Thoughts on Thursday: Favorite Finds!

Have you ever had those weeks where every morning you wake up, you have a feeling that "Oh, it's Friday!" but then no... nope it's only Tuesday, and then Wednesday, and then you finally wake up on Thursday and think "Okay, it's not Friday yet but it's Friday EVE so I can manage this"?  No? Just me?  Ah, well that's been my week in a nutshell.  So much so that Starbucks was calling my name loud this morning, so I'm hoping that after my caffeine and little spinach feta breakfast wrap (so dang good) that I'll be ready to take on the day!

And let us not forget that Molly, the 75 pound dog who still sleeps in our bed, was up and 2am and 4am this morning.  At one point she did need to go out, but when she woke up at 2, she woke us both up and then kind of stared at us like "Let's play!"  Uh, nope.  So my 5:30 alarm came quite early today, also contributing to the need for The White Cup.

Now, I have to share two purchases that I made yesterday and am probably way too excited about but whatever-- better to buy a shirt and go home happy than wish you had and go home bitchy, amiright? 

I'm a curvy girl, and bootcut/flare jeans tend to flatter my shape more than skinny jeans, so I'm all about the style coming back.  Slightly flared, not... bell bottom-esque, thanks.  I placed a big Old Navy order a couple of weeks ago to stock up on basics during one of their big sales and threw in a new pair of dark flares just for kicks-- I'm obsessed and wish I could wear them all day, every day.  The dilemma was that I've been buying tunics and more flow-y types of tops for so long now to go with skinnies that I was left with very few tops to match the sider bottoms-- flowy tops + wide pants for me = a look similar to a potato sack. 

So I started browsing my Pinterest boards for inspiration and came across this look from The Northeast Girl.  SOLD! If I have anything already in my drawers, it's slim fit, striped tees-- CHECK!  The jeans are washed and folded, just waiting for their next wear-- CHECK! But that sweater-- I fell hard for that sweater.  But I couldn't justify impulse buying a $70 sweater after seeing it for 2 seconds on a website.  I filed it away as "The Perfect Sweater That Will Probably Be Gone By the Time I Decide to Buy It" and moved on.  Well, I was pleased as punch when I checked my email yesterday evening and saw that Loft was having a flash sale, 50% off all new fall arrivals. Guess which sweater was in that batch?  Oh yes, I couldn't sign-in to my Loft account fast enough.  This baby is comin' home to mama!  

Patience is not one of my strong suits, but I guess sometimes it pays off!

Usually when I get to my desk in the morning, I log in, enjoy my coffee, check through/respond to any pressing work emails, then take a few minutes to look through my Gmail inbox and blogs-- it's a nice, calming little start to my day.  I have definitely started to feel inspired by the Christmas spirit, mainly because I'm being proactive (for once) about actually getting things done ahead of time-- I'll say it again, I can't be cray-cray at Christmas again this year.

One of my favorite small shops, jessicaNdesigns, had sent out a Christmas promotion email, which I of course had to click into. I love everything that they do and would stock my entire kitchen with their products if I could.  We even ordered our custom cake forks through them for the wedding last year (can't wait to pull them out one month from today to celebrate our anniversary!  How has it already almost been a year?!?). So I love their homegoods... but I was pretty darn delighted to see that they also not only have their entire Christmas Collection out, but that that collection includes holiday t-shirts!  Y'all... I cannot even with this shirt-- it's the perfect gray tee AND a Christmas movie quote!  

I am the queen of Christmas movies. Truly.  If I haven't watched all of my favorites by a certain date in December, I feel panicky, like I can't fit them all in by Christmas (I know, it's a sickness).  So when I saw one of the best Home Alone quotes ever on that shirt, I didn't think twice as I gleefully submitted my order.  I mean, I love to dress up for Christmas shopping, but when it's nose-to-the-grindstone tone and you need to get shit done, there's nothing better than jeans, cute sneaks, a tee and a sweater or scarf to top it off-- easy layers, yet still spirited!  Or, you know, you can totally wear it with your candy cane pajama pants while watching "Love Actually" for the twelfth time since Thanksgiving-- no judgement here. 

And no one has an clue that I'm raving about their stuff-- I'm just that excited about my new finds and wanted to share the love!  

With that, I'm off. Have a fabulous day, lovelies!

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