Weekend Recap

After being home in Texas last Saturday-Tuesday, I knew that I just wanted to spend this past weekend at home with my hubby and our pup, and that is exactly what we did!

Because the stars miraculously aligned somehow, Brian and I both got home at the exact same time on Friday afternoon and it was early enough for the sun to still be out in full force.  We popped a couple of drinks into koozies, hooked Molly onto her leash, and took her on a good, long walk while we enjoyed our mobile happy hour (genius, and yes this will become our new weekend kick-off).  We ordered pizza from a cute little place down the street, watched Dateline, and were in bed pretty darn early.

Saturday I woke up bright and early to knock out cleaning the house, and it felt so good to get it done.  It's hard now that we have Molly because she's always right under my feet (I cannot imagine yet how you mamas do it every day with little ones running around!), so I took advantage of her and Brian sleeping upstairs and did a good deep cleaning-- is there seriously anything better than starting your weekend with a clean house and good candles burning?  I think not.  Molly has been with us for close to two months now, and even though she gets walked twice daily on the asphalt street, girlfriend was in desperate need of a mani (and a good bath).  We had a 9am appointment at the groomer, and I was a nervous wreck.  While my girl is wonderful with strangers, she is NOT so wonderful with strange dogs.  I booked our appointment for as early as possible to hopefully avoid dogs but no such luck-- as soon we we walked in, she went nuts sniffing everywhere, and got panicky when we handed her leash to the groomer, and then another dog came in as she was walking back, and I watched the groomer clip her collar to a leash inside the bathtub and she was giving me the saddest look... and we left and I may have cried.  All I could think was that the last time she was left somewhere, it was for good, at the shelter!  We went to get Brian's haircut and had breakfast while we were waiting, and it felt like the longest hour ever!

When we got back to the shop, they were trying to clip her nails and she was NOT having it, so we agreed she'd had enough for the day, and took our girl home.  It was a traumatic experience for all parties involved, particularly this one: 

She DID come home with the cutest little St. Paddy's bandana-- I'll have to take a picture of her tonight while she's still wearing it.  Regardless, she pooped out on the couch, wrapped in her blankets, for the rest of the afternoon. 

We had a handful of errands to run Saturday afternoon, so we headed out in the rain to tackle some of those, namely finding our bedding for our new king bed!  When we bought the bedding for our old queen bed, it took us close to a month to agree on anything.  This time, we walked into HomeGoods, looked at our options, and chose our new set within 10 minutes-- it was glorious.  We added a few more things to our basket, then headed to dinner at Hingham Beerworks.  Even though we were there no later than 6:30, there was already an hour wait, so we got a beer and settled at the bar for a bit (I don't know why, but I love relaxing at the bar with a drink before dinner out-- I sometimes plan to get to the restaurant extra early, just so we can do that.  Anyone else?).  After ordering our appetizer and entrees, we each chose a beer flight to enjoy with dinner.  Three out of my four were okay, and one was AMAZING-- it was called "Rosemary Wit" and I honestly can't wait to go back to enjoy the same beer but in a normal glass instead of the sampler!

Molly is always super happy to see us when we've been away for a few hours, and of course we couldn't leave HomeGoods without stopping by the dog aisle to find this monstrosity:

Anything that squeaks is considered dangerous in her eyes and MUST BE DESTROYED.  Every "indestructible" chew toy that we've given her has been destroyed, aside from her Kong and her Goughnut-- as of today, this thing is still in rotation, and since it's been at home for 48 hours, it's a keeper.  I'm nervous that I'll get home today to find tufts of white stuffing all over the house.

Sunday morning I woke up early and headed out to get our grocery shopping done.  My biggest update (if you can call it that) is that I started the 21 Day Fix yesterday-- we shall see how this goes, though I'm loving it so far and feeling very motivated.  So I needed to fill the fridge with everything I'll be eating in the next week, and Brian was out of fruit snacks, ice cream, and Diet Coke (the struggle is real, when dieting while living with an oblivious but very supportive husband).  We made breakfast then spent the morning relaxing and drinking coffee-- much needed relaxation.  

Brian loaded up the car with a ton of cardboard to take to the dump and I got ready to take Molly on a long walk.  As I reached into her designated cabinet to get a refill of poop bags for her leash, a bag of her treats fell out and directly into my owl Scentsy... which was of course turned on and fully melted.  I had a flash of rage, mainly because as soon as it splattered and hit the wall, counter, my new Shakeology bottle and the fruit bowl, it of course hardened.  After scrubbing it off of my bottle, I took the picture below, sent it to Brian with several angry emoticons, and took Molly for our walk.  He did save the day once he was home and scraped it all off with a razor but GOOD GRIEF the mess. 

After emptying a few lingering boxes from our guest room (it's coming along, lots of progress!), I showered and spent the rest of the afternoon in my comfiest pajamas, finishing up wedding thank you notes (I know, it's been four months) with this girl by my side (yep, that bone is not going anywhere).   

We wrapped up our evening as I prepped my food for the week and worked on laundry, and we ate supper (Carnitas Salads for the win!) while watching the last episode of The Jinx on HBO.  Have you been watching?  Threw us for a LOOP with all of that crazy!  Holy moly... It was early to bed for us, since Brian starts his new job today, and we were back on the road starting the week with the crazy traffic this morning-- at least I had my Shake along for the ride!

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