Thoughts for Thursday: Today is my Friday + Vacay Suggestions!

Today is my Friday and I am SO grateful for that!  Work has been absolutely crazy these last couple of weeks, so I opted to take a day off tomorrow and make a long weekend out of it, and I just might be counting down the hours already until 5pm.

I am so not someone who can just take a day off and get absolutely nothing done, so on my to do list for tomorrow: stop by the DMV to change my name and address on my license (it's only been almost a year since they both changed-- whoops!), clean out our closet and drawers to round up things to donate, get the basement organized (it's empty except for a few random boxes and holiday stuff... also from last November), deep clean the house, and decorate for fall!  It finally cooled off here in Boston this week, so I'm taking full advantage to bring out the pumpkins and put away all of my summery stuff.  I already cannot wait to sit back on the couch tomorrow night with my favorite candle burning (aren't the best smelling candles always FALL candles?!) and a glass of wine in the middle of our clean house!

Also, and this is random, but I love some input from my blog-people and I need some insight on TWO things:

ONE. Love that new car smell
This is the first time that Brian and I have both had jobs where the schedules didn't perfectly line up for commuting, so we're kind of sort of starting to look at buying a second car and I cannot lie-- I'm pretty excited, probably (okay, definitely) because we had the reality check that whichever car we buy next will need to accommodate a baby and the endless supply of baby gear that goes along with them (which is equally exciting and terrifying), so we're looking at SUVs.  I am AMPED. UP. and can't wait to start test driving.  We've looked at a few of the "crossover SUVs," since we don't THINK that we really need the space of something on the bigger side, butimean... what do we know, other than that we don't want to buy something and outgrow it within a few years?  If you're in the same spot now or have been before, what did you end up buying?  Do you love it/hate it?  Suggestions, please! I'm kind of loving the Volvo XC60, and a pretty Explorer makes my heart flutter-- how old is that of me?  

TWO. Vacation all I ever wanted
After the crazy year that I've had professionally, Brian starting a new job and taking on studying for this exam, the knowledge that we probably have one big vacation left before we start moving towards the baby stage of our marriage, celebrating our 1 year anniversary on November 8th AND my 30th birthday on December 11th... we want to go on a trip this winter.  We've been bouncing around between several locations but have narrowed things down based on a few restrictions:

*Definitely adults only, ideally all-inclusive (if we do somewhere beachy), and a resort that has a nice mix of relaxation during the day, and entertainment options at night.

*We're planning on five nights, so nowhere too terribly far which would require almost two full days of travel just to get there and back. We want to be able to get on an early flight and be somewhere with a cocktail by lunchtime.

*Our honeymoon was in Mexico, and I would go back in a heartbeat, but Brian thinks we should try somewhere else.  We stayed at El Dorado Casitas Royale and holy perfection-- I would just move there if I could, and I would stay there again without hesitation (note to self: you never shared honeymoon pics on the blog-- whoops).  I've also heard good things about Excellence Playa Mujeres.

*We've considered Punta Cana, and haven't nixed it but I'm overwhelmed with how many resort options there are, the quality of the resorts, distance from airport (it sounds like several are an hour or more from the airport on bumpy roads and that could be bad). Any insight on PC? 

*I'm also not opposed to staying in the U.S. and doing a big Napa blowout, a trip to Oregon/Seattle (because why not?), or a Deep South Charleston/Savannah tour.

*Completely out of left field, there is also a part of me that's wondering if we could cram a trip to the UK in with that amount of travel time.  Worth it?  Or wait for a time when we have at least a week to play tourist?

Any feedback on any/all of the above would be so beyond helpful.  Word of mouth is my favorite way to check places out, so resort suggestions, locations to explore that I may not have thought of... share away!

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