Five on Friday!

{one} slow down, susan
I swear, weekends are so bittersweet for me since having Charlotte - I can't wait for the work week to go by so we can all be home together on Saturday and Sunday, but then before I know it, Sunday night has arrived and I'm gearing up for the new week and already wishing for the next weekend. SO, I'm trying really hard to stop wishing the time away and soak it up because I'm already far too aware of the fact that time flies when you have a baby, and I don't want to look back and wish I'd slowed down to take it all in.

With this goal in mind, I have plans for family fun time this weekend - a stroller workout class and Target with Charlotte tomorrow morning, family bagels and coffee, lots of walks with Molly, doing a family BJs run (because what's more synonymous with family life in the suburbs than that?), cocktail hour + grilling on the deck, a trip to Lowe's for flowers and to research for a fun little project we're starting, and taking our girl to the beach. My new mantra? Soak it in, don't wish it away!

{two} subway tile 
Brian and I are gearing up for a little DIY project to add subway tile to our kitchen. In the past, DIY has either been a great experience, or nearly led to divorce. I think we're approaching this one as very "divide and conquer" - he handles anything number/measurement/math related, and I handle the design/pretty/fun stuff. We have black granite counters and light wooden cabinets (although I so wish they were white but we'll be hiring someone to do THAT job) so we think the subway tile will add that fun little something to the kitchen. We're heading to Lowe's tomorrow to price everything out and hopefully get started this week! I'm loving these looks: 

I'll take one of everything, please - the counters, the sink, the tile, the glass cabinets - come to mama!

Kind of liking the look of the darker grout - it looks less... fancy? than the white grout, and our kitchen is NOT fancy.

{three} baby dinners
A dear friend of mine just had a baby (hi sweet Rose!) and another friend and I are going to take her dinner next week plus a freezer meal. I've been debating what I should take but after seeing Tess' post this morning, I'm thinking enchiladas, a dessert and a bottle of wine - ole! What's your go-to for a new mama meal? 

{four} is it fall yet? 
On a brighter note, I'm over summer and ready for fall! The clothes, the food, the coziness - hate the heat, ready for the cooler temps! And I admittedly can't wait to see what kind of fun we have in store for us with our girl this year. Her first big holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you KNOW that I've already started stocking up on outfits and browsing Halloween costumes. And I can't even go there with Christmas because that means I have to think about her first birthday and... all the feels on that one.

{five} Nordstrom sale insanity 
Okay, I have to go out with a bang - the Nordstrom sale. Is it just me, or is the pimping of the Nordstrom sale just... too much? This could totally rub you the wrong way and if it does, apologies, but the oversaturation on the blogs and Instagram this past week was just TOO much, and I know that I can't be the only person thinking that way. I was able to access the sale last week and made a few purchases but you know what I DIDN'T do? Need the coaching of bloggers to do so. I clicked through the tops and shoes and leggings as a grown person does, and found exactly what I needed. If someone said "OMG I LOVE the Zella Live In Leggings!!" and linked to them, I went to the website and searched for "zella live in leggings," mainly out of spite to NOT click the link. 

Another annoyance? Listing out 52 different things from the sale that you "just love" but none that you're actually buying, so everyone just clicks through the links on your blog. I get it - we all need a side hustle and every little bit helps when it comes to kickbacks from affiliate links and such - fine. But don't present it as though you purchased and are going to wear and love everything because FALSE. Ugh, I don't know. I would much rather see someone buy a handful of things, try them on, give honest reviews, and share what they're returning, rather than painting it like the sale is seen through rose-colored glasses. And not only was it "Look at what I love!" but then we had the friggin unboxing of everything. I just can't. It all just irked me to no end this week. END rant, y'all. 

And a gratuitous picture of my baby because why not? 

Happy Friday, y'all! Let's make it a good one!

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