back on the treadmill again...

Well, if all had gone as previously planned, I would be victorious today in having completed my first half marathon road race yesterday. Due to my right knee rebelling against my body and nature, training had to be slowed/halted, and I've slowly been working back up to SLOWLY training and SLOWLY getting used to the intense workouts. I had worked up to 9 miles on my long weekend runs, and it felt so unbelievably amazing to know that I was successful at such a physical challenge. I've never been a runner (or even someone that one would consider athletic), so it was really big for me to set this goal for myself... and even bigger for me to have to pull out. Over the past few weeks though, I've come to realize something that I never, ever thought I would admit to.

I miss running.

I miss getting into a rhythm with my "work it out" playlist and just disappearing into myself.
I miss feeling my body get more and more used to the workouts, being able to run longer distances with less exertion/pain/exhaustion each time.
I miss seeing my body change before my eyes as parts of me toned up that I never before even knew had muscle.
I even miss the agonizing first twenty minutes or so of a run, when all you want to do is get off the treadmill/track but keep pushing because you know once you push through you'll be so happy with yourself at the end.

So I found a few races that are in the spring. That gives me October-February or March (depending on which one I choose) to train and get back into my groove. I'm pumped. I am so pumped.

And now, for real, I'm off to the gym. I have a date with a treadmill.

The Hyannis (Half) Marathon- February 27, 2010

The Great Hyannis Road Race- May 29, 2010

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