weekend rewind.

We had a very relaxing weekend which was SO needed.  Brian's oldest sister was in town with her little ones for the past two weeks, so we were there all of the last two weekends, plus most weeknights after work (they live in Baltimore so we had to soak up as much nephew and niece time as possible!).  Once it hit Wednesday of last week, we made a joint decision to do absolutely nothing that we didn't want to do come Friday at 5pm... and that's exactly what we did.

Considering that I live two minutes from my office, I'm always home before Brian and have made it my little Friday routine to come home and do a quick once-over of straightening up the apartment.  With it being only one bedroom and one bathroom, it takes all of one hour from top to bottom to clean, and then I shower, open a bottle of wine, and catch up on the DVR until Brian walks in the door.  It's honestly therapeutic to have that "me time" and I love going into the weekend with a clean apartment.  We both decided we were too tired to cook anything, so it was takeout won ton soup and spring rolls for the win!

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to the gym and then out to Target and Trader Joe's, per usual.  Call me crazy, but it's this time of year when I (sort of) wish that I could be going back to school again-- how can you not after seeing aisle after aisle of fresh paper, pens, Crayola everything everywhere?  And I kind of love seeing kids pick out their new school supplies with their parents, mainly because I can remember digging through stack after stack of spiral notebooks until I found JUST the right color that I absolutely had to have.  Full disclosure, I do indulge in a new planner and colored pens every September-- who wouldn't?! 

After stocking up for the week, I headed home only to be greeted by delish homemade breakfast sandwiches made courtesy of the fiance-- I'm willing to cook during the week if he sticks with breakfast on the weekends!  We had an appointment at 11am to finalize our limo for the wedding party, so we were off and running out the door pretty quickly.  I've been emailing with the owner of the company for months now and just couldn't find time to get by to see the vehicle, which I definitely wanted to do prior to putting down a deposit.  It turned out to be absolutely perfect, and we put our names down and checked that off of our list!  

I had REALLY wanted a trolley for the wedding party transportation, but after lots of debate and considering the fact that it might look a little more fitting for a spring/summer/early fall wedding versus a November wedding when there could potentially be snow (hey, it's November 8th in New England-- I'm mentally preparing for all weather extremes), I agreed to entertain Brian's suggestions and look at a larger SUV limo.  We've both been in weddings where things were a bit too cramped inside once you have everyone decked out in wedding duds, but I don't think that will be an issue with this baby: 

It's super roomy inside, and there's even a designated seat for the bride.  I mean, yes please!

Once that was all set, I dropped Brian back at the apartment and decided to check out HomeGoods for any wedding-related additions for the rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour.  While I unfortunately did not find anything worth justifying (I've had to learn to stop saying "How could we use this?" and instead only buy when I KNOW how I can use it), I did find a new mode of transportation for me to enter the wedding reception:

I texted my dad to inform him that he would no longer be walking me down the aisle, but rather pushing me as I rode in on Ella the Elephant.  How insane is that thing?  For a mere $1400, Ella can be yours!  And if you have a room large enough to comfortably house that thing, let me know because I'm moving in.

The next couple of weeks are crazy, so we decided we owed ourselves a Saturday night date night out on the town.  I poured myself a glass of chard and sat down to watch Carrie and Big while putting my makeup on.  He went all the way to Paris to kick some Russian ass, and she was the one.  I always always stop to watch this episode when it airs!

It was one of those nights when I felt like a million bucks-- my hair was working with me, the makeup was spot-on, and I wore a top that I haven't worn in months (thanks, wedding diet!).  Brian's not one for selfies, but I did manage to snag this on our way out the door-- 

Love him!  

We went to a cute little Italian restaurant which we'd never been to before and all in all it was pretty good, but we weren't blown away which stinks-- always on the lookout for good new restaurants.  Brian had some kind of asparagus ravioli with scallops and I went for a major indulgence with pasta bolognese.  I'd show you a picture, but I only snapped one of the drinks and it was super dark in the room.

Sunday morning I was off to the gym and the grocery store, only to return home for the second day in a row to breakfast!  Homemade waffles and blueberry syrup-- I think he's a keeper!  

We went out to see a couple of open houses (blah) and I spent the rest of the afternoon writing out thank you notes and prepping meals for the week.  We ate a super late dinner while watching the VMAs and I can only say that you know you're getting old when you don't recognize a good amount of the performers or artists nominated.  I'm pretty sure I'm with the rest of America in saying that while Beyonce absolutely blew us away with that epic performance (and encouraged me to amp-up my squats on leg days!), Blue Ivy stole the show!  She danced in her daddy's lap and knew the words and I honest to goodness got completely teary when Jay Z and Blue Ivy came up on stage because the look on Beyonce's face was one of absolute happiness and love.  

Seriously-- shut the front door with that cuteness.  Can't blame the sweet girl-- with that mama and daddy, she's born to be a natural entertainer!

Well, back to the Monday grind.  I hope you had a fantastic weekend as well!

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