hook 'em horns... and TGIF \m/

Ah, it's Friday. Lovely, lovely Friday.

In all honesty, I've done nothing the last four days in this condo and am excited that it's now a three day weekend for the sole fact that I won't have to be alone for the next three days. Then classes start for me on Tuesday and hey!, I'm on my way to graduation.

As you can probably tell, I've had a very uneventful last few days.

This also means I have very little to talk about.

I have cooked dinner every night this week, which has gone quite well. Monday night I turned leftover steak into steak pitas (so good), Tuesday was chicken tenders with rice pilaf, Wednesday night was tacos with black beans and rice, and last night was crockpot macaroni and cheese. While I've enjoyed it and it feels so good to go to the grocery store once and have all of the week's meals planned out... I'm ready for a break. We're ordering in Thai tonight and I'm hoping for either a celebratory bottle of wine or a handful of lovely beers for surviving our first week. I'm really going to start taking pictures of supper... it's kind of the whole point of talking about what I'm cooking.

I can't figure out how to get into a good blog flow like so many of these other bloggers have. I think maybe I'm just not feeling the blogging today.

I'm done. No focus and this is going ab-so-lute-ly nowhere.

An Ikea trip is in store for tomorrow. I'm also making dip for college football kickoff weekend. Perhaps a more exciting blog post will result from that.

Hook 'Em!!

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