lazy day at home.

I have had such a non-productive day today. Having a day off from class equaled a whole lot of nothing today... which was kind of nice. I lounged in bed for a really, really long time, avoided finishing a paper, put supper on to cook in the CrockPot (Santa Fe Chicken--I'll post how it comes out), watched Baby Mama from beginning to end, ate some lunch... and I think that might be just about it. I know. An award winning day for me.

I'm very bummed that my camera is broken. I can't remember if I posted that or not in the last blog, but it is. I might have spilled a bottle of green tea in my bag and my camera might have been floating in the lake of tea at the bottom. After sitting in rice for two weeks in an effort to dry out the liquid... it's a no go. RIP my Canon. Actually, it's Brian's Canon because mine was stolen out of my apartment last summer during realtor showings (I know, right?), so... RIP Brian's Canon.

I'm running a 5k on December 5. The Jolly Jaunt through Boston Common... and I'm really excited. My friend Erin told me about it and it's supposed to be pretty fun-- everyone runs in Santa-themed apparel. I'm thinking some type of Santa hat or hairband, and perhaps Santa-ish knee socks? I'll have to look into that. It feels so good to be running again though. The Boy and I are off to the gym tonight, and I can't wait. I've really, really missed it. I'm actually watching "Run, Fat Boy Run" right now and I'm kind of in love with it. I'm running the 5k, then a half marathon in May... and I'm hoping to maybe be ready for a marathon by next fall.

Well, I'm off to work on my paper. I have about three weeks left in my semester and then I will be FINISHED with school. I've hit my academic wall, I do believe. It is going to take every ounce of strength in my being to finish up this paper tonight. Wish me luck!

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