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The husband and I have been talking about planning a trip for months now, and I think we're finally right on the cusp of actually booking it!  

We initially wanted to go somewhere beachy and warm (back to Cancun, Punta Cana, Bahamas, etc.) but then the Zika outbreak happened and I kind of panicked. While I'm not pregnant now, babies are certainly in our 5 year plan, and the whole "Do not travel here if pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the next 2 years" freaked me out. 

A girl can still daydream though...

excellence playa mujeres

el dorado casitas, riviera maya - our honeymoon resort! 

sandals antigua

So we've now decided on a little southern vacation. And as much as I'd love to be gearing up to sit on a beach and drink cocktails all day, this makes my little Texan heart so dang happy - here we come Charleston, Hilton Head and Savannah!

Our plan is to fly into Charleston early on a Tuesday, stay through Thursday morning, drive to Hilton Head for a couple of nights, and somewhere in there take a day trip to Savannah. I think it will be perfection and, most fun of all, I've finally started to make our little trip agenda! 

-places to eat-
My first move was to book dinner reservations at Husk and Halls Chophouse in Charleston - any other suggestions that may trump these two spots? I have a list a mile long of restaurants for breakfasts and lunches, but any insight on "this is the best food you may ever eat" spots would be GREATLY appreciated :)

-things to do-
I'm so excited to just kind of wander around the cities and soak in the southern charm, but I'm also all about having a plan. I definitely want to see Rainbow Row in Charleston and a walking tour or two. Brian wants to golf in HH so perhaps I'll just go along for the ride? There are also bicycling "adventures" everywhere. I mentioned that to Brian and his immediate response was "Can you ride a bike?" Perhaps I haven't shown my most athletic side over our years together...

Any "must see/do" places or things to do in Charleston/HH/Savannah that I should add to our list? 

-places to stay-
Zero things booked for this important piece of the puzzle. We briefly considered an Airbnb or VRBO but at the end of the day, I cook supper every night at home and keep our house clean, bed made, etc. but I certainly don't want to do all of that on vacation. So hotels/B&Bs it is! Any ideal areas to stay? I know we're all over the place, but if you have any specific spots that have rave reviews, I'd love to hear about them!

So, what am I missing? Fill me in, ladies!

And because I'm excited...


I love living in the northeast but I just can't help but think that the south was hit with a pretty stick, amiright?

So, am I being crazy? If you're in my similar shoes, would you be as paranoid about Zika as I'm feeling? 

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