A quarter of my life.

Seven years ago today, this naive little girl from Texas made her way across Boston to the courtyard at Government Center.  I had spent hours choosing my outfit, applying my makeup, making sure that my hair looked just right.  I had three different transportation options written down and tucked away into my purse in case the train broke down, I couldn't find a cab or I needed directions to walk (these were even pre-iPhone days), and I made sure to set out on my adventure with plenty of time to spare so that I didn't break a sweat in the sticky August heat. 

It was no problem finding the train station, and I caught my train quickly.  There's no telling what the passengers around me must have been thinking because I could neither stop smiling or checking my hair against my reflection in the window.  I vividly remember the stops flying by, people getting on and off of the train, and me watching as we grew closer and closer to my own stop.  I thought my heart might beat out of my chest as I rode the escalator to the top of the Government Center station and stepped out into the sunshine of City Hall Plaza... and immediately reached for my phone.

"Where are you?"
"Just got off the boat-- I'm walking towards the train.  Where are you?"
"I just got off the train and am walking towards the boat... I think.  I can't tell.  There are so many people!  What are you wearing?" 
"Well, stop walking and look for my green hat."

That next moment was one that I hope that I remember for all of the rest of my days.  I don't even have to close my eyes to see it right this very second.  City Hall Plaza is a huge, open space and I was giddy with excitement, looking at every person my eyes could catch and then, I looked up and my Brian was just... there.  We had talked for months and months, me in Texas, him in Massachusetts at home or while he was at school in New York, but to finally have him there in front of me, walking towards me, right into my arms for the most anticipated hug of my life... Yes, that still gives me butterflies and makes me teary.  

And that was the beginning of us.  We spent the day walking around Boston, and we laughed and talked for hours, sneaking glances and flirting, not wanting our day to end.  When it finally came time for him to catch the commuter boat home, we made plans to see each other again the very next day, and I'll never forget the text that popped up on my faithful old Razr as I made my way back to the train-- "I can't stop smiling."  Considering my own silly smile hadn't left my face, I knew that this was something special.  There was something about every single minute of being with him that just clicked, and I knew in my heart of hearts that there wasn't a single other soul out there in the world for me, and that I didn't want for there to be.

2,555 days later, a quarter of my life spent with this man, and here we are.  We've had fantastic days and days that almost ended us as a couple.  We've seen our families expand to welcome little ones and have been each others support as we've mourned the losses of our loved ones.  We've learned what makes each other tick and what drives each other absolutely up the frigging wall crazy.  We've endured years of long distance dating, living with relatives, functioning in a tiny apartment and (if we survive) hunting for our first home together.  We've learned to trust, to praise, to communicate, to manage expectations, and to accept each other for who we are.  We've learned that we both need "me time" and that it's good, no, it's essential to get out every once in awhile with just our friends.  We've been each others biggest cheerleaders and biggest fans.  We've made each other laugh until we cry with that humor that only a couple truly "gets" the full hysteria of-- nobody else is going to know why you're laughing so hard you can't speak because of a cat commercial on the TV, because nobody else knows the infamous cat imitation (See? Couple humor).  We've become Uncle Bri and Aunt Kiki, and godparents to our niece.  We've come to love our families for who they are-- enough said.  

Seven years of laughter and arguments, cheers and tears, lots of love and (almost) marriage.  Ninety-four days from now, we'll be dancing the night away at our wedding reception, as husband and wife.  That makes me so unspeakably happy and excited, but even more than that, I can't wait to have my best friend by my side as we face whatever life may deal us.  I know that in him I have neverending love, support, encouragement, direction, and more laughter than I could possibly know what to do with.  Seven years as a couple and so many, many more to go, and I'm so happy that it's with him.

brian-- love you so very much.  


  1. Congratulations on the start of your love story, what a truly sweet post xx

  2. WOO girl. Tearies for sure. What a beautiful story.