home to TEXAS!!

As of this moment, three days from now, I will be home in Texas. There's nothing quite like flying up and away from the pretty pretty fall foliage in New England and descending down upon the dry, dead flat lands of Texas. My cousin is getting married on Saturday and I, as one of her bridesmaids, obviously had to make the trip to be there. I... cannot wait. I think that I feel so excited not only because I'm (obviously) excited to see my family and my Lucy & Bandit, but because this trip completely snuck up on me. I feel like it was just last night that The Boy and I booked our tickets, and just now I had to sit down and figure my homework schedule out for this week so I don't have to bring too terribly much home with me to work on because WE LEAVE THURSDAY.

It will definitely be a jam-packed weekend: we fly in Thursday morning a teensy bit early (as in our flight leaves Boston around 6am), land in Austin around 11:30, then head home to just relax and catch up. Friday my mom and I have to find tearaway basketball pants for my dad to wear, new black heels for myself, and most likely cram in a lunch of Mexican food (while I try and ignore the fact that my bridesmaid dress awaits me Saturday), then Brian and I will hurry off to the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, and *fingers crossed* the tailend of a Wildcat game so he can see some highly ranked senior (like seriously-- this kid's on the national "watchout" list for college recruitment. If you're not blown away like my boy was, no worries-- I just fake it for the smoothness of our relationship). Saturday I have a haircut appointment at 10 then a (sort of) updo appointment at 11, then I have to meet my cousin at the ceremony location by noon for the wedding at 4. Brian flies back to Boston Sunday morning (work Monday), but I fly out Monday night (holiday Monday = no classes for me!), so I'm really looking forward to doing a bunch of nothing and just being with the family for a bit. I'll be back for two or so weeks at Christmas, but this little break is certainly looked forward to and appreciated.

I've been horrible about posting pictures (and actually just posting in general), but I have two reasons.
1) I lost my camera cord.
2) I've been so busy, there hasn't been tons of stuff going on outside of school and studying and football on the weekends.

I DID get all productive and Suzy Homemaker-ish yesterday and made a pot roast and garlic mashed potatoes for our supper last night, and a pot of my sauce and turkey meatballs to freeze for two upcoming meals! I have phone pictures of that, so I'll post those in the next post.

Anyways... I have to do a bit of work, then it's off to the gym for a while. I'm determined to find my camera cord... Red Sox and birthday party pictures are just itchin' to be included in a post.

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