Monday -3, Katie- ZERO

Good grief, today is such a Monday and 5 o'clock cannot get here soon enough, am I right?  

My morning started off just peachy-- I got Brian all packed up and off to work, and took my time getting ready, picking my outfit for the day... no rushing.  After flipping through every single shirt in my closet, I decided today was going to be a "You win some, you lose some" fashion day, and accepted the loss as a "You just aren't going to look fancy today, my dear" while pulling on a boring pair of black pants and a top.  

Brian's summer softball league starts tonight, so on his way out the door he left the credit card that he likes to use for gas and asked if I could fill the car up today (because we wasted an obscene amount driving around yesterday looking at open houses which was a big fat FAIL), and I said of course.  As I grabbed my lunch, stuck the card in my purse, and headed out the door, I was even the tiniest bit giddy because I was a few minutes EARLY (rare, very rare for me).  

The jinx started there because I hit every red light between our apartment and my parking lot, so by the time I parked and headed inside I was running a few minutes late (Monday -1, Katie -0).  Up the elevator I went, plopped my stuff down at my desk, and I went to flip on my laptop when... oh mother of *&*#@!* my laptop is sitting all packed up and pretty on our living room couch.  Friday afternoon I had worked from home and completely forgot to grab the darn thing this morning, so back to the apartment I drove (thankfully we only live a few minutes away, but still, Monday -2, Katie -0).  I figured I was already running late and would be staying late, so why not just get the gas now rather than fight traffic after work?  So I start digging around in my purse, looking immediately in the pocket where I knew I'd put it and... no card.  "Okay, Katie, don't panic... you must have missed the pocket and stuck it in the pocket in front of the zipper."  I park back at work and thoroughly look through my purse, also checking cup holders, the seat crevices (gag), the floor... NOTHING.  "SHIT.  Okay, now you may start to panic." 

I tore my desk apart, my purse and my gym bag, my lunch bag, my laptop bag... the mothereffing card is nowhere to be found.  And I didn't go anywhere in between the apartment, work, back to the apartment and then work!  I'm really really hoping that I picked it up at home and put it down somewhere and thought that I put it in my purse, but I really don't think so.  Thinking Brian would be uber pro-active and cancel his card, I let him know what happened and he told me to relax and just check again after work at home when I have time to really look-- thank goodness for an understanding fiance.  So, that's my plan after work-- go home and turn the apartment upside down looking for the darn tiny little plastic card.  I did fill the car up (both with gas and my own guilt) at lunch, so that's done, but the kicker is, Brian is ALWAYS telling me "Make sure you put my card in your wallet so you don't lose it!" and of course, I did not.  Monday -3, Katie -0.

And with that, I wave my white flag to today.  Thank goodness I keep Monday as my flex day for the gym, so if I go, then it's like bonus points, but if I don't, then I don't beat myself up over it because I never actively plan anything (like a class or a legs/arms day) on a Monday.  Remember, I have the apartment to myself for three entire hours (AT LEAST!!) tonight, so I totally plan to take a good ole bath while reading a book and donning a face mask, and then relax on the couch with my Real Housewives of _____ friends (I don't really care where they're from tonight, I just need to laugh at their nonsense).  

Could there be a better remedy for the Monday from hell?  I think not.

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