An Ax for Valentine's Day

Last night, while watching TV after dinner:

Katie: "Hey, Valentine's Day is coming up pretty quick.  What should we do?"

Brian: "I don't know-- should I make a reservation somewhere?"

K: "Considering there would probably be nothing left at this point to even try to stress you out, I'll just tell you that I made reservations two months ago.  So no, got that covered."

B: "Okay, well do you want anything, like a gift?"

K: "Meh... maybe flowers delivered to work?  I always like that.  And a card-- you know, first Valentine's Day as a wife and all.  Oh, and there's a set of salad bowls that I'd really like from Sur La Table.  What do y--"

B: "I want an ax.  For chopping wood and things.  Now that we have a house, I definitely need an ax." 

K: "You want an ax?  For Valentine's Day? *silence as I ponder the romantical feelings of my husband*  Deal. Send me the link."

Just keeping the romance alive over here, folks.

1 comment:

  1. At least he asked for it for HIMSELF... Andrew has given me a Keurig, a hair straightener, a stick blender, a set of tupperware and a fitness tracker (all of which I asked for, aside from the Keurig, which was a total surprise).