Wedding Wednesday: THE SHOES!!

I feel like I might be in the minority here, but when it came time to start seriously considering wedding shoes, I just could not get excited.  I'm not a huge shoe girl to begin with.  It's not for lack of lusting, but while I could gaze at gorgeous heels all day long, the thought of actually pulling the trigger and making the purchase is hard for me to justify, so I end up buying one great pair each of heels, flats, riding boots and sandals, and I wear them to death.

However, I also could not help but entertain the knowledge that these would be my wedding shoes. inducing teary thoughts of tucking them away into my closet for safe-keeping until I potentially have a little girl someday and she wants to see what mommy wore on the day she married daddy (that just gave me giddy chills and "Holy shit, not there yet..." chills, for what it's worth).  With that in mind, I knew I wanted to splurge the tiniest bit.  I've been saving shoe ideas for quite a while now, and really thought that I wanted my "something blue" to be a great pair of cobalt blue heels... but maybe let's just stick with traditional white/ivory or GLITTER!  What about glitter?  Maybe with gold?  (Hi, I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet, nice to meet you).

These Kate Spade beauties have been saved for quite a while, but I knew I didn't really want a strappy shoe.

I'm fairly certain that at one time or another, the majority of women who saw these lovelies on Carrie Bradshaw added them to their "I must make room in my wedding budget for them!"

The Kate Spade Charm Heel sat in my Zappos cart for a good two months before I started reading reviews from past brides who struggled with the glittery exterior of the shoe getting stuck in the tulle of their dress-- goodbye, my pretties!

Pretty much everything Badgley Mischka was included in my wish list too, including the "Goodie," but then I remembered that I would not only die in a 4-inch heel but likely tower over Brian.

At that point I started to get really, stupidly stressed about finding the perfect shoe, because everything that I really REALLY loved was close to $300.  I fawned and favorited practically every pair of Kate Spades from the Zappos site, and really wanted a way to make them work.  But as much as I wanted a special pair of wedding shoes, I couldn't justify spending that much-- I want new Hunters this fall!  But every time I would scroll through my to-do list spreadsheet, "Buy wedding shoes!" would stare me down, taunting me, convincing me I was probably going to walk down the aisle barefoot because I wanted a designer shoe at a non-designer price.  

I had pretty much given up hope on the search for My Perfect Wedding Shoe until one day last week when I was on a supreme coffee high.  I was sitting at my desk on my lunch break and had powered through two cups of coffee at home plus a large DD iced, and I was racing through my spreadsheet checking things off left and right.  As I scanned over "Buy wedding shoes!" something inside of me said "Wedding shoes, you are my bitch-- it is ON." and in a stroke of genius moment, I went to The Google and typed in "Amazon Kate Spade shoes."  Lo and behold, a result popped up for the Kate Spade store which is a part of Amazon.  Now, I've ordered Kate Spade phone cases from Amazon before, but they're more like Kate Spode-- definite fakes.  I was a little apprehensive, thinking it wasn't legit, but I sent the link to Brian and he assured me that it was an actual Kate Spade store being sold through Amazon (if any of you know differently, please do not tell me because it may break this bride's brain to process anything of the sort).  As I typed in "Kate Spade wedding shoe" I felt butterflies of terror in my stomach-- could I seriously find my wedding shoes on AMAZON?  I mean, I find basically everything else on Amazon, but my shoes?!

As the search results populated on the page, I stared in disbelief as one of the shoes that I kept going back to time and time again stared right back at me... priced at nearly a third LESS than Zappos!  I was in shock.  I went to the bathroom, filled my water bottle in the kitchen, sat back down, refreshed the page... and it was still there!  There may have been a happy dance as I checked to make sure my size was there-- oh yes it most certainly was!  I had added the shoes to my cart, applied a $5 gift card that I had in my Amazon account, and placed my order with FREE 2-DAY PRIME SHIPPING before I even really knew what I was doing.

Ladies and friends, allow me to introduce you to my lovely, fantastic designer wedding shoes that I bought for a non-designer price!  As per Kate Spade, you may call them "Clarice." 

I seriously sigh every time that I look at them.  They were shipped Friday and I tracked them like a crazy woman all day yesterday and waited for the UPS man for a good two hours last night before I had to pick Brian up.  We were out and about until 9 or so, and I was bummed that they hadn't come earlier, and was nervous because our apartment complex has been known to not do great with deliveries in the past, and this was one they could not screw up!  Brian beat me up the stairs and I took my time coming in, putting my stuff down, washing my face, basically moping around because My shoes!  Amazon Prime!  They failed me!

When I finally headed to bed, there, tucked behind my pillow, was the best looking box I could have ever seen (well, aside from that pretty little blue ring box I love so much).  I opted to not waste my time threatening Brian with his life for grabbing them and hiding them when he walked in before me, and instead tore into the box to find the most perfect little shoes.  I love them.  I plan to wear them as much as humanly possible over the next 87 days to make sure they're nice and comfortable.  I also tried them on next to Brian, and I don't tower at all!  

The breakdown?  They were originally priced on Zappos for $328.  They're currently marked down on Zappos to $197.99.  Amazon Prime had these babies priced at $127.  I just checked and they're back up to $176, so I must have made the right choice at the right time!  
So, so excited to have this checked off of my list!


  1. GORGEOUS choice. And good call with the lower heel - I loved the sky-high ones visually but went with a much lower heel and wore them all night.

    1. Woohoo! And thanks :) Yes, I knew the HIGH heel would kill me, and if I foudn these, I want to wear them alllll night long!