welcome to the real world.

My eyes flew open at 6:42 this morning with one thought in my mind: in six years, I'll be THIRTY. I had a mild panic attack. Like... I laid in bed and stared at my ceiling until The Boy's alarm went off at 9:30am.

I don't know if it was an overwhelming feeling because I'm so in between right now... I feel like a part of me is freaking out a little bit because I'm at that terrifying point of being in between school and the working world. I want to be working. Badly. I want to have something to get up and do everyday, because right now, I'm going a little bit stir crazy being stuck inside all day long. I'm job-hunting but I'm probably leaning more towards a nanny position right now-- the publishing/PR market is just not super friendly right now, which is stressful on its own.

I guess this is all just a part of growing up, but it's not fun. It's not the whole "I'd rather still be in school" feeling, but more of the "I want to be working... now" feeling. Everyone has always told me that as soon as you're out of school you want to be back in... I don't feel that way. And I mean... I have an English degree. There are many things out there that I could be hired to do. I guess I'm just hoping to nanny right now... I'll make more money doing that at the moment than I would doing retail or something like that.

Holy goodness... that was just a big vent I suppose. It's stressful growing up...

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