretty lucky girl to be able to say that at the end of the day, Brian fulfills every little part of that list and so much more.  I am endlessly happy and love the thought of a forever with him. 

  Happy Anniversary, BGK!  Love you so much.

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