c'mon friday...

There is just something about this week that is making it feel like it is just strrrrrrretching out and like the weekend is just never going to get here. Classes and such have gone by quick, I just keep feeling like it's one day later in the week than it really is.

The Boy and I joined the gym last week and it's felt SO GOOD to get back into the swing of working out. I'm starting the half-marathon training again tonight (the first time since the knee issue this summer), so I'm excited for that. I just feel so much more rewarded when I'm running towards a goal, as opposed to just running for the heck of it.

I have a bit of work to do tonight, so I just prepped everything for supper and it feels super nice to know that when we get home from the gym, all I have to do is throw everything in the skillet and heat it through. The Boy is a big fan of these pita pockets I came up with from leftovers one night. I just saute one or two bell peppers, slice up an onion, throw in baby bella mushrooms, and add cooked chicken or steak, sliced up. I just heat it 'til it's warmed through, pack a pita, put a bit of reduced fat cheese on top and BAM, fastest (and reasonably healthy) supper ever. It's pretty tasty too.

We found out that one of our local movie theaters has Super Tuesday movies on Tuesday nights, which offers tickets for $5, as opposed to $8.50. It's still a nice theater and offers all the same movies... but much cheaper! I'm pretty pumped. We decided pretty quickly that that was going to be our new movie date night, which is fine by me. I sound like I'm about 90 years old, but most Friday nights, by the time we get home from being out at dinner (or now, the gym and ordering takeout), all I want to do is relax in bed with wine and The Sopranos (The Boy got the series set for Christmas and we've been slowly but surely working our way through every episode).

Just a little random... I washed a load of white clothes today and when I opened the lid of the washer to switch them over into the dryer, I couldn't help but smile: I love the smell of bleach. Not straight out of the bottle, but the smell of bleached white clothes. It's like I know in my mind that they're so clean and fresh and just... ahh. Love it.

If you notice, I added a little "widget" to the right side of my blog to track my running, which I'm excited about. It'll be nice to see the miles slowly build up.

I feel like I'm always just rapid-posting on blogs like this. I imagine it'd be a bit more easy if I updated more frequently...

Well I'm off to fold clothes then head out to meet The Boy and hit the gym. Looking forward to it!!

Y'all have a lovely Hump Day :)

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